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“Needlepoint” Update

August 17, 2016

Watching the Olympic Games has allowed much time for easy stitching. I have done lots of continental and back stitch on my “Needlepoint” canvas while I look at some of the details and wonder how I will deal with them.

My suitcase is on the guest bed and I have started tossing things in it that I don’t want to forget for Seminar. When it gets full that’s it ⁉️⁉️⁉️ hope some clothes fit.  More soon.

Challenge Completed

August 15, 2016

I completed my chapter Summer Challenge. Yeah ‼️ I am getting excited about the upcoming ANG Seminar in New Orleans. I have only one canvas in progress now. It is my “Needlework” project. My eyeglass case is at the finisher and with the Challenge done I am ready for my two class projects at Seminar.

I am taking “For The Love Of Chocolate” with Nancy Cucci. It is a three day class. It will be heaven to take classes. My second class is “Beets” with Jennifer Reifenberger . I have her “Carrots” done and I have the kit for ” Radishes” All three will hang in my kitchen. 

For the rest of this week I will just poke along on my “Needlepoint” canvas. There is lots of back stitching and tent to keep me busy. I am beginning to think about a background…….anyone have any suggestions?

I will be posting during seminar. WordPress seens to be working pretty good these days so I will try to share my experience with those who are not able to attend.

Chapter Summer Challenge

August 10, 2016

This is the second year that my ANG chapter has issued a stitching challenge for the summer.  If you remember from last year I was provided a line drawn canvas and a bag of threads. The challenge was to use all the threads, choose stitches and possible Embelishment. The bags of thread were drawn blind. I was hoping that I might get threads way out of my comfort zone….but I got colors that  usually like. Here is a photo of last years project.

This summers challenge was the same size, approximately 5 1/2 ” square. I was given a log cabin design, which I had to transfer to canvas. The instructions indicated that two colors were to be used (plus an accent for the center). The real challenge is that only two stitches, of my choice, could be used. Variations were to be explored. Half of the design was to be dark and the other side light. Any threads could be used and embelishments can be an option.  And just to make it interesting the choice of colors had to have a personal meaning to me.  Those participating will bring their finished projects to the November chapter meeting.  Here is where I am now. The stitches I choose are Upright Cross and Van Dyke. The colors do have meaning for me and I will share that later. I am planning some bead Embelishment.  I hope to have it complete before I head to the ANG seminar in New Orleans on the 22nd of August.

Eyeglass Case 

August 2, 2016


It rained in AZ today….really rained. 1.5″over several hours. Our usual monsoon rains are hard and fast. A 20 minute rain is long! Living out on a dirt road makes for interesting driving….or not driving. I knew the roads were bad today so I spent the day in my studio. I completed the stitching for my eyeglass case.

My finisher, Leigh Shafer, requested several rows of tent around the painted design….that is what I spent the day doing. Along with listening to recorded books and watching “chick flicks”.

This painted canvas had no stitch guide. I got it at an estate sale. I have learned that it was originally designed for an class taught by Deborah Forney. No class instructions were with the canvas. It caught my attention because I figured it would be fun to stitch. Small areas to figure out what stitches would fit. I used mostly pearl cotton so not much laying.

I am anxious to get it in the mail. Leigh Shafer is a friend and a wonderful finisher. She lives in beautiful Sedona, AZ. She will have this in her hot little hands by the weekend.


July 26, 2016

I realized it had been a while since I posted but I did not realize it had been nearly two weeks. I have been getting in a lot of stitching as the temperatures here have hovered around 100, much too warm to be out and about. 

My Needlework canvas is developing. I decided as I got some of the letters done that they needed “something”…… I decided that back stitching used in counted cross stitch might be the answer. It has been a challenge to find some combination of stitches other than basketweave for each of the letters. This is where I am now.

I am nearly done with the fun eyeglass canvas. I will be adding some beads in the little heart. Then I have two background areas to do.  Getting real close ❗️❗️❗️

Needlework Basket

July 14, 2016

I finished the basket on my current canvas. Here are photos. I am pleased with the results. I first had to tack the twine down and then went back and filled in to get the look of a wrapped handle.


Here is the final result.





Needlework Painted Canvas

July 8, 2016

Another project started. It seems like having three projects going works the best for me. I used to be a one project only stitcher. Painted canvases have allowed me to work on several projects. When I was doing mostly counted designs it was not as easy to have several going.

This project is a challenge for me as I do not really like the colors. I am trying to brighten it up. Today was one of those days when my brain was working in overdrive. I have spent hours looking at this canvas and only seeing areas of tent stitch.

I have started several areas. Some changing the color. When I decide that I like it I leave it and go on to another area. I know that I can come back on a day when infant to just stitch and finish areas I have already started.
The quilt is done with a metallic thread for the border. I was trying to get the look of satin borders of quilts I had as a child. I am working this all from stash, so far, and I did not have ant ribbon that would work.
The twine that you see anchored as the handle on the basket will be used as padding so the handle has some texture. I am still trying to decide what color I want to use for the handle.

I finally saw that the width of the letter “K” could be done in some combination of stitches, not just tent.
Tomorrow I have to go to Tucson for a chapter board meeting and will go to my LNS and see what colors I may add. I am using mostly pearl and other “non-laying” threads. This is becoming a fun project……as long as the brain keeps giving me great ideas.


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