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July 21, 2021

Good morning, stitchers

I have made great progress on Sherwood Garden. In addition to actual stitching I have spent hours with pencil and paper as I worked on lettering and the hearts.

The outline of the hearts you see is the basting line for the Rhodes Hearts I will stitch. It took a lot of time to figure out the right size and exact shape for the hearts.

The lettering is a big challenge. I just can’t seem to find the right font and size for my granddaughter’s and her fiancé names. Both names have seven letters and figuring out the font and size is what has used lots of graph paper. I feel I need to have this down pat before I go back to using some of the Sherwood Garden design areas to complete the middle area.

There are two more border stitches to complete and I will probably stitch them while my brain works on the lettering.

Have a wonderful day.

Winter Logs

July 17, 2021

It seems I’m always apologizing for the lack of regular postings. No more. I will post when I feel like it. These times are creating a lot of ups and downs for me.

I finished WINTER LOGS a couple of weeks ago….well almost. There is a row of stitches along the section lines and I haven’t figured what I want to do it in.

Winter Logs

I have discovered that although I have been doing painted canvases my true love is counted designs. I have started another Kathy Rees design entitled Sherwood Garden. I am using this design as a wedding gift and doing some redesigning to include names and dates. Also replacing upper and lower corner design with hearts. So far it is giving me lots of pleasure stitching.

Sherwood Garden

Happy stitching. I’ll talk to you soon.

Winter Logs Border

June 19, 2021

It has taken many hours to get as far as I have with the border. However, it is very comfortable stitching. The stitch is Milanese. It turns out to be very easy to compensate, and there is a lot of compensation.

As I got going on the border I began to think I didn’t have enough thread. I was right I am on my last length (3 ply). Returning from a visit with my son in Phoenix yesterday I popped into The West, my LNS, in Tucson and bought some more. I had just purchased all the threads for this project a month or so ago and I was sure they would still have the right dye lot. They did !!!

Here is where I am now. I hope to have the border done by the end of the week.

Winter Logs Border

June 14, 2021

I decided to finish this into a pillow. Kathy had included a border pattern for increasing the size to pillow size. I’m using one of the darker colors as I wanted to make sure I didn’t run out of thread. I’m not good at figuring out how much thread is needed. I decided to err on the side of too much.

What do you think?

Winter Logs Hits A Snag

June 5, 2021

I’m happily stitching the “D” logs with the excitement that comes with seeing the end is near……..and opps, I have a problem.

I get to the middle log and realize that the pattern is 10 threads wide. Can you see why this won’t work?

After taking a “think break” I decided to break one of my cardinal rules. When I do counted projects I try to never work from two sides and hope I come out right when the two sides meet. I have decided to work from the end of the “D” logs to the center. After doing a lot of counting I realized that stitching all the logs toward the middle as designed would leave me 5 threads for the middle log to fit right. I will choose a 5 thread pattern so the peak will come out correct.

Current Progress

The “D” Section of Winter Logs

May 23, 2021

Back on the track this week. I have made lots of progress on the “C” section. I keep trying to remember which side is up….but I have finally come to the conclusion that once I’ve finished stitching, it really doesn’t matter .

I continue to be impressed with all the stitch combinations Kathy has used in this design. I do not think I have repeated any combinations yet.

Now I am beginning to think about the border and what color or colors I should use.

Winter Logs Going Again

May 15, 2021

It has been a very hectic few weeks since I last wrote. My weeks trip to Texas was wonderful. Spending time with my son and his family after a two year absence. Finally traveled somewhere ‼️

While in Texas I spent time stitching on an ornament which I can’t show you because it will be a gift later this year. It was quiet tent stitching which was perfect for visiting and stitching.

Upon arriving home I had to jump into getting my kitchen ready for new countertops. My knees and back are not as young as they once were and cleaning out all the cabinets below my counters left me exhausted. It takes longer to recover these days. 😊

Now I am finally back to Winter Logs and it is a joy to see my progress. I am around the second corner, working on the “C” logs.

Half of Winter Logs

April 15, 2021

Now that you are confused with this picture…..I will tell you that when I finished all the “B” logs I turned the canvas a quarter turn. Now you are looking at the design with the “A” logs on top and the “B” logs to the right. The “C” logs will be on the bottom.

I would like to share some info regarding Watercolors. I have heard stitching friends of mine say they hate working with Watercolors because they can’t maintain the twist. Here are some of my hints 1) always use a shorter length than you do with other threads 2) maintain a short tail in the needle. This allows only one ply to go through the canvas most of the time, reducing the wear on the thread. 3) use a larger needle. On 18ct I use a #20 needle, this opens up the canvas hole and helps to reduce wear. 4) I don’t worry about the twist. I really love to see the color changes. I enjoy stitching but I am not a perfectionist.

Now onto the “C” logs ….

Winter Logs….

April 11, 2021

I have turned the corner and am working on the “B” logs. All the “A” logs are done. I have used all but 2 of the Watercolors. I love seeing the different combinations. The middle log of the “B” logs drove me crazy ‼️‼️‼️I spent several hours on it. Only one Watercolor is used but for some reason I could not get a handle on the stitching path. I gave a big sigh when I finally finished. I continue to rotate my canvas a quarter turn so my stitching area is within reach.

I have used the wrong color once….no one would ever notice. I stitched several logs in two paths when I should have done a single path….only I know about these design changes. 😊

Winter Logs

April 5, 2021

I am making great progress and loving every minute. I am stitching so much my sciatic nerve is really talking to me. Sitting for hours without getting up. Time just flys when I am working on this. I really like watching the way all the Watercolors are coming together.