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Works In Progress (WIP)

May 19, 2016

I started to go through my library of stitch related books this morning in hopes of paring it down some, hours later…….I was shocked to discover that I have over 100 books in my library.

I am sure that I am not the only one who starts looking for something and winds up going through all the “stuff” you have as one thing leads to another. I found projects that I had forgotten all about. (Fancy that) . These projects included two original designs that I put aside for who knows why.  The long time blog readers may recognize this project. The title is Carnival. It is based on a Watercolor thread by the same name. I love all the bright colors. I do remember that I put it aside because I could not figure out exactly what to fill in the blank spots with…….so close to being done.

The above original design is titled From The Air. Have you ever just looked out a plane window when traveling and marveled at the geometric world we live in? Squares, rectangles, circles, rivers wandering and all the different colors.  That is the inspiration for this design. I do not remember why I put it aside. It will be the first one I take out of the box when I finish my Kimono and Mestique……already making notes on stitches and threads.

All this has started me thinking about a way to keep track of what I have “pending” I have read lots of articles and blog posts about organizing. Most of them seem too complicated and time consuming . Why take time organizing when that time could be used stitching?

No I have not come up with a magic scheme……my solution is to mark my calendar once a quarter (every 3 months) and walk through my WIPS. Keeping them in the front of my memory should encourage me to select one every now and then to work on and perhaps finish.

Now as soon as I get showered and dressed I will head back to my studio to work on Kimono…….

Wright Kimono Update

May 17, 2016

I enjoyed a wonderful weeks visit from my daughter, attended my grandson’s college graduation fron U of AZ and finally got back to stitching yesterday.

The kimono is coming along well. Toni’s directions are good. I have decided not to rip out all the red scotch stitches that are in the wrong place. I see a design change coming. I am still looking for exactly what that design change will be.

Week of Many Projects

May 9, 2016

Some weeks there just isn’t large blocks of stitching time. The past week has been one of those. Here are the projects I have dabbled with:

If you look at the kimono you will note a big goof…..the red and yellow stitch squares are suppose to be all the way up……I got on a roll and stitched all red. Now I keep looking at them and trying to decide if I will frog out the incorrect ones or make a design change ???? Such decisions! Frogging red is a bummer. It is very hard to get it all out of the canvas.

Wright Kimono Update

May 1, 2016

I have been home a week…….such a busy week. This project is hard to stay away from. I managed to get a little stitching done until yesterday when I stitched nearly all day 🎉🎉🎉

I am learning and trying new things in this project. I attached two small mirror tiles in class.  Tricky but I managed on the first try. Probably would be neater with practice.

The most interesting use of Flair…. The long green stripes are Flair that is stitched on top of the canvas. Secured with tent stitches on each side and two tent stitches creating cross stitches in the center. Toni did Criss stitches on the outer edges also. Do not think I will do that. The amount of work for an effect that is barely visible…….

Home from Las Cruces, NM

April 25, 2016

It was a fast trip to Las Cruces. Left home Friday morning, had a wonderful class with Tini Gerdes on Saturday and Sunday and  a very windy drive home today. 560 miles round trip and worth every mile.

The Wright Kimono was the Toni’s class. There were a dozen students and the organizers did a wonderful job. The project instructions were awesome. More details soon. 

Here is where I am after class:


April 21, 2016

After another 6-7 hours of stitching I am almost there…almost….almost. I have some Neon Rays crescent stitches and them beads. 

My center motif is all wrong! I am trying to decide if it is a design change or if I need to frog-stitch it out.  It is suppose to be a walneto stitch but somewhere along the way the over these threads and under others got misread. It was late and I was tired. I should have quit and tried again the next day.

I am getting organized for my road trip to Las Cruces tomorrow. I have good recorded books, a cooler, suitcase and a big stitching bag. Getting excited.


Mystique Finish Line In Sight

April 19, 2016

After four hours of stitching my neck is killing me and I have to take a break. The arthritis I in my upper spine is getting the better of me as I try to finish Mystique before Friday morning when I head for Las Cruces. I have beading to do, a very tricky walneto and some tulip stitches left to complete. I hope to get more done this evening.



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