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On To New Projects

May 29, 2017

You may think that I have been goofing off…not so. I was on a deadline to finish a Bargello pilot for Liz Morrow and I made it. The end of May was my deadline and I finished with time to spare. I still can not share the whole project with you but I can give you a peak. Here is the center part in of a very complicated 4 Way X 4 project.

After spending the day cleaning up my studio… Somehow things get out of sorts when I only stitch and just pile “stuff” everywhere. One of the projects that I am in charge of with my ANG chapter is a Round Robin. There are eight stitchers who are stitching one area each month and passing the canvas on to the next stitcher. I had such a good response to the project that there was no room for me !!! I had to limit it to eight as we wanted the big reveal at the November holiday potluck meeting.  I am stitching the design myself. I am keeping to the schedule so I can determine if it works, My color scheme is “Cotton Candy” as I am using pastels, which are colors I do not usually use. Here is April and May…..

I also spent some time doing black on black for the background of my tassels…ugh! I do not know how long it will take me to get the background.  

On this Memorial Day…..Remember the soldiers who gave their lives so that we can have the freedom to stitch.

Tassels by Lee

May 16, 2017

While I am spending time thinking of the Bargello pilot I am working on……..

These Tassels have been around for a while. I have been stitching and thinking on this one also. I am still pretty new to selecting stitches for a painted canvas.  I just try to picture an effect I would like to see….and go for it. Now I am stuck, big time.  Black stitching on black canvas ??? It is not easy. Does anyone have an idea for a background stitch? Help, please. Maybe something open and easy to compensate. Asking for a miracle, I know. 😀


May 8, 2017

I am currently working on another Bargello pilot…no photos yet. This one is a real challenge. I stitch awhile and then sit back and think. I am designing as I stitch so thinking is required.

While I am thinking I have been using scraps of canvas (never throw away canvas) to create bookmarks. They will be donated to literacy programs. I design these as I stitch but it is much easier. Usually begin with left over Watercolors, choose some floss from the watercolor scheme and begin stitching. Using stitches that cover front and back, like scotch, cashmere and slanted goblin make it easy to begin, end and hide threads that travel so the back is fairly neat. 

As you can see, there is no fancy finishing. I cut the sides and ravel the bottom. Sometimes I cut all four sides. These are not going to be preserved for 100 years 😄 they are going to be given ut and hopefully used.

More Carnival Photos

May 3, 2017

Close ups….

Carnival Completed……at last

May 3, 2017

It has been awhile since I posted. I thought I would have lots of “spare” time being retired. NOT ‼️

I have been stitching on several projects but am so pleased to get one of my original designs finished. My beading is not the best. I may redo it…… But for now am on to other things. More real soon. 😀

What to Stitch Next ⁉️⁉️

April 11, 2017

I have finished the pilot project of a double four way bargello. The designer gave me permission to show you some of it.

Now I must work on a 4 X 4 Way design. I was struggling with a color scheme. Having a “writers block” on choosing colors. I was sound asleep last night when the light bulb  went off…… If any of you have been following me forever you may remember a Bargello project entitled “Carnival ” that I designed and hit a wall as to how to fill the small areas where the Bargello pattern comes together. In moving I put it away. That was probably four years ago. Since then I have done lots of Bargello and when I pulled out the partially done project I almost laughed at the small amount of area to be finished. I like the colors and have decided to use them on my 4 X 4 Way project. Photo below.

The base color is a Watercolor called Tahiti. 

Bargello Sneak Peek

April 8, 2017

I have been stitching like a crazy fool trying to get one of my two pilot projects done. I would love to share the whole project with you but I must have the designers permission first. So here is a close up. These are the craziest colors I have used in a Bargello piece.