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Off The Beaten Path

January 31, 2017

Off The Beaten Path is a Carolyn Mitchell design that is made up of three panels. I am only doing the bottom panel. I just want a small counted project at this time. I have it started on a larger than necessary piece of sage green canvas and I am toying the idea of adding some extra border.

The first step on the border is tied oblong cross stitch. I ordered the kit for this so I have great threads. Soie Cristale by Caron is a lovely silk. It is 12 ply and the tied cross stitch is done in three ply. Laying silk is such a pleasure ❤️❤️

Tassels Progress

January 29, 2017

While on our trip to Yuma last week I managed to make some progress on Tassels. I stitched three out of four days. That might be a record. I took my favorite traveling stitch book “Stitches To Go” and spent much time looking for a suitable stitch for the two oblong tassels…….no decisions were made. I am probably making it too big a deal but selecting stitches is still my weak point.

No on to a new project while I continue to think about those tassels……😀

Christmas Candles Completed !

January 27, 2017

I took my Tassels project on our 5 day trip and made some progress. However today while catching up on laundry I sat down at my floor frame and finished my Candles. I was so close that I really wanted to finish something ‼️ Yeah. May have to add a background later but for now it is going in my famous stack for awhile.

I am ready to start a counted piece…don’t know which one. Get to search through my charts. 😌

Picture of Tassels in my next post. 

Christmas Candles Progress 

January 21, 2017

This may turn out to be my first finish of the year. I had to carefully lay four strands of dark blue floss to cover the top portion of the canvas.   This is a painted canvas so why was the top left white??? 

I am trying to figure how to finish this. I would like to have it framed. That would mean doing some background stitching. This presents another challenge ( notice I did not say problem) I would like the outside edges of the candles to be smoother. I may have to couch a line or two of metallic ( ?) braid after I do the background.. I am anxious to finish this as I am so close to the end and it fits into my goal for the year. Which is to complete several Christmas projects for my entry hall by next year.

My DH and I are packing tonite for a week trip to Yuma. We have friends who now live in Yuma and some friends from our days of RVing are gathering for a rally. Of course I am taking a project. The Tassels are going with me because there is some easy stitching and some easy decisions I can make on the fly.

More Tassels

January 10, 2017

Because my neck has been bothering me lately I decided to work on my painted canvas of Tassels. I have been making up the stitches as I go. The big reason for working on this project is that I can sit in my recliner. I am still trying to figure out why stitching in my recliner does not bother my neck. Some projects are easy to stitch in my recliner but they are ones that require no laying as I can not work hands free. 😡

The large tassel on the left is what I have been stitching.  I keep looking at the two rectangular tassels an trying to decide what on earth is the effect I want ⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️

Candle Progress

January 3, 2017

Here is a quick update on my Candles…..the green candle is taking me so long because I have to thread #16 Krienik braid through green Flair before I can stitch. I also have to use a #18 needle in order to pull the threaded Flair through the 18ct canvas. I thought about using a thinner braid but I did not have the right color, so I followed the directions but it is slow going…….

The End and The Beginning

December 31, 2016

Each January 1st I empty my “orts” from the whole year and start all over. Here is my ort jar as of today. I put the contents in a ziplock with the year marked.  Why? Who knows, I hope some time to find a good source for small plastic Christmas ornaments that I can fill with my stash of orts. Does anyone else save their orts?

I have made some progress on my Christmas Candles. I hope to have my first finish of 2017 before the end of January.