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Back To A Favorite

June 18, 2019

In the two weeks since I posted I have completed the stitching on the name tag for seminar BUT the finishing looms ahead. I have read the instructions several times and I will ask for help at the next guild meeting.

I have spent many hours in my new studio area. Furniture has been moved. Shelves have been organized. Needlepoint has been hung on the walls. I think I am done for quite awhile. Now I just have to remember where I put things. 😃 Here are a couple pictures:

Now I am stitching on an old favorite from a couple of years ago. Some of you might remember this piece. I have some details to stitch. But for now I am working on the background. I’m doing a T stitch over 2 threads. It is restful stitching and there is a lot to do. I have many hours of peaceful stitching ahead. I am using a Threadworx slightly over dyed.


Back to Stitching

June 4, 2019

Life is getting back to normal….if there is such a thing as normal for me. The move is complete and as of yesterday my old home is SOLD and I now own my new house. (Me and the bank😃). This relieves a lot of worry and stress for me. Both escrows closed yesterday and I celebrated with two glasses of wine 🍷🍷

My studio area is organized enough for now. I will refine things as time goes by. I have a new project underway. Our ANG local chapter has designed new name tags that those attending the ANG National Seminar this August in Houston will wear to encourage members to attend the 2020 Seminar which will be held in Tucson, AZ. It is a very unusual name tag. It is stitched partially on yellow 18 ct canvas and partially on sage green 18ct linen. The stitching is not difficult but the finishing will be a challenge for me. Finishing is not my thing. I will post my progress when I get the stitching finished.

Progress With My New Home

May 24, 2019

It’s been two weeks since I last posted. One of those weeks was spent on vacation in Florida. Universal Studios….The Wizarding World of Harry Potter was wonderful. I am now the proud owner of an official magic wand. I walked my feet off, ate wonderful food and did not gain a pound. Miracles do happen once in a while.

My stitching “stuff” isn’t completely together yet, but I’m getting close. I continue to work on bookmarks. I even made two while on vacation.

In trying to get my projects in order I have become infected with the bug called “I have so many projects started I don’t know what to stitch.” I have several “have to” projects That I just don’t want to do right now. I really want to start something new…….

It’s A Start

May 11, 2019

The move has been a success. Last Saturday all my belongings were moved from The Ranch into town. From 1680 sq ft to 1258 sq ft. I had downsized quite a bit of furniture. My studio however was another matter. I was able to downsize some…..but why is it so hard to part with “stitching stuff” ?

The first few days were spent on general organizing. Beds, nightstands, table and chairs, couch and recliner. Once I could walk around and sleep the kitchen came next. More than two days to get kitchen things unpacked and find the right place for them. I know changes will be made as I begin to use the kitchen. This isn’t my first move. 😃

Combining an office, guest bedroom and studio into one room…..that is my current challenge. My new home has only two bedrooms but they are large. It has taken me two days to unpack the office and studio boxes.

While unpacking and seeing canvas and threads I suddenly wanted to stitch ‼️ with all my WIP’s still not together I came across my bookmark stash. This is a bag of left over pieces of canvas and partial skeins of almost every king of thread I own.

Yeah‼️‼️‼️ I chose three Watercolors and cut a bookmark blank and stitched. In two days here is the result.

Tomorrow I am leaving for a weeks vacation with my daughter and her husband. Orlando and Harry Potter here we come. This trip was planned way before I put The Ranch on the market and I have been looking forward to getting away for a few days. I will put together a small bookmark stash for the trip. I think my stitching mojo is coming back. Upon my return home I will begin to organize my stitching/office area and may even start something new.

I will take some before and after pics as I take you along on my journey to getting organized.

More in a week or so. Thanks for following along.

Stitching Again

April 20, 2019

I have been packing, packing and more packing. It took me three days just to pack my studio. I have left out two WIP’s to work on.

I’m getting back in the mood to stitch. I must call a halt to packing because I am down to the kitchen and pantry which I can’t do just yet.

I finished another column of Abyss. I must confess I have been stitching on what I consider the easy columns. Again I got off to stitching and miss counted. So another design change. But no one will know but me and designer Toni Gerdes. 😃

On to another column tomorrow. A quiet Easter Sunday.

May all of you enjoy Easter with your families. Remember treasure every day with family. You never know what lies ahead. God Bless.

Abyss Update

April 6, 2019

It has been a month since I posted. 😥 I have made some progress on Abyss. It is turning out to be more of a challenge than I expected. Some of that may be that I am getting rusty. Not stitching nearly as much as I would like.

BUT there is a good reason. I have sold my home in the country and bought a house in town. Sierra Vista AZ. If anyone has been involved in selling and buying you know about paperwork. OMG I have folders full of copies of everything. Sale contracts, purchase contracts, loan application forms ( who ever said we could be a paperless society). Inspections galore, hunting for boxes and beginning to pack !!!

Packing my studio …… been doing that for two days. My library takes many small boxes that I have to use a dolly to move. I am being very careful not to injure myself in this effort. After all I am not a spring chicken. Most of you don’t know that I celebrated the big 75 in March.

If my postings are scarce you will understand. I will post photos of the new needlework area when I get moved. The big day is May 4th and I hope nothing delays that.

I have an Estate Sale company holding a big sale next weekend. I am moving from 1680 sq ft to 1293 sq ft. Plus my late husbands garage #&$-%#&=#$=/ need I say more.

Got off the needlepoint subject but I feel so many of you followers are friends and would like to know what’s going on.

Here is where I am on Abyss.

And here is what my studio looks like. not a real comfort zone to stitch in. I hope to create a stitching place tomorrow. Wish me luck. Thanks to all of you who have hung on with me for over 10 years. More soon. 💚

Needlepoint Adventure

March 10, 2019

It was a great 3 day adventure. I left early (4am) Thursday morning. I am about two hours from the Tucson airport and I has a 7:55am flight to Denver. It was on time and I arrived in Denver at 9:30am. I met up with three other stitchers. All of us arriving within 20 minutes. One from Chicago, two from Sacramento. We picked up a large rental car and headed to The Stitching Shop. Shopping was first on the list. What a great shop but very hard on the wallet. Then on to Diversions, another needlepoint shop. With wallets a lot lighter we had a late lunch on the way to Colorado Springs.

A two day pilot class for Toni Gerdes and one for Jennifer Riefenberg we’re being held at The Cheyenne Mountain Resort in Colorado Springs. What a beautiful mountain retreat. This is the view I had from my room.

After dinner out with friends. We hit the sack, anxious for class the next day. Two of us were taking Jennifer’s class and two were taking Toni’s class.

I was in Toni’s class ABYSS. This is her companion to FIRE AND ICE, which I have already done. Here is her finished piece. This will be taught at the ANG Seminar in Houston this coming August.

I had two wonderful days of stitching. Here is where I got to:

Notice the Needle minder. It was in our goody bag. I have never had a magnet of the piece I was stitching. I think this is so cool. They were specially made.

After Saturday’s class we loaded up the car, headed back to Denver to catch a ” red eye” home. I arrived home at 1:30am………very tired but very excited about stitching again. Today is a day of unpacking, laundry and stitching.

For those who can’t remember what FIRE AND ICE looks like here is Toni’s finished piece. When ABYSS is finished I will have then framed as a pair.