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Screech Owl

December 7, 2019

This past Tuesday and Wednesday I drove to Tucson for a class with Gary Clarke. I took this class because I wanted to experience stitching on organza. Sounded scary but it actually was ok. Gary is from Tasmania and was making his last trip to the USA before retiring. The first thing he did to make us comfortable was stretch the organza on a frame. You will note that the frame he used is different than the stretcher bars we use for needlepoint. The reason for this is that when the project is finished you do not take it off the frame. His method of having the work framed is totally different than what we are used to.

This is stitched with a #10 milliner needle. Very small ! It is thinner than a #10 beading needle. I feared all class that if I lost the needle I was in trouble. Threading the needle was a challenge but as class progressed I got better. One strand of silk and floss are the threads used.

One of the big differences with this type of work is the fact that sometimes the stitching is done so it is seen from the underside of the organza. This is done to add depth. It really can’t be seen in the photo but the effect is there.

Starting, stopping and traveling are a challenge. I don’t think I really have it perfected but my work looks ok to me 😃Here is what I got done in two days.

The design was put on the organza in reverse on the back. The tracing was very lite and made for another difference. I spent more stitching time for a two day class than ever before. Gary wanted as much of the white owl stitched on Tuesday to be ready for details on Wednesday. The small + you see is drawn on clear tape and used to line up the design in case more tracing need to be done.

Now to the framing…..I’m just amazed at what his model looked like.

The photo at the top of this post is how it looks finished. Gary was really into creating depth. The center portion of the original mat was used on the underneath as a background for the moon. The moon was given to us and is to be glued to the underneath. Is this making any sense❓

I enjoyed the class much more than I thought I would. I wish Gary the very best in his retirement. He is planning on designing and stitching for his own pleasure.

Sanibel Florida

December 1, 2019

I spent the last week on Sanibel Island, FL one of the most beautiful places I have ever vacationed in. I took my Christmas ornament bag but did not take a stitch. I just couldn’t give up walks on the beach and hours of bird watching to stitch. Enjoy some of my trip.

Shorebirds were everywhere. Check out the beach art.

This egret was about two feet from me.

More Fun Ornaments

November 19, 2019

I still haven’t gotten in the beading mood so I just stare at DECEMBER DAZZLE on my floor frame.

I am still having fun with Christmas ornaments. They won’t be finished for this years tree but next year will be awesome. The ornament with the trees is still a work in progress. I will be adding some decorations and a star to each tree. The other two are ready for finishing.

Today I was surprised to see my ornaments and blog mentioned in the Chilly Hollow blog post. Jane made reference to my October 4th post where I first told you about my ornaments. Thank you, Jane.

Next week I am heading to Florida for a week with my BFF. She has a time share and invited me to share for Thanksgiving. I will be carrying my ornament supplies with me. So easy to “fun stitch” while on a trip. I will try to post some photos of The Gulf as we are staying almost on the water. I see walks on the beach in my future.

I pray everyone has a very Happy Thanksgiving and spends time with family and friends.

Shelly Christmas Tree

November 4, 2019

I just set a record….this canvas is finished except for background and deciding on a shape. I hope to have this finished as a stand up and I am consulting with my finisher.

I chose the threads from my stash and selected stitches as I went along.

Now I get to choose something new OR am I ready for beading on DECEMBER DAZZLE….

December Dazzle Update

October 30, 2019

I just don’t know where my time goes. I know I spend a lot of time stitching but all of a sudden I look up and October is almost over.

December Dazzle is ready for all the beads. I haven’t been in a beading mood. Beads are fun but really take concentration I always love the results. Soon for the beads…

While looking at December Dazzle I couldn’t resist starting something new ‼️‼️ Went Into my “stash” and look what I have almost finished. The canvas is signed SHELLY. My own stitches, all simple. Threads are mostly floss and kreinik metallics.

Fun Designs

October 4, 2019

While working on DECEMBER DAZZLE I have taken breaks when I wanted to “just stitch”. Remember when I was doing bookmarks….just designing as I stitched? I decided I wanted several Christmas ornaments for my Christmas tree. Taking small squares I used the same process. Designed as I stitched. Here is what I have done so far. I find it so much fun to see something develop.

There are a few rules I follow. Always work with an even number of threads on the canvas. That makes it easier to choose stitches. Sometimes I start in the center and work out. Other times I do a border and fill in. Both design beginnings present challenges. To me it is just fun to stitch without a chart. I do use a few favorite stitches such as different size crosses, some tied. Scotch, cashmere, Smyrna and of course tent done continental style to fill in small areas. I keep a baggie full of Christmas threads. I use several types of thread depending on how I feel. Usually add some sparkle and sometimes embellishments like the holly leaves in the lower right ornament. You can see by the presence of the ruler that these are small. I do send them out for simple finishing as I really do not like doing the finishing. Since I do these from stash, the cost of the finishing is acceptable.

Give it a try….but be warned you might get hooked 😃😃

Where Did September Go ❓❓

October 1, 2019

I don’t think I have ever gone so long without at least a short post. I was on a trip to the Seattle/Tacoma, WA for a week. I just relaxed and didn’t have any responsibilities. Everyone should try this once in awhile. The reason for my trip was a family wedding. It was fun to see Gordon’s family again. Sweet and a little sad.

I have been stitching on DECEMBER DAZZLE. Making great progress. So far I am working on all the stitching and leaving most of the bead embellishment until the end. I am rally enjoying this piece.

Counting from left to right, I have spent the last few days stitching on block 9. This has been the most stitch intense area. There is also beads to be added later.