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Beets And Tassels

December 2, 2016

I have been stitching on Beets and my tassel painted canvas. A little time here and a little time there. This time of year stitching time gets harder to find..

I really like doing the bands of “dirt” in which the beets are growing. Completing each one is like finishing a small project.

I completed the middle tassel almost. There are a few small areas at the top still to be done. I am now working on the green tassel. I am crouching a #16 braid (multi-green) with two strands of silk in an olive color.  Note that the vouching is offset in each row. If I like it…it will stay 😜. I am making this up as I go so not everything is good the first time. Still haven’t decided what will go between the couched metallic.

The Beets Are Growing

November 25, 2016

It has been a busy ten days since I posted. Another Thanksgiving is just a memory and I hope all of you had a wonderful day with family, friends and lots of good food.

Beets were not on my table yesterday 😜 I finally found some time to stitch a few more layers of “dirt”.  Over the past ten days I have stitched a few minutes here and a few minutes there but no real long time. It is one of the positives of having a studio where I can walk in, sit down and stitch. Then get up and leave everything for the next time I can sit down. Today I was able to stitch for a couple of hours……yeah!
I have so many projects I want to stitch on……..Beets needs to get done.

BEETS by Jennifer Riefenberg 

November 15, 2016

Jennifer gave me permission to post her photo of the completed project.

As much as I love chocolate….beets are one of the few foods I really dislike. Remember when I did Carrots last year? Radishes is the second in the series and Beets is the third and final root vegetable design.  I have the kit for Radishes and I took Beets from Jennifer at seminar this year. These are small projects, about 5″ X 7″. Congress cloth again…Chocolate was also on congress cloth. When I get back to 18 ct it will seem huge.

Last night I got back to Beets. I completed the actual beets, except for beads. Now I will press on with all the layers of underground. These are really fun to do. It doesn’t take long for each band and then on to the next one.

Chocolate Is Complete !

November 12, 2016

Yeah…..I finally finished all the beads and got my initials and date right the first time.

New project coming soon🤓

Chocolate On The Home Stretch

November 8, 2016

The beaded heart in the lower right took me a couple of days to get right. It looks so easy but the placement of the delica beads was difficult……for me. I think I had a brain freeze. I put those beads in and took them out at least three times before I got the pattern started going correctly. The rest of the beads went in easy.  There are beads on the cupcake, ice cream , and lots of beads on the large chocolate bar on the bottom. 

Those beads on the large chocolate bar are all clear and stitched with the colored floss the same as the base. As usual it does not show as well in my photo as in real life. This bar represents all types of chocolate.

As you can see I am working on the last section in the lower right. It has my initials and the year. Nancy has a unique way of working these into a design.

I am looking forward to completing this and working on something else.

Tassels…the Beginning

October 31, 2016

5 day trip to Texas was so much fun. I do not get to be around my Texas son and family very often. The grandsons are such wonderful kids. My daughter in law is awesome! I thank the good lord for the way all my children have brought up their children.

Now to stitching….. I stitched on the plane to Denver where I connected with my daughter and we headed to Dallas. Again  a couple of hours one afternoon. Here is where I am. The photo is a little fuzzy because I was trying to get close up.  I am not sure I like the green area. I couched #12 Krienik braid with silk in hopes of having the finished effect would be beads…..the gold area on the bottom of the green is gold tent in #8 braid. It looks like beads in the photo.

The pink area is ok. So far nothing I am coming up with just “wows” me. I guess that is part of the learning process. Who knows what I might frog out 😡

New Project: Tassels Painted Canvas

October 24, 2016

This is a small 8″ X 9″ Lee canvas. I won a daily door prize at Seminar and this was one of the choices. I have packed several bags of threads including floss, pearl and Kreink metallics. I am going to play with this like I did the eyeglass case. Choosing threads and stitches as I go.  My goal is to NOT use a lot of tent except where necessary. I had a great time playing with threads to use….always takes awhile. Playing….such fun.

I started in the upper left with the small yellow tassel. I used a small scotch stitch. I shifted the blocks side to side because there is five threads from side to side. I compensated with tent stitches on the edges. I also alternated the direction of the scotch stitches. Does that make any sense?

The top is metallic wrapped many times from side to side. I think this will be a fun, no thinking, project.

I leave very early tomorrow morning for McKinney, TX. I hope to get some stitching done on the plane. My daughter and I are going to see my grandson (her nephew) play his Senior Night football game. He is the teams QB and I think it will be his  last game.  We use any excuse to have time together.