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September 27, 2022

No it is not my Tulips finished. I am a little anxious about the technical aspects of doing the windmill so I put it aside and pulled out a WIP. Tlaquepaque #1 was started early in 2018. Since it was over 80% done I can only guess that I put it aside because there was something I needed to do.

I love this piece and remember enjoying stitching it. In less than a week it is finished‼️

A Cassandra Prescott Design

The tree leaves are done with Boucle. It is a tricky thread but gives a wonderful effect. If you are using this thread you need to use a large needle (#18) so the nubby texture of the thread doesn’t get stretched and frayed.

Tree Leaves with Boucle

The doorway and flowers on the right were next. Some Boucle was used for leaves and three different thread were used for the French knot flowers. One was a metallic, one was a real shiny rayon and the rest were floss. Knots were in one or two wraps

Boucle was also used for the greenery at the bottom of the tree.

Last was the baskets of flowers. More French knots a few beads. Flair was used for the baskets. I thought it was a strange choice if thread but went with it.


September 20, 2022

I have finally finished the silk tulips. They were a real challenge. Working with silk ribbon takes practice. I don’t like the way they look up close but at a distance they are ok. I was working with 4mm and 7mm ribbon. I found the 4mm ok to work with but I felt the 7mm was too wide for 18ct canvas. I figured out the reason I didn’t like the tulips up close is because with most counted stitches everything is defined and edges clear….ribbon is artistic and no stitch sequence is defined.

Now I have to work with the sweeps of the windmill…another challenge. Learning new ways of creating keeps the mind alive. I hope the next posting will be as a finished project and a great reminder of my wonderful Tulip River Cruise.

A Sandy Arthur Design


September 9, 2022

As most of you can remember, my daughter and I took the Rhine River cruise in April. It was a stitching cruise with Sandy Arthur. I participated in her onboard stitching class. The canvas involved will be a beautiful reminder of the fabulous time we had.

I stitched on it for weeks after I got home…..then I agreed to do the Red Hearts pilot…..then Seminar happened and I got on a roll with my Jennifer Riefenberg class project. That is now finished and I’m back to my Tulip canvas.

I’m now about 3/4 of the way done. I have been stitching on the green background area behind the tulips. Sandy’s original instructions called for a “balloon” pattern. It was a large repeat. I just didn’t want to do tons of compensation so I decided to do the area in simple tent, a resting place.

Now I’m on to the stems of the tulips. They are done in a padded satin stitch. Here is where I am today.

A Sandy Arthur Design

As soon as I finish the stems….on to the ribbon tulips. Another challenge. I’m not really experienced with ribbon.

A FINISH ‼️‼️‼️

September 5, 2022
A Jennifer Riefenberg Design

Such a fun project….I hate to see it complete. The border was simple and went fast. Jennifer has suggested possible adding a couple of rows of tent stitch to give the framer space. I just decided I would like an additional border over two threads instead of tent. I didn’t want to lose the corner detail so this is what I did.

Now I’m going back to my Tulip canvas from the River Cruise.


August 31, 2022

I almost hate to see this class project finished. It has been a learning experience and fun. The two areas in white were easy stitching and did help balance the color in the design.

The small middle area worked up fast. I did make a small change to the very middle. The small copper stitches were suppose to be the color of the adjacent thread. I changed it to copper and then added a double wrapped French knot in the center hole. It just looked lonely 😊

There is a couched border to complete the design. I have to take a break for my back and shoulder. The next post will be the completed project.

A Jennifer Riefenberg Design


August 23, 2022
A Jennifer Riefenberg Design

I’ve made great progress this past week. This seminar class project just calls to me to stitch. I worked on the area next to the final corner to be stitched. I wanted to get it in so I could have some easy stitching.

I like the orange color as I feel it really helps to balance the value scale of the piece. It is another laid filling. It took me a while to figure out the rhythm but once I had it figured out it is going well.

There is another small area that will require some patience. Having to mitre some corners has been a good lesson I will use in some of my original designs.

I do have a couple of problem areas. The place where the corners meet the main design has some canvas showing. I think I will have to add some small stitches to keep my eye from going there.

I like the canvas showing in the corner areas as it helps the eye see the pattern. I only used 3 ply as the directions called for. This is done with Splendor, a thread I like to use.

The monsoon rains have hit hard…..which is good. The desert needs the rain. It has provided several cool days perfect for stitching. May all of you find some time for stitching. More soon.