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Stix and Stones Are Back

October 14, 2017

I finally had a few hours to work on my Anaheim Seminar project. You may be able to see how the layers are reflected in the stitching.  The guidelines are that the layer directly underneath each circle shows through ( color wise). The orange shows in the purple circle and the green does also . Can you determine the layers?  This is so difficult to explained.  Part of it is I am tired.

The canvas is actually yellow but my camera keeps washing the color out. 

I will make more progress and maybe what I am saying will make sense. 😀😀


Teddy Bear…Background ?

October 8, 2017

I finished a zillion French knots on my teddy bear and now I think I need a background…. Snow and sky or grass and sky?

I want to have it framed for my Holliday wall.


September 26, 2017

Having a DH with skin cancer problems is a challenge. We left home at 4:30am for surgery at 6:45am it’s a 2 hour drive from our house to the Dr in Tucson. After the cancer removal which took 4 tries to get it all ( a mohs procedure) we had to see the plastic surgeon for the repair. Home at 7pm.. Whew. He looks like I socked him in the right eye. cancer too close for my comfort. And now I an caregiver…and DH’s need lots of care â€ŧī¸â€ŧī¸

I took a new mindless canvas to stitch on as I knew I would have hours of waiting.  This is a Leigh canvas. I am not sure what it was designed for. I am making it as a bookmark. It sure helped pass some time as I did tent, tent, and more tent. Sure goes slow. I should be able to get back to Stix and Stones tomorrow.

Thanks for listening 🙏

Still Stitching on Stix and Stones

September 22, 2017

Stitching squares….stitching squares… I will be glad when all the base purple is done. Not compensating at the Stix has been a challenge. 

Yesterday as a break I went back to making knots on my teddy bear canvas. Tomorrow it is back to stitching squares…. Stitching squares.

More Stix and Stones

September 18, 2017

After several hours on Saturday I have made progress. The color rules are that the main color is mixed with the circle directly underneath. You can see that I have put some green in the section of orange that is on top of the green circle.

You may also notice that the orange circle has changed. When stitching in class I made a design change ( read error in reading the stitch chart). John said it is our design. I tried to convince myself that I liked the error. Finally I ripped it all out. It just looked to “fat” for the other areas.

You should notice that there is no compensating at the Stix in the same color circle. Color may change but the stitch continues under the Stix…. A challenge at times.

Does any of this make sense to you  â‰ī¸â‰ī¸â‰ī¸

Stix and Stones Progress

September 14, 2017

I managed a few hours of stitching yesterday. I made progress in the first step of the purple areas. I figured out that I have made this project more of a challenge than the original design. When class began we were given four designs to choose fron. All with three circles and three sticks. We were also told that if we had planned on doing our own design we needed to bring a CD and a ruler. Which I did. Armed with the tools and a blank sheet of paper the outside border was first drawn. Then using the CD three circles were drawn and then three sticks. Easy…..but, if I had read the instruction concerning an original placement I would have known not to create too many small areas. If you look back at John’s design and then look at mine you will see that I have several small areas. This has created some confusion as to color placement. Paying attention to which circle is on top (purple) which is next in the layer (orange) and which is on the bottom (green) is necessary for color placement. Basic rule the main color is mixed with the color of the CD directly under it when the layer are deducted. OMG trying to explain is hard and you are probably already lost. I will continue explainations as I stitch. So far I am only working on the base color.

Here is where I am today:

How Can I Find More Hours……

September 13, 2017

I am feeling very frustrated these days. I want to stitch for hours, I want to watch every football game that is on TV, I want to read books, I want to work on my original design ideas ……instead the County calls me for jury duty, I do work one day a week, my hiking group wants to know where I am, groceries needed buying, the house needs cleaning, the meals need to be prepared….. Does this sound familiar to you. 😜😜

I finally sat down with Stix and Stones (my John Waddell seminar class project). After taking the time to read the instructions I discovered that I had been so concerned about not compensating where the Stix are, I forgot the part about changing color combinations ☚ī¸. My stitching time became frogging time, rip it, rip it, rip it. Here is where I am today.

Yesterday I had to report for jury duty. I took along my bookmark stitching Baggie and got the start on a bookmark. Then my name is called and the next several hours I had to pay attention to the process. It was down to the final selection and I did not hear my name. I wouldn’t mind serving. I do feel we need to participate in the legal process if we are to preserve it. Right now I feel that I do not have control of my time…don’t we all feel this way at times 😄
Have a happy stitching day and I will be back soon.