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June 8, 2023

YEAH👏👏 At 2:10pm this afternoon I finally finished my yellow American Rose. The whole project took over three months to complete. It has been the biggest stitching challenge I’ve ever had. I’m so ready to figure out what to do next. I know it will be smaller ‼️ My last two projects have been on 18” stretcher bars…….

AMERICAN ROSE a Debbie Rowley Design


May 22, 2023

I finally feel like I’m making progress that I can see. I love stitching the little squares but there are A LOT of them, 2,916 to be exact. I ran out of one of the threads and finding an exact match didn’t happen. I bought the original threads back in 2015 in the quantity suggested. I was able to find the same thread but the overdye colors aren’t quite as dark. Since there is so much contrast in this piece I am just using the strands I had left and mixing with the new thread in the small areas. I really can’t tell the difference so I’m sure no one else will either.

I just realized the photo is of the design upside down😘. I have been stitching with the canvas and chart turned upside for ease of stitching. It says something about the design when I forget the top from the bottom 🌹🌹🌹…….but do roses have a right side up❓❓❓

American Rose, a Debbie Rowley Design

My next post will be “finished”‼️‼️‼️ HAPPY STITCHING EVERYONE.


May 1, 2023

I’m at that point an a project where I can’t see my progress. The middle of most projects is where they hit the WIP pile. I keep stitching and can’t seem to notice progress. I’ve never worked on a project with so many disjointed stitching areas.

My stitching mojo left me for a few days. It was one of those times when I ripped as much as I stitched so I took a break. I made a BIG error contributing to my ripping. I turned my canvas for stitching ease and forgot to turn my chart resulting in the stitches not being the same as previously stitched. At a distance it wasn’t noticeable but I just couldn’t let it go. So here is where I am today.

MY YELLOW ROSE…..progress

April 16, 2023

This is the strangest project I’ve ever worked on. It’s relaxing and challenging at the same time. The little squares are like tent or basketweave but the counting and deciding just where the little squares belong WOW!

The original chart is too large to fit on one sheet of copy paper so I had to copy it in two halves……now highlighting is just as much a challenge as stitching. And of course matching up to the original chart….well you get the picture.

Here is my progress:

A Debbie Rowley Design


March 30, 2023

This project is really a challenge. I am highlighting my chart as I go BUT I still spent a couple of hours doing reverse work due to a miscount. Here is a close up of the lower right corner.

American Rose

I have turned the canvas right side up now and I’m working on the lower half. Using the darker threads does make it easier to keep count. The yellows are all so close that I have to count the stitches and color.

American Rose


March 9, 2023

This project won’t look like much as I’m stitching. I have realized that it is like a counted cross stitch project. Instead of cross stitches, I’m working stitches over 4 threads. There are 8 colors and 8 stitches. So far I’ve used 3 stitches and 3 colors. It’s hard to tell the threads apart as they are all overdyed. I’ve already used the wrong thread in one place but it’s hard to tell. Not going to rip out. Nature isn’t perfect and neither am I.

I’m trying to stitch large blocks of a single color…..getting confused all the time. Counting and recounting. Thank goodness the chart is great. It shows the stitches in different colors and actually shows the stitch.

Good Chart !