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January 31, 2023
PATTERNS GALORE ! A Margaret Bendig Design

I found that as I got closer to the last dozen blocks it was a little more challenging to choose colors. It took time to look at the whole and try to figure color and value. Overall I like what I’ve chosen.

The Rhodes variation in the last block (37) may be a little too light but I love it. Some of the stitches I’ve learned to like are, Bound Rice Stitch (35), English Stitch (36), the Woven Square (31) and the Bound Cross Stitch (Border)

I do have a confession to make. I did all the original stitches except for Block 34. It called for something named The Easter stitch. The chart looked clear but I could not get the stitch to look like anything but a blob. I changed it to a Reverse Mosaic after hours of trying to get the stitch to work.

Now I’m working on the center…all 6 steps and the border, 2 steps. I do like the Watercolors that I’ve chosen for the border and the center Diamond outline. I’m finding it interesting to decide what values of neutrals to use for the center. I’m also wanting to add a bit of turquoise to tie things together.

Happy Stitching. The next post may be a finish!! Thanks for following me for over 10 years.


Quick Update

January 16, 2023
Margaret Bendig Design

25 Blocks and counting. The combinations are more challenging and it is slower going. But I’m still loving this project. Choosing colors is getting harder. Balance and value…..

Patterns Galore !

December 28, 2022
The First 21 Blocks

Wow… I’ve been hooked on stitching this project. I meant to post last week but time got away from me. I’m now to a point that I can stitch on it right side up.

There are so many stitches and stitch combinations. Anyone ever heard of Quodlibet Stitch. I sure haven’t. The bottom square (21) on the right is done in this stitch. It is my least favorite stitch so far. It’s done in #12 perle and #8 perle .

Rapid Stitch Variation, Slide Stitch, Triple Cross Stitch, Vault Stitch, Raised Herrington Diamonds, Cushion Stitch, and Upright Plaited Cross Stitch are some of the stitches I’ve been playing with.

Some areas are done in one thread but due to the change of direction it appears to be done in two.

Vault Stitch in Neon Rays

I’m saving the big center square until last. I’m not sure what colors will be used in it until I get the whole project done. I’m still picking threads from my basket as I go. So far all seems to be coming together.



December 3, 2022

My stitching mojo has returned! I am enjoying this project. Choosing threads as I go is sort of scary…..I keep adding threads to my basket and picking and choosing as I go. Here are Blocks 4,5 and 6. I made a choice to add a few overdyes. Wildflowers is one of my favorites. I have a lot. I’m not adding anything drastic and not planning on very much…..just here and there. In my next post I’ll talk about the stitches. Just excited to share my progress.

Patterns Galore a Margaret Bendig Design
Total Progress
The “basket”


November 30, 2022
Blocks 1-4

Block 1 was easy and went fast….then Block 2 presented a challenge. It uses the Queen stitch. A stitch I haven’t done before. It took some reverse stitching to get the rhythm and placement correct. I’m glad it was a small block. I was anxious to get to Block 3.

Block 3 took several days to complete. It wasn’t a difficult pattern but it required two needles, a technique I don’t do well with. I thought about doing all of the diagonal stitches and then the tent….that didn’t work because the small tent, which I was doing with a Kreinik #4 braid, used dirty holes and required tucking under the existing stitching. So I used two needles and it was soooo slow going. I thought I would never get done. It still surprises me to see how different floss looks depending on the direction of the stitch.

Block 4 is fun and I should finish it tomorrow. I’m choosing threads as I go and I hope I can get the value balance correct. This will be a fun project. Each Block is like a small project.


November 20, 2022

The Montenegrin inner borders are done. I was enjoying the stitch so much I hated to get the borders complete. I only had a couple of counting errors that required “reverse” stitching. In one area I forgot my major rule which is “always count in both directions” my other big rule is ALWAYS count more than once. It’s amazing how I remember these rules after I break them.

Patterns Galore Grid Complete

I have gathered some threads that I might use. Since this is being worked from my stash I expect to add and subtract threads as I progress. Working with neutrals I want to make sure I have enough value changes. Adding some accent color presents location decisions. Margaret’s suggestions on threads do not specify a specific color or thread, rather they give suggestions on texture: flat, shiny, thin or thick. Here is what I pulled from my stash as a starting point.

Stash Threads

I pray everyone has a very happy and safe Thanksgiving. Give and get lots of hugs as you never know when those hugs won’t be around.