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January 17, 2021

I’ve made great progress on this in the past week. Sky is done. Used tent with Anchor floss to do the main surface of the house. Still thinking about the compensation for the grass into the flowers.

The next area will probably be the path and chimney. The stones will be slightly padded. Do you think I should do the main path in tent first? Or pad the stones and then do the tent ❓

Some of the hearts are going to be in metallic. I think the hedge in the front of the house will be French knots. I make it up as I go along.


January 2, 2021

I wish all my followers a very safe, happy and healthy New Year. A new year brings a new project for me. I wasn’t in the mood for beading on ABSTRACT SUNSET. I rummaged through my stash looking for something fun and pretty simple. I call this canvas HAPPY HOUSE. It is a Pepperberry Design from 2015. I got it in a stash sale some years ago.

I am working the grass in leaf stitch with a variegated linen thread. I think the rest will be in floss, metallics and something to make my clouds puffy.

This design makes me smile and I need that in this time of isolation. I have been in close contact to a friend that tested positive for COVID. Now I am being safe by staying at home until I can get a test on Monday. I do pray that things will be different by the end of 2021.

Stitching Complete

December 23, 2020

Abstract Sunset……I finished the stitching‼️ Now I am on to the beads. It will be a challenge as I continue to work from stash. The good news is my latest estate sale find has allowed me to get all my beads and embellishments in one place. The drawers on this small storage unit are perfect for putting my beads on their side so I can see the color.

Now the fun begins 😀😀


December 10, 2020

Just to check in……I have been stitching on the vertical background. It is time consuming but relaxing. I am doing vertical rows of tent/continental. I like the contrast between the design areas and the background. I’m already thinking about the beads I want to add when the background is done.

My TIDAL TEXTURES is on my couch looking at me every day…..I want to get back to it. But I also have canvases I want to start. Such decisions. For now, with holiday things to be done, the vertical background is just what I need.

I pray all of you are staying safe and enjoying this very different holiday season.


Abstract Sunset

November 27, 2020

With Vintage Heart done I have gone back to Abstract Sunset. I finished the colorful areas. I used some of the same stitches in multiple areas. I felt that it might be getting too busy. I will be adding beads to several areas but not until I have the background finished.

I spent some time trying to decide on a background. Some seemed too big, some too busy for good compensation, some too small. In the end I decided that a visual background would be the best, Simple vertical lines of tent behind all the many different shapes. We shall see. I searched my stash for a peach floss that I had multiple skeins of the same dye lot. I am using DMC 754, two strands.

Here is the finished project before any background has been started.


November 21, 2020

After much pondering about my embellishments here is the finished project. I had fun with this and spent much time putting in and taking out beads. I am finally happy with the results. The big lesson I taught myself is that laying out beads doesn’t mean they will look the same way when attached. I thought I had figured how I was going to attach them when I laid them out ……. wrong.

Now I can work on something else. Something old or something new…. I’m not sure.

Vintage Heart

November 12, 2020

Just had to start this new project. My ANG CyberPointers chapter had this Nancy Cucci design as the November program. I didn’t buy the kit just the instructions. I am working from stash…what a surprise 😃

I started this a week ago and hope to finish the stitching today. Nancy’s kit had vintage findings but I am going to play with my embellishment collection and see what I can come up with.

I truly love Nancy’s instruction. They are awesome and so easy to follow. Her stitch information is great. I always learn something from her designs.

Website correction

October 30, 2020

Just a quick correction. I heard that I had incorrectly given you the Unwind Studio website. To visit please go to

More stitching will be done on Abstract Sunset today. Beginning to think about the background….any ideas will be appreciated.

Have a good day and HAPPY STITCHING🌺🌺🌺

Abstract Sunset

October 29, 2020

On the 18th I met up with four other stitchers from Tucson in Scottsdale, AZ. We shared time shares and spent two days just stitching and talking. I can’t tell you how much this outing uplifted my frame of mind and ramped up my stitching mojo.

Since I’ve been home I have been stitching more and enjoying it even more. I took ABSTRACT SUNSET with me on the outing because I didn’t need any instructions. If you remember when I started this I planned to use it to try new stitches from my Grab and Go stitch book. That is exactly what I have been doing. I am using all pearl cotton, so no laying of threads.

As I used decorative stitches I decided that I had to have some simple areas and some quiet areas. I fell back on scotch, cross and tent stitches. I used them in some combinations and all alone. I’m getting close to the end 😄. I have left some beads until last but planned for them as I stitched some areas.

ABSTRACT SUNSET was designed by Teresa Rego for unwindstudio. She is from the UK and it took awhile for me to receive the canvas. It was originally shown on 14 ct but I wanted it on 18ct and that’s what I got. If you want to see more you can go to

Fun Stitching

October 14, 2020

I have been stitching some bookmarks. These are what I call fun stitching. My ANG chapter stitches bookmarks and donating them to the Tucson Adult Literacy program.

These are fun for me because I just use left over threads and design as I stitch. Three of these were stitched with a Wildflower overdye. I like to see what the overdye produces with different stitches. When I used up the Wildflower I added a DMC floss that picked up one of the colors in the Wildflower.

I was sorting and putting away threads from finished projects and had the red, white and black thread pieces. I have always likes this combination. I had just enough to so one bookmark.

I take pieces of canvas, from cutting canvas for a specific project, and cut them into pieces for use with bookmarks. I have a bag of canvases and a couple of bags with left over threads that are always ready for use. I carry them when traveling. Easy to stitch on a plane. I don’t need any instructions. Just enjoy making up designs.

In the past I have cut canvas in small squares and used the same design as I stitch process to make Christmas ornaments. Left over Christmas colors go in a baggie for this purpose.

I have often been asked how I finish these bookmarks. The answer is twofold. I always try to follow the same stitching path. This produces an even look to the back of the bookmark. I carefully end and begin all my threads so they are covered by my stitching. Then on some of them I ravel the bottom to give a finished look. After all these are just bookmarks 😊

When you just want some fun stitching try this. It’s a great way to try new stitches.