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One Snowman Finished

November 24, 2015

I finished one of my two snowman….yeah!  I am not real happy with my stitch choice for the background….. I just wanted something other than continental. I also changed the white for the stars to silver for more sparkle. Metallic does not show very well.  Always trying something different 😄😄


Criss Cross Back From the Framer

November 20, 2015

Just a quick check in to share the great framing job my framer does. I am so fortunate to have a great frame shop here in this small town.

I am taking it to my ANG chapter meeting tomorrow. It will be a big reveal when all the summer challenges are shared. A potluck completes the program……yum..yum. Have you ever been to a bad potluck? 😍😍


My Other Snowman

November 13, 2015

Today is Friday the 13. It has always been a lucky day for me. Today I am still in my pajamas and have spent over 5 hours doing tent stitch.  This is my idea of heaven. I am trying not to feel guilty. Watching reruns on TV in my comfy recliner.

Santa’s hat is done except for the stars and bell. I am working on the face now……


My Little Snowman

November 11, 2015

Every once in a while I come across a sale online that I just can’t resist. The Art of Needlepoint had these two snowmen with threads on sale……need I say more.

Today I finally had some time to stitch and could not decide which project to go back to…… got it. Before I knew it I was searching for the right size stretcher bars, tape and tacks. Just going to get one of the snowmen ready to stitch…….oh heck, just start stitching 🤗 🤗 . Here is the beginning. The Vineyard silk that came with the canvas is a dream to stitch with. I have not used it before.

I plan to do the scarf in diagonal goblin and the main body in continental.


Never Too Much Stash 😍

November 9, 2015

This is a yard sale find. While in Truth or Consequences this past weekend we stopped at several yard sales on the way to the car show. I spent a whole $3.00 for all this floss. I need it like I need another chart but who could pass up a deal? A lot of it is Coats and Clarks so you know how old it is….but it had been well stored.  Most of you know I do a lot with floss and usually from my stash.

Now I am back to my Carrots. They are all securely planted and the sky has appeared. Now I have only the carrot tops and each carrot has some beads to be added.


President’s Challenge complete

November 3, 2015

For once I am ahead of a deadline. You may remember that in May my ANG chapter president issued a summer challenge to be completed and brought for Show and Share at the November potluck. I think I posted some photos when I was first getting started. My blog posting has lacked in frequency, I hope to remedy this in the coming months.

A refresher… May we received a line drawn canvas and drew a bag of 6 threads.  We drew blind so we had to use whatever we got.  We had to use all threads but could also add threads. Each thread had to be used for more than a few stitches :)

The canvas design reminded me of a square of patchwork. The colors I got were green, peach , gold metallic and two overdyes. I added a couple of values of the green and peach and added a Krienik 1/16 ribbon in the same gold as the #4 braid I got.

Here is the result. I finished it today. Well ahead of our November 21st meeting. The embelishments came from sorting through an old box of “things I just couldn’t get rid of”. The flowers were actually in a string to be used as lace but I cut them apart.

It was fun deciding what to put where. Trying to keep color balance as well as design balance really put my brain to work. The one area I am not sure I succeeded in was establishing a focal point… there only one?? or more?? The all white flower was my perceved focal point but the size of the other flowers should have been smaller. Oh well, I just used what I had.  This was fun to do and I am anxious to see some of the others. I will try to get some photos of others, with stitcher’s permission, and post them here after the meeting.

Now I can get back to my Carrots.


Carrots Are Growing

October 31, 2015

My days seem to disappear with little stitching being done. I did go to a stitching retreat with the gals from my local ANG chapter October 16-18. I took three projects with me and made small progress on all three.

One was the Chapter Summer Challenge, one was my Snowman and the third was Jennifer Riefenberg’s Carrots. Since then I have been working on Carrots.  This project is a lot of fun with a little bit if a challenge.  Watching all the ground levels develope is very interesting. I often wonder just what goes through a designers mind when they develope bands of stitches.

Here is where I am now. Sorry for the poor photo. I am beginning to work on the sky. More soon. I will catch you up on the Snowman and Summer Challenge very soon.  My goal is to get back to posting at least once a week.


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