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Still Beading

March 28, 2020

It seems like forever that I have been trying to finish this Nancy Cucci design Irresistible Iridescents. Being in that “stay at home age group” I have spent hours on this. When I get tired or frustrated at the beads I switch to the background which provides calm stitching. Background almost half done. I only have two more beading areas to complete. This is an awesome project and I am anxious to finish it.

Living alone is still a challenge for me when I have to stay home. Have you ever gone several days without talking to a real person❓I do get out in my small yard and go for walks area around the neighborhood. I pray that all of you are taking whatever precautions you feel are right for your circumstances. Be Safe 💚

Beads, Beads and More Beads

March 10, 2020

My continued effort to finish WIP’s is focused on Irresistible Iridescents. I love the finished design so I am trying to get there. I am learning a lot about beads. This design has so many different beads used in many ways. There are 17 little bags of beads ‼️‼️

In addition to the beads there is one Kreinik and two colors of floss. Simple but elegant. Here is my progress as of last night.

Messy Beading

March 3, 2020

I thought my Brenda Hart design was finished. I took it to my ANG chapter meeting last week where one of the other members was working on her center with messy beading. It looked awesome and really added to the finished look. I just finished adding messy beading to my center. Now it is finished‼️‼️

A Star In The Sky

February 25, 2020

Some of you may remember last summer when I printed a star from the internet. It struck me so much that I had to immediately try to transfer it to a canvas. I got the Star almost finished when something else got in the way. Yesterday I picked it back up. I still just love this Star.

I had two areas of the white Kreinik to finish and then decide what the finished project would look like. I promised a stitching friend that I would have it finished in time to put it in the exhibit at the ANG seminar to be held in Tucson this August.

My decision was to create a simple border and do the background as sky. I used an old Needle Necessity red overdye in the Star and wanted it as the border. Just a simple diagonal Gobelin over three canvas threads.

Then I went into my stash ….. surprise, surprise… looking for thread for the sky. I picked out a Caron Wildflowers but knew one skein wouldn’t be enough so I added another skein of Wildflowers the was slightly different, a little darker. My sky would have some dark cloud areas. I didn’t create cloud shapes just a change in color. I am using a simple skip tent. Great for mindless stitching.

Here it is today. What do you think ❓❓❓

Flower Background Class Finished

February 23, 2020

Another finish for 2020. I took this workshop at my local ANG Tucson Chapter in January. The object of the class was to use stitches in the flower petals that could be used as background stitches for projects.

I loved this class. I used threads from my stash and really enjoyed all the stitches. There is a lot of compensation in the petals. I always enjoy the challenge of figuring out partial stitches.

This is a close up of the center. Lots of French knots which I consider fun. I used my “stitch to run out of threads” process. I wasn’t sure I had enough Neon Rays in the colors I wanted to use. I stitched the outer edges first and then worked the interior in offsetting colors to make everything balance.

Below is the finished project. This was a line drawn canvas. The background stitch was very easy to do and I like the effect. It is a darning stitch and I didn’t do a very good job of keeping the underneath threads in line at the edges. I haven’t done many darning stitches.

Now what to do next …….

Shaded Iris Finished ‼️‼️‼️

February 9, 2020

I love it when I finish a deadline project way ahead of time. Shaded Iris is done and I have to admit I learned a lot from this pilot class. I also learned a lesson in tracing. I followed my tracing lines when I stitched and didn’t step back for the big picture. See picture 1. I went back and created a better finished picture. No way was I going to rip out the top of the stem and start again. See picture 2.

Here is the finished project. Now I can go on to something else. Don’t know if it will be a WIP or something new……..


February 6, 2020

Just a quick update on the Shaded Iris. After a long weekend trip to be with my family for a Super Bowl party I returned to the Iris. This is a challenging project due to all the compensation. I am down to the last stem.

Then the outlining will begin. All areas must be outlined …….but the outline must be in the same color as the adjoining portion of the area. I am sure the outlining will set everything off. Changing colors all the time will be a new experience.