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Choices #2 Complete

May 22, 2015


This has been a fun project. Bargello is a favorite. Adjusting the design to my liking. Doing it all from stash πŸ˜€ The supplies I used are: Silk &Color English Meadow SNC057; Splendor S905, S1091, S907; DMC 415; Kreinik #4 braid 191, 850, 032 along with Mill Hill beads and bugle beads numbers unknown.  I added a border, it just seemed to need a frame.  

The cascading stars were my idea.  I did not like the original design, so I played around until I found something I liked.

Now I am on to something NEW 🌺🌺🌺🌺

Choices Update

May 20, 2015

Beads….beads…..beads.  I haven’t done much beading and this was a challenge. I did not have the beads that the instructions called for…so off to my stash 😊 without the type of beads called for I was challenged to redesign the beaded area.  After a lot of beading and unbending here is what I came up with.

I am trying to post more often with perhaps less in depth chit chat. The chit chat will show up just not every posting. Any comments?


More of Choices

May 17, 2015

Since my last posting I have spent 5 days traveling to and from McKinney, TX to spend the Mother’s Day weekend with  one of my sons and two grandsons.  They are growing so fast and it had been several years since I had seen them.  The weather was rainy but did not dampen our fun.  Tornado watches were all around our area but not directly where we were…..thank goodness.  I do not like the wind !!

I took my small Stitch and Zip scissor case with me and managed to get all the tent done except the black.  Lighting just wasn’t goo enough. 

Upon getting back to Arizona I had several life committments, meetings, lunches, two work days……no time to stitch until yesterday and today. This small ANG chapter project entitled Choices is turning out to be restful and fun.  Bargello moves pretty quickly.  Now I must stop and read the instructions :) for the fill in areas.  I have a goal to finish this small project by the 30th of May because the President of my local f2f ANG chapter has a challenge for us beginning at the meeting on the 30th. I am excited to participate.



May 7, 2015

Now I am among those working on more than one project. A couple of days ago I started a small project that my ANG Cyber chapter is doing for the May meeting.  It is designed to be a small stocking but doing a rectangle was an option.

It has bargello in It and you know I love doing Bargello. I am working from stash using Silk n Colors (English Garden) along with some Splendor and DMC floss. It calls for lots of beads and sparkly stuff…don’t know if I will change some of the areas.  I think it will work up fast as it is a fairly small project.

I am traveling this weekend to spend Mother’s Day with one of my sons in Texas. A scissor case Stitch and Zip is my travel project. I am about half way done and hope to finish it on this trip.


Baroque Update

May 1, 2015

It has been a busy ten days, including a quick 3 day trip to Las Vegas to spend some quality time with my daughter.

Baroque is coming along and I am enjoying it.  Jean Hilton charts take a little studying especially if it has been a few years since you have done some of those “Hilton” stitches.

The outlines took some time but it was a very relaxing effort.  I have just begun on the fun part. The canvas is dark green, much richer than the photo depicts. I have been using iPad photos and they are not as good as a camera however the process of getting them in my posts is sooooo much easier. Below is a close up of the center.  Not complete, just started.


Baroque – Something new

April 20, 2015

I spent a wonderful few hours going through the pile of things on my “want to do” list. Making a selection is never easy. I want to do them all !!!! 

I finally settled on a Jean Hilton chart that was given to me by a good friend and had some threads with it as she had completed the design. The title is Baroque. I have almost all of Jean Hilton’s old original designs.  They are so beautiful and always a challenge.  I am working on dark green canvas. The outline stitches are done in #5 pearl.

Years ago when I was working on one of Jean’s designs and discussing a problem I was having with the chart . . . .to my surprise she responded to my blog post. I felt very honored that she followed my blog and we had quite a discussion on the chart.  We lost a very important part of needlework history when we lost Jean. 

Old charts present a bit of a challenge as most of them are hand drawn.  How quickly we become spoiled with computerized instructions and diagrams.  Than goodness teachers took the time to do charts by hand.


Red Chilis All Done !

April 18, 2015


Finally !!!! I completed all the back stitching and that red blob now looks like real chilis. This project was a real challenge. I never thought a small piece of cross stitch could test my patience 😻.

The back stitching was not easy……in some places I punted. No errors can be seen. I know they are there but even I can not see them.

Now I am deciding what to do next…….yeah. So many choices.


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