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Red Chilis All Done !

April 18, 2015


Finally !!!! I completed all the back stitching and that red blob now looks like real chilis. This project was a real challenge. I never thought a small piece of cross stitch could test my patience 😻.

The back stitching was not easy……in some places I punted. No errors can be seen. I know they are there but even I can not see them.

Now I am deciding what to do next…….yeah. So many choices.

Chili Red All Done !

April 10, 2015


I pushed on and finally got all the Reds done on the chilis……..thank goodness. The project was beginning to be a chore instead of a pleasure.

I proceeded to the “Welcome” down the left side just so I could stitch with another color. It went pretty fast and I counted correctly.  That always makes for a pleasurable experience.

I have started on the back stitching using DMC 3371 instead of black and I think it will look ok once all the back stitching is completed. You can see the beginning of the back stitching on the upper left of the Chilis.

More Chili Update

April 3, 2015

 Better two photos than none 😍 😍


I want to thank everyone who left comments. I really like the suggestion of using a dark brown instead of black. I am going to give that a try.

I braved the bottom outline this afternoon. I figure that some of my frustration will end when I can just fill in the blank canvas with the red closest to the chart. I have given you a glance at the chart. I am having a problem with the photo…….



Frustrating Chilis 😁

April 2, 2015


These red chili peppers are driving me NUTS. I want to get them finished but the counts are so far off as I get to the bottom that I am tearing out my hair.  With only shades of red that are so close to each other it is hard to tell what is right and what is wrong……. I am wondering if the shades really have to be exact.. The outlining will define the chilis. The back stitching is suppose to be another shade of red…… I am considering using black..  Can you even see the one chili that is already backstitched? HELP IF YOU HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS.

Little Bit Of Happiness Update

March 25, 2015

it certainly has been a while since I posted. I swear that the older I get the faster time goes 

I have been working on my ANG chapters 2 month project A Little Bit of Happiness.   I am enjoying the progress. However I have decided to redesign the center area. I just don’t like the center so I am going to play around. I am using stash so I can just play…….

  This posting is a test AND IT WORKED. This is being created on my iPad. I finally figured out how to add photos. Just a little slow on the uptake 😀

Little Bit of Happiness

March 11, 2015

Little Bit of Happiness 3-11

Just a quick update on my chapter project A Little Bit of Happiness.  This project is working up pretty fast.  I  really like the colors.  They are close to the original but these are from my stash.

I need to get the borders done before our meeting on the 26th but I just couldn’t resist doing some of the middle…… :)

 I have also made some progress on mu Red Chilis but it is hard to see.  I will post a photo when I get farther along.

I gave in and ordered a couple of painted canvases that were on sale :( wasn’t going to do that……oh well. I did not break the bank.

More soon.

Several Updates

March 5, 2015


Even though I haven’t posted I have been stitching up a storm.  I have been in a down mood, not sure why, the last couple of weeks and I have resorted to my stitching to veg…

I took my Stash Cats to my ANG chapter meeting last Thursday and no one thought my background needed to be “fixed”. The consensus is that it will not show once I have it framed. I am not sure. I have put it aside and will look at it again soon.

Small Lee Canvas Complete

In the meantime I have finished my small Lee Canvas.  I believe that this was supposed to be a checkbook cover.  I got it in a sale basket several years ago.  I have used it as a sampler. I took my Stitches To Go book and just looked at the stitches and decided ones that I wanted to try. I used #8 pearl so no laying.

This was a lot of fun and small enough to take traveling. The gold area is all the same stitch. I just played around with using two colors and alternating where they were used.

A Little Bit of Happiness The Beginning

My ANG chapter is doing A Little Bit of Happiness as a group project. This is a Chapter Project that is only available to chapters and their members.

I have chosen colors close to the original colors suggested but all from my stash. This is not a real large project. Design size is 6 1/2″ X 8″. The diamond area that is blank will be filled with beads. I am leaving them  until last.  .

Chili Peppers 3-5

In addition to this I have a Chili Pepper counted cross stitch that I have been stitching in the evenings. The title is Red Chili Ristra. It is a Daystar Designs chart that I have had for many years.  It has FIVE shades of red….can’t really tell if I make a mistake :) I don’t know why the photo didn’t come out better. I tried several times. At least you get an idea of what it looks like.

Working on several projects at once is unusual for me but I seem to be making it work right now.




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