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A Small “Tish” canvas

February 1, 2016

I recently went to an estate sale for a ANG Guild member who passed away. She left all her stash to the guild to use as a fund raiser. We held the sale and all the funds will be used to bring in a teacher for all guild members to have a chance to participate. I shopped for canvases and charts that had been kitted, had to support the guild 😍……. One of the items I got was a very small southwestern canvas by Tish. It had been started and had threads to complete. I picked it up to work on because I feel like I might be able to finish it before my Carolyn Mitchell class on the 17th.

It will have a lot of tent and I am trying to figure out what stitch to use for the sky and the desert… with a little challenge.

I should mention that I did finish my class pre work

Mystique, Pre-work

January 27, 2016

I am one of those students that believes that pre-work required for a class should be finished prior to day one of the class. Our Tucson ANG chapter is fortunate to have Carolyn Mitchell teaching a class in mid-February. The design is titled Mystique.  It is a counted geometric design. I am looking forward to actually being in a class.  The design area is approximately 13″  X 13″ but not a square. It is an irregular design. I have my eggshell canvas (color did not show true in my photo) on 18″ X 18″ stretcher bars. The original instructions call for 17″ X 17″ stretcher bars but I did not have 17″ evertites stretcher bars so, as I have done many times, I cut my own canvas to fit the bars I have, in this case 18″.  A little extra canvas around the design is a good thing.

The photo shows my progress on the pre-work after three days of a couple hours each day. I am using #8 pearl cotton, Ecru.  The class offered two color ways but I opted to use my stash…….not sure this was the best decision. In reviewing the supply list I found it a challenge to make substitutions. As a result I have a bag of threads that all can be used together. Some overdyes, some metallics, some floss……way more than I should need.  What to use where will be a challenge. What is a class without a challenge?

Two Finishes in the Same Day !

January 24, 2016

img_0578It was a first ever for me. I worked on Mr Snowman and Carrots yesterday and FINISHED them both.  Miracles happen.

 The Carrots…..took longer to finish. The tops needed to be designed as you go….. I wasn’t sure as I placed the tops if I liked the results. In the end I think they look great. I had to step away and look. Sometimes when we are stitching so close we loose the big picture. Stepping back gives us a better perspective.
Now what’s next ???

Mr Snowman Is Back ⛄️

January 21, 2016

While I am trying to get in the mood for my Carrot tops I decided to work on the background for Mr Snowman. Once I got the pattern started it is very relaxing stitching. I am using one strand of Impressions. The stitch is a t-stitch over four threads. I haven’t decided if I need to add anything to the pattern. I will figure that out when I am done. I am working down both sides in case I run out of thread. I only have one skein of the Impressions.


Carrots Are Back

January 20, 2016

I did in fact finish my Maggie coffee cup. Another photo won’t look any different. All the black on black is done. Yeah!

I put Jennifer Riefenberg’s Carrots back on my floor frame and got with the beads. It really didn’t take that long to place the beads. Now I have the carrot tops all cut and ready to place.  It requires some thought and design ….not quite ready for that yet.


Coffee Cup Almost Done

January 16, 2016

My DH has successfully come through his knee replacement. I was able to sit next to a sunny window at the hospital and work on the black on black background for my coffee cup. If your eyes are really good you can see the texture I created. I did a t-stitch over two threads. I have decided that no more black on black. I wish I had chosen a charcoal grey…..always learning. My goal for today is to “get ‘er done”. DH is home and doing well……as well as men usually do 😆


Maggie Coffee Cup Moving Along

January 8, 2016

I stitched several hours yesterday and I am nearly done with my coffee cup. I just need to fill in the background. Not sure what stitch to use. It will be slow going as black on black is tough on these old eyes.  Can’t picture any other color for the background. I did change the design of the heart. If you look back to the unstitched canvas you can see the subtle changes I have made. I am no longer tied to exactly what is painted on the canvas……



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