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Polar (Bear’s) Claw

October 12, 2021
Design by Jonathan Brown

This little 5”x5” project is designed by Jonathan Brown and is published in the Jan/Feb issue of Needle Pointers magazine. A portion of this design was our Tucson ANG Chapter’s summer challenge.

To back up a bit…at our May ANG meeting our program chairman had “ugly” threads in a brown paper bag, those doing the summer challenge had to blindly draw a baggy with an unknown thread and use it to stitch part of Jonathan’s design. Ugly could have been the color or the type of thread. My ugly thread turned out to be something like Marlette, a rayon thread made up of a dozen plys. The color was fine but the thread …….

I had to stitch the second largest square as the summer challenge. I used several different amounts of this AWEFUL thread and spent a whole afternoon trying to finish the square. The thread was slippery, acted like it had static and kept coming out of my needle.

When I got the square done I decided to do the whole project. It has turned out to be fun when I used my threads of choice. I did use the AWEFUL thread for the smallest square just so it would not be only in one place in the design.

Current progress.

Back from the Framers

October 4, 2021

Just wanted to share the finished wedding gift for my granddaughter. I’m pleased, as usual, by what my framer does. I’m heading to SC for the wedding the end of next week. So excited to give her this in person.

Sherwood Garden Redesigned

Now here is another finish that will be off to the framer soon. This little guy was so much fun to stitch. It is a Neon Flamingo design. I changed the background shape and stitch.

Quilted Cat

Quilted Cat

September 13, 2021

This Neon Flamingo Design by Patricia Timpanaro entitled Quilted Cat is such fun.

Working from stash, as usual, I chose a Needle Necessities (now Threadworx) with pearl #5, Kreinik #8 and 1/16th ribbon to match the colors of the overdye. There are three color groups plus the overdye. I am liking the way my colors are coming together.

This is one of those little squares projects that is addicting. The squares are 12 threads by 12 threads. No matter how long one takes or how many layers there are…… I am always ready for the next one.

After a week here is where I am

Quilted Cat

Sherwood Garden Done

September 2, 2021

My deadline was the end of August. Almost made it. I completed my granddaughter’s wedding gift this morning as I attached the two golden rings. Today I will take it to my framer. Yeah ‼️‼️‼️

Now I can begin thinking what’s next. Should I work on a WIP or begin something new ?

Sherwood Garden Redesigned.

Sherwood Garden and Misc

August 21, 2021

I have a large basket sitting by my stitching chair. It is where I throw things when I try to get organized. Today I decided to sort it out and put things away before I started stitching. Six hours later I am exhausted and haven’t taken a stitch.

One bag of left over threads lead to another and another in my studio…..that lead to sorting WIPs. Deciding what I was never going to finish and making sure I had kitted threads matched to projects. Then I was looking for a certain counted chart and that led to sorting charts that I would never do.

Playing with all things stitching has made me feel good about where things are. I have a stack of charts that I am taking to my ANG meeting next week. They will be free to anyone who wants then and the rest are going away.

I have a stack of painted canvases that I will never do. I am sending them for destashing. I am sure I could stitch to 2100 and not run out of projects. It is amazing what I have gathered over the past 20-30 years. It is time to thin things out.

If you ever wondered where all your tacks, stretcher bars, needle threaders and magnets have gone……just go through your stash.

Now to Sherwood Garden. I need to get on the ball. The wedding is mid-October. No time to waste. It needs to be finished and framed. Here is where I am now. Tomorrow I am going to stitch !!!

Sherwood Garden Update

July 30, 2021
Sherwood Garden Redesign

I’ve been making slow progress on my wedding redesign. The cause has been the lettering. I have spent hours with graph paper and used a lot of eraser in trying to get the placement and design. When I ran it by my daughter-in-law she pointed out I had the date wrong. Duh😢 I was composing from memory….the date is actually 10-17-21. Thank goodness it was caught. I just haven’t done the frog stitch on it yet.

In the past few days I have stitched the two small rectangles. They are in the original design. I just moved them a few threads. They are done with two Kreinik metallics. I am trying to figure out the two small squares. I have added these squares for balance.

The one Rhodes heart is done with two strands of silk. I was going for a lacy look….now I am studying it and deciding if I like it.

The lettering is only basted in. I have taken a close up for placement reference and plan to stitch it after I do the background. I will use at least 2 or 3 strands of silk in the color shown.

The small over two thread border is a pleasant long arm cross in a slightly overdyed Threadworx floss. I am using 3 strands and to keep from a noticeable repeat I cut several lengths and then randomly select 3 from each group. I was very glad the corner turn was charted. I really like Kathy Rees’s charts.


July 21, 2021

Good morning, stitchers

I have made great progress on Sherwood Garden. In addition to actual stitching I have spent hours with pencil and paper as I worked on lettering and the hearts.

The outline of the hearts you see is the basting line for the Rhodes Hearts I will stitch. It took a lot of time to figure out the right size and exact shape for the hearts.

The lettering is a big challenge. I just can’t seem to find the right font and size for my granddaughter’s and her fiancé names. Both names have seven letters and figuring out the font and size is what has used lots of graph paper. I feel I need to have this down pat before I go back to using some of the Sherwood Garden design areas to complete the middle area.

There are two more border stitches to complete and I will probably stitch them while my brain works on the lettering.

Have a wonderful day.

Winter Logs

July 17, 2021

It seems I’m always apologizing for the lack of regular postings. No more. I will post when I feel like it. These times are creating a lot of ups and downs for me.

I finished WINTER LOGS a couple of weeks ago….well almost. There is a row of stitches along the section lines and I haven’t figured what I want to do it in.

Winter Logs

I have discovered that although I have been doing painted canvases my true love is counted designs. I have started another Kathy Rees design entitled Sherwood Garden. I am using this design as a wedding gift and doing some redesigning to include names and dates. Also replacing upper and lower corner design with hearts. So far it is giving me lots of pleasure stitching.

Sherwood Garden

Happy stitching. I’ll talk to you soon.

Winter Logs Border

June 19, 2021

It has taken many hours to get as far as I have with the border. However, it is very comfortable stitching. The stitch is Milanese. It turns out to be very easy to compensate, and there is a lot of compensation.

As I got going on the border I began to think I didn’t have enough thread. I was right I am on my last length (3 ply). Returning from a visit with my son in Phoenix yesterday I popped into The West, my LNS, in Tucson and bought some more. I had just purchased all the threads for this project a month or so ago and I was sure they would still have the right dye lot. They did !!!

Here is where I am now. I hope to have the border done by the end of the week.

Winter Logs Border

June 14, 2021

I decided to finish this into a pillow. Kathy had included a border pattern for increasing the size to pillow size. I’m using one of the darker colors as I wanted to make sure I didn’t run out of thread. I’m not good at figuring out how much thread is needed. I decided to err on the side of too much.

What do you think?