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Teddy Bear Update

August 15, 2017

imageMy teddy bear is my sit and stitch project. I have been using some unusual threads, for me.  I received in a “basket” some Fabulous Fibers. Two fibers, one called Petite Peluche and one called Soft Sensation. The Peluche is 68% rayon and 32% nylon. The Soft Sensation is 60% nylon and 40% rayon. I also found in my stash Angora from Rainbow Gallery. All are white 😀. I used the Angora on the hat. I used the Soft Sensation, which is a strange looking thread, in a diagonal mosaic for the collar.

I have decided to use French knots for the body of the bear….lots of knots. You can see the start on his paws.

This is soon to be a finish👍👍👍





Newsy News

August 12, 2017

I have finished my “animal” for my Seminar class. I know I am going to be asked what stitch I used. I just made it up. It is some split stitch, some encroaching Gobelin, some straight stitches. I just stitched until I had the look I wanted. Here is a cropped shot. I used one strand of a thin wool. I did not want the body to be too bulky as there is a lot of bling that will be added.

 Ever have one of those days when you just want to play with threads? I have 4 or 5 canvases in progress but wanted to frame up something small to take  traveling to seminar.  I thought about my Tassels but when I pulled it out I discovered that I had made a visible mistake with my black on black background. I spent time doing frog work. I am very frustrated with this canvas……I need to put it aside for awhile and try later.  I want it to be done ‼️‼️‼️
So here is my NEW PROJECT 😃 It is marked “Rosalie 523″ Anyone have any info on this designer? It is on 8 ” stretcher bars so you can tell it is small. I will probably just do tent for the flower and leaves and a fancy framed and background stitch to set it off.

Tackling a Challenge

August 6, 2017

I have been stitching on a painted canvas that is really a challenge. I can not post a photo because I am doing it as a gift for someone who may read my blog. I could not determine “the right” stitch for the body of an animal…… I am doing a random Gobelin split stitch. That’s what I call it. I am just stitching to fill the area. I need to have this portion done before Seminar the end of this month. I am taking the canvas to an embelishment class with Laurie Walden. Finishing the base is my “pre-work” to be done before class.

So…. I needed something (other than a WIP) to stitch for fun. Sometimes WIPs just don’t call out to be stitched all the time. 😃 I am using the knit stitch for the hat. He is a cutie. I plan to make him textured but not exactly sure what stitch I will use for the body. More soon. 


July 28, 2017

imageJust a quick post to tell you I DO finish things. This small painted canvas was one of my sit and stitch projects.  No fancy stitches jus shear enjoyment.

Now back to my “have too” list.

Summer Challenge Update

July 20, 2017

A sleepless night resulted in some design ideas popping up….I’d rather be sleeping.

If you are paying close attention you will notice that I changed the direction of the Flying Crosses. This was a result of playing with my directional drawing. When I am doing a project like this I make several copies of the line drawing. One I  use to play with the directional look I want the whole project to have.  One I carefully write  the stitches, threads used and the # of strands for each stitch. Trying to put all of this on one drawing gets messy and sometimes hard to read when I return to a project. If I am working a project with many colors a third drawing will get colored penciled. This gives me a pretty good idea of the final look….and it is much better than starting to stitch and changing my mind about color placement.

Since this is monochromatic I just made a black and white copy of my proposed threads to check for enough contrast. The placement of values I did in my head. Once I decided that the focal point would be the center heart, I decided to work from light to dark.  The scattered Rhodes stitches will be surrounded by multi sized Smyna stitches in a light thread.

More soon.  Happy Stitching



Round Robin July Area

July 14, 2017

I am keeping up with the Round Robin project that my ANG Chapter is doing. As program chairman I have several multi month projects going. My goal this year is to get more people involved in our stitching projects. I have 8 members doing this project. They are passing the project each month. Since I could not join the group.  I am stitching all of the same project areas on the same schedule as my group.  I could only enroll 8 because we want the project done for our big reveal at our November meeting.

The green section is the July area. I used silk floss for the knit stitch and linen for the Upright crosses. When the knit stitch is reversed it creates a perfect area for a bead or as I did an upright cross.
As the girls pass the project the next person has to stay within the same color scheme. My color scheme is “Cotton Candy” basically pastels. I suggested each stitcher, who did their own first area, give their color scheme a name. That will make it easier for each stitcher to choose colors.  We are all working from our stash. Some people are passing threads with the canvas. The owner will get their project back in November.

I have several deadlines…..what next ⁉️⁉️⁉️

Summer Challenge Beginning

July 6, 2017


I decided to get a start on my Summer Challenge. In my last post I told you about the design for 2017 and the monochromatic color scheme to be used. I forgot to mention that there is a list of 12 stitches 11 to choose from and  the 12th stitch is the choice of the stitcher.  Not all stitches need to be used but they are the only ones to be considered. The object this summer is use many values of one color and use stitches that you may not be familiar with. I did not choose real off the wall stitches but for some who do mainly tent it may widen their future options.

Once I get started I can just sit and stitch until more thinking is required. 😄