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Half of Winter Logs

April 15, 2021

Now that you are confused with this picture…..I will tell you that when I finished all the “B” logs I turned the canvas a quarter turn. Now you are looking at the design with the “A” logs on top and the “B” logs to the right. The “C” logs will be on the bottom.

I would like to share some info regarding Watercolors. I have heard stitching friends of mine say they hate working with Watercolors because they can’t maintain the twist. Here are some of my hints 1) always use a shorter length than you do with other threads 2) maintain a short tail in the needle. This allows only one ply to go through the canvas most of the time, reducing the wear on the thread. 3) use a larger needle. On 18ct I use a #20 needle, this opens up the canvas hole and helps to reduce wear. 4) I don’t worry about the twist. I really love to see the color changes. I enjoy stitching but I am not a perfectionist.

Now onto the “C” logs ….

Winter Logs….

April 11, 2021

I have turned the corner and am working on the “B” logs. All the “A” logs are done. I have used all but 2 of the Watercolors. I love seeing the different combinations. The middle log of the “B” logs drove me crazy ‼️‼️‼️I spent several hours on it. Only one Watercolor is used but for some reason I could not get a handle on the stitching path. I gave a big sigh when I finally finished. I continue to rotate my canvas a quarter turn so my stitching area is within reach.

I have used the wrong color once….no one would ever notice. I stitched several logs in two paths when I should have done a single path….only I know about these design changes. 😊

Winter Logs

April 5, 2021

I am making great progress and loving every minute. I am stitching so much my sciatic nerve is really talking to me. Sitting for hours without getting up. Time just flys when I am working on this. I really like watching the way all the Watercolors are coming together.


March 31, 2021

Can you tell how much I am enjoying this project ‼️‼️‼️ there are 15 different Watercolors and 2 kreinik metallics. Watching how Kathy has put colors together is amazing. I’m stitching on it every day.


March 29, 2021

I’m a happy camper today….new counted canvas project. WINTER LOGS, a Kathy Rees design. All threads are Watercolors, no laying. Here is where I am after one day of stitching. I have the canvas (and Charts) turned upside down so I can reach the stitching area. Now back to stitching……

Winter Logs

March 26, 2021

After days of looking at my WIP’s I made a decision. What I really wanted to do was a new counted needlepoint project. My lack of interest in the painted canvases was keeping me from stitching.

Off to Tucson……yesterday was a wonderful day. Our Tucson ANG guild had our first stitch-in. 13 members showed up and it was so good to see old friends. It has been a year since our meetings and stitch-in’s were been cancelled. There was lots of good conversation and even a fair amount of stitching. After the meeting I headed to The West, my local needlepoint shop. It had also been over a year since I had done any retail therapy ‼️

I picked up the Needle Delights chart for Winter Logs. I had a gift card so I really splurged and got all the threads ( a rarity for me). I love Kathy Ree’s designs, she uses mostly Watercolors. That means no laying of threads and her charts are the best.

You can see my start…..doesn’t look like much. Nancy recommended the logs be drawn on the canvas…..I prefer to baste with thread. Making a counting error is easier to correct. I will verify my counting before I actually begin stitching. I’m excited to stitch this. Updates will probably come more often.

More WAVES….

March 13, 2021

Slow but sure progress on my Brenda Hart design, WAVES. I know some areas look bare….I need to get the right hex beads to complete the area. Now I am just working on the stitching.

Waves, a Brenda Hart Design

February 28, 2021

It’s been one of those times in life when I go up……..yeah to stitching, and down…….can’t decide what project to work on, so no stitching.

I have made progress on Waves. Areas 1 thru 5 are almost done except for beads. This design calls for Hex beads. In my vast stash I have no Hex beads ☹️. I will be making a trip to The West in Tucson to see about hex beads.

Most of the stitching is done in DMC, some silk, Kreinik #4 and #8. I did use seed beads in Area 2 and I probably used too many. I may have to frog some out before all is said and done.

Below is a full picture and a partial close up.

Still Alive and Stitching

February 16, 2021

Some days are good and others are hard. I wish I knew how to make them all good. It’s been almost a month since I posted. I have done stitching on several projects. Some days I stitch a lot and then for some reason I go a week without picking up a needle.


The sky is done. I did pad the stones on the path and chimney. I started the French knots that will make up the hedge in front of the house.


I signed up for a Janet Perry year long class on stars. I get a monthly lesson on different types of stars. I think getting something new to think about every month will be a good thing.

Here is my first month:

3. “WAVES” a Brenda Hart Design

My Tucson ANG Chapter is doing a stitch along on a small Brenda Hart design. WAVES is approximately 4″ x 8″ on an 8″x 12″ 18ct eggshell canvas. It is a stash project. More details soon. Here is what I did today. Sorry the lighting is not great 🙁


January 17, 2021

I’ve made great progress on this in the past week. Sky is done. Used tent with Anchor floss to do the main surface of the house. Still thinking about the compensation for the grass into the flowers.

The next area will probably be the path and chimney. The stones will be slightly padded. Do you think I should do the main path in tent first? Or pad the stones and then do the tent ❓

Some of the hearts are going to be in metallic. I think the hedge in the front of the house will be French knots. I make it up as I go along.