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View From My Room in Myrtle Beach

October 5, 2015

Miracles happen. I tried to post a photo and it worked !!!! WordPress must have fixed something in one of their updates.   

From Myrtle Beach, SC

October 5, 2015

Good golly !!! It has nearly been a momth since I have written a word. It has been a crazy and busy world. I am just now coming down to earth and getting back to being Stitchlady.

The last few weeks leading up to the ANG national seminar in Myrtle Beach had me spinning.  Trying to keep up with all the last minute details was keeping  me awake. Finally on September 23rd I had my bags packed and left my house at 3am heading to the Tucson airport with Myrtle Beach, South Carolona as  my final destination.  All the flights were on time and I arrived at the Sheraton Hotel and Convention Center in time to unpack and head to dinner.

Thursday the 24th began with getting the teaching pieces for the New Orleans seminar next year hung. We checked out the classroom area, making sure that all would be ready for the first day of classes on Friday.

Our goal as the Seminar Faculty Committee (SFC) is for all the students to have great classes and not even realize that we are hovering in the background. We check classrooms three times a day. Once early, while most students are still having breakfast, looking for the proper set up, electric cords taped dpwn, markers and flip pads are in place for teachers, trash cans in the room and water available. This is done EVERY day. Classes begin at 8:30am and SFC will check mid morning and mid afternoon to be sure all students are in class or have let someone know why they are not. We do not want a student who doesn’t show up for class to be in trouble with no one checking for them.  I did a lot of walking. my FItbit let me know that I was hitting my goal of 6000 steps nearly everyday.

SFC also helps to setup and breakdown the teachers showcase on Tuesday night. So Tuesday is a 13-14 hour day. I must admit that for 9 days I had no idea what day of the week is was, what was happening in the news. 

On Friday night after the final banquet………I breathed a sigh of relief that another seminar had been enjoyed by over 400 students. My term (4yrs) on SFC was over. I had given back to an organization that I love in hopes to keep it going strong.  If members do not give back to their favorite organizations they will eventually die.

I did take my snowman and managed to stitch a little. It did help me relax. WordPress still will not let me post photos from my iPad so you are just getting all this prose.  I will get many photos of my projects back on the blog when I get home.

I am still in Myrtle Beach with my daughter. We are having a mini-vacation……while it rains and rains and rains but that doesn’t dampen our time together.  We are not in an area that is getting flooded. Today we are venturing out to shop….we will see who is open.

I hope this finds all my followers well. I will be back soon.

Snowman Update

September 11, 2015

OK…here I am again hoping that WordPress will let me post photos. I can not post what I have been working on, as it is a secret for now.  It is something very unusual for me and a pilot for one of my favorite designer. More on that at a future date.

I have been also making progress on my Snowman. This is my sit and stitch project, which means mostly tent or stitches that use only one strand of thread…thus no laying. I keep a project like this by my chair in the living room. I hate for my DH to feel like I am ALWAYS in my studio where my floor stand resides :)

IMG_0455I am slowly making progress on his hat. The stars are done in metallic and I discovered that I should do them before I fill in with the tent. There are three colors of green. My colors are not exactly the same as the painted canvas but I am using what I have in my stash…..fancy that.

IMG_0454Although it may be hard to see….I used one ply of Planet Earth silk to do scotch squares for the scarf. Each square is made up of 4 small scotch stitches. I used only one ply because I wanted the shading to show through.I did this at a guild meeting and the section is not quite done.

Today is 9/11 and I pray we always remember those who lost their lives on this date. We are so fortunate to live in this country. God Bless you all. More soon.


Very Frustrated !!!

September 5, 2015

WordPress keeps updating their site and not I can not even get a photo to load. I will keep trying to figure things out. I really miss being able to add a post with photos from my iPad. Seems like this is no longer available. &^%^&$#@$

Anyone Love Carrots ?

August 28, 2015

I have been very remiss in not posting to this blog.  I post to Facebook  and forget that my blog followers may not be on Facebook. So sorry.

I have been stitching on several projects. As most of you know this is new for me this year. Before this year I have mostly worked on one project start to finish and go on to the next one. Somehow I have become adept at working on several projects at once and loving it……go figure :)

When I completed Criss Cross I wanted a new project that was already kitted so I did not have to spend time trying to kit from my stash.  I remembered that I had Jennifer Reifenberg’s Carrots all ready to go. Just had to stretch the congress cloth and start reading instructions that told me exactly what to do. Less brain overload and more fun !

Here is where I am after about 5 or 6 days of stitching a few hours a day.


This is really a fun project. Jennifer suggested that all the “ground” layers be done and then the carrots. I did the ones you see and then got anxious to do the carrots….. I actually think it will be easier to compensate around the carrots than compensating the carrots into the “ground”.

I am also working on my painted canvas snowman, my ANG chapter summer challenge and a carry around Stitch and Zip eyeglass case. I will get some photos and post them REAL soon.

Criss Cross Finished

August 8, 2015


I have been trying to post this finish for two days….Wordpress is driving me crazy. I think it must be operator malfunction. Drafts getting “lost”, photos not loading, words just dropping out……..

I completed Criss Cross two days ago. It is a record for me. It was just two weeks ago that I as taking the class in Tucson.

IMG_0439IMG_0438I have been asked to post my thread list. I pulled from my stash and did not use as many values f my main aqua color.  The reason for this is that I  used two Needle Necessities overdyes.

Needle Necessities (now Threadworx) 1331 (light) and 135 (dark)

DMC #8 Pearl 310 (black)

Anchor #8 Pearl 187 (medium)

Anchor #5 Pearl 186 (light)

Kreinik #8 braid, 3214 (light), 029 (medium) and 005HL (black)

When I got around to doing all the fill in for the 4 quadrants I decided that doing it all the black in the areas where Debbie had used her contrast, yellow, would be too much.  My contrast would dominate. I used a metallic along with the black in each quadrant. Light in two quadrants and dark in the other two quadrants. I do not know how much you can really see from the photos. Metallics do not show well :(

I loved this project and was very surprised how fast I got it done…I just couldn’t stop sitting down in my studio for just a few more stitches.

NOW WHAT :) ?????

More Criss Cross

July 31, 2015


I have been pretty busy on this project. Lot of just sit and stich in the four quadrants. I am doing only the base stitch. there will be black beads, metallic or pearl in each of the areas. I haven’t really decided what I want to do yet.


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