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Needlework Basket

July 14, 2016

I finished the basket on my current canvas. Here are photos. I am pleased with the results. I first had to tack the twine down and then went back and filled in to get the look of a wrapped handle.


Here is the final result.





Needlework Painted Canvas

July 8, 2016

Another project started. It seems like having three projects going works the best for me. I used to be a one project only stitcher. Painted canvases have allowed me to work on several projects. When I was doing mostly counted designs it was not as easy to have several going.

This project is a challenge for me as I do not really like the colors. I am trying to brighten it up. Today was one of those days when my brain was working in overdrive. I have spent hours looking at this canvas and only seeing areas of tent stitch.

I have started several areas. Some changing the color. When I decide that I like it I leave it and go on to another area. I know that I can come back on a day when infant to just stitch and finish areas I have already started.
The quilt is done with a metallic thread for the border. I was trying to get the look of satin borders of quilts I had as a child. I am working this all from stash, so far, and I did not have ant ribbon that would work.
The twine that you see anchored as the handle on the basket will be used as padding so the handle has some texture. I am still trying to decide what color I want to use for the handle.

I finally saw that the width of the letter “K” could be done in some combination of stitches, not just tent.
Tomorrow I have to go to Tucson for a chapter board meeting and will go to my LNS and see what colors I may add. I am using mostly pearl and other “non-laying” threads. This is becoming a fun project……as long as the brain keeps giving me great ideas.

Just Stitching . . .

July 5, 2016

Having to stay at home for a few days…..

Picked up the painted canvas that I think is suppose to be an eyeglass case. Another estate sale acquisition . I am just using the design to practice filling areas.  I chose to do all the hearts in basketweave because I was looking to stitch without thinking.

Filling the vertical columns is fun.  I count the threads and then try to figure out a design that fits. I am using mostly pearl cotton so there is no laying involves.

The one area of background I have done is sorta boring……I think if I had used a #12 pearl instead of #8 it would have been more pleasing and more like a background. This is all part of the learning process. I have three more areas to experiment with. 

My photo is not real clear. All the red gets blurred….hope to get a better shot as I progress.

Red Heart of Hearts Done

July 1, 2016

Being confined to the house for a minor medical reason lets one get lots of stitching done. (Provided you are not taking drugs 😍). I am fully mobile but my physical exercise is halted for a few days. I am beginning to feel like a couch potato.

Today I spent a few hours on my heart and ….wow! All of a sudden it was done. I used DMC Memory thread for the edging and I wish I knew the secret to making a smoother line. This will be framed and given away.

Red Heart

June 28, 2016

No I am not a turbo stitcher 💚💚. This Barbara Richardson design was published in the Jan/Feb issue of Needlepoint Now. It is titled Heart of Hearts. I stitched this many years ago and gave it to my “other Mom” on her 90th birthday. I acquired this partially done canvas with threads at an estate sale. It was begun by a ANG chapter member who passed away.

My original heart was done in pastel green and ecru.  This red version is totally different in looks. I am finishing it because it will be a perfect gift for someone special.

Two Cottages All Done

June 26, 2016

While watching my AZ Wildcats win their baseball game yesterday I finished Two Cottages. This Nancy’s Needle design was so fun. The directions were short but the oversized chart was awesome ……especially for old eyes. It is worked mostly in Watercolors with some pearl cotton. No laying. I am thinking this will become a small pillow.

Today I begin the hunt for what next……

Two Cottages Continued

June 21, 2016

img_0755Two days of progress……incorrect photo posted a few hours ago. Oops 😀



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