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Abyss Update

April 6, 2019

It has been a month since I posted. 😥 I have made some progress on Abyss. It is turning out to be more of a challenge than I expected. Some of that may be that I am getting rusty. Not stitching nearly as much as I would like.

BUT there is a good reason. I have sold my home in the country and bought a house in town. Sierra Vista AZ. If anyone has been involved in selling and buying you know about paperwork. OMG I have folders full of copies of everything. Sale contracts, purchase contracts, loan application forms ( who ever said we could be a paperless society). Inspections galore, hunting for boxes and beginning to pack !!!

Packing my studio …… been doing that for two days. My library takes many small boxes that I have to use a dolly to move. I am being very careful not to injure myself in this effort. After all I am not a spring chicken. Most of you don’t know that I celebrated the big 75 in March.

If my postings are scarce you will understand. I will post photos of the new needlework area when I get moved. The big day is May 4th and I hope nothing delays that.

I have an Estate Sale company holding a big sale next weekend. I am moving from 1680 sq ft to 1293 sq ft. Plus my late husbands garage #&$-%#&=#$=/ need I say more.

Got off the needlepoint subject but I feel so many of you followers are friends and would like to know what’s going on.

Here is where I am on Abyss.

And here is what my studio looks like. not a real comfort zone to stitch in. I hope to create a stitching place tomorrow. Wish me luck. Thanks to all of you who have hung on with me for over 10 years. More soon. 💚


Needlepoint Adventure

March 10, 2019

It was a great 3 day adventure. I left early (4am) Thursday morning. I am about two hours from the Tucson airport and I has a 7:55am flight to Denver. It was on time and I arrived in Denver at 9:30am. I met up with three other stitchers. All of us arriving within 20 minutes. One from Chicago, two from Sacramento. We picked up a large rental car and headed to The Stitching Shop. Shopping was first on the list. What a great shop but very hard on the wallet. Then on to Diversions, another needlepoint shop. With wallets a lot lighter we had a late lunch on the way to Colorado Springs.

A two day pilot class for Toni Gerdes and one for Jennifer Riefenberg we’re being held at The Cheyenne Mountain Resort in Colorado Springs. What a beautiful mountain retreat. This is the view I had from my room.

After dinner out with friends. We hit the sack, anxious for class the next day. Two of us were taking Jennifer’s class and two were taking Toni’s class.

I was in Toni’s class ABYSS. This is her companion to FIRE AND ICE, which I have already done. Here is her finished piece. This will be taught at the ANG Seminar in Houston this coming August.

I had two wonderful days of stitching. Here is where I got to:

Notice the Needle minder. It was in our goody bag. I have never had a magnet of the piece I was stitching. I think this is so cool. They were specially made.

After Saturday’s class we loaded up the car, headed back to Denver to catch a ” red eye” home. I arrived home at 1:30am………very tired but very excited about stitching again. Today is a day of unpacking, laundry and stitching.

For those who can’t remember what FIRE AND ICE looks like here is Toni’s finished piece. When ABYSS is finished I will have then framed as a pair.

Stitching Update

March 2, 2019

I have pulled out a WIP from a couple of years ago the only thing left to do is the background BUT it is black on black 😥. I think that is why I put it away. Now I am going to stitch a little on every day and get it done.

Bora Bora Finished ‼️

February 19, 2019

What a feeling of accomplishment to have this design completed. When I got to the final area I threw caution to the wind a just stitched. No one but me, and perhaps Kathy Rees, would ever see the changes. This has really been a challenge. I started it because the other Kathy Rees designs I have done were just plain fun…..and I wanted to just stitch‼️ hah….I do love my finished project. I did not use the original threads but I chose from my stash threads fibers that were close in color and texture.

Then I went on to work on my Christmas tree painted canvas. Now the tree is finished and all I have left is the box at the bottom. Won’t take long but I am trying to figure out how this will be finished.

While I am thinking I will have some fun figuring out what to work on next. A WIP or something new ❓❓

Trying To Get Back

February 7, 2019

I have been gone for the longest time ever since I started my blog over 10 years ago. Getting back to enjoying life has been harder than I ever expected. Needlepoint has always been my haven of comfort……

I have done some stitching but it is a chore to sit down and get started. WHY❓Here are some pictures of my recent attempts.

I enjoy working on this Christmas tree painted canvas. Simple stitches. Some from the stitch guide, some of my choice. I won this canvas at Seminar in DC.

I visited The Needlepointer shop in Edmonds, WA while I was with my daughter and found this wonderful light. It is LED and works off a USB power pack. It is just what I will need for the ANG seminar. Students can no longer take plug 🔌 in lights. The shop was wonderful.

I have to do some “reverse work” on Bora Bora 😥😥. The dark diamonds are off one thread. My goal for today is to stitch on something. ‼️

Scissor Case

December 23, 2018

It was a very hectic week before I left Arizona on December 15th. I am currently in Monroe, WA with my daughter and son-in-law. I have had a quiet and peaceful week with lots of stitching.

I packed several projects, all fairly small, for my three weeks in Washington. I began with a small scissor case counted cross design. Started on Monday and stitching finished on Friday.

Here you see the finished project, (front and back) trimmed and ready to pull together. I’m just not sure about the “pulling together”. It will be folded in half, lined and the ribbon will tie at the top. I think this will get done when I am back in my studio. I have put it aside and started a fun painted canvas.

I am enjoying my quiet time as my daughter and son-in-law have been working. It is quite a feeling to have no responsibilities……no cooking, no cleaning, no shopping. Just lots of time to sleep and stitch.

Below is my next project. It has a stitch guide but I may do some of my own stitch choosing. We shall see

To all my faithful followers I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy stitching New Year.

Triangle Garden

December 7, 2018

Just a quick “hello”. I remembered that I never posted my finished Triangle Garden. Next you’ll see my counted project.