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More news From Anaheim

August 29, 2017

Sunday night’s Banquet was indeed chicken. However it was very good baked chicken stuffed with mushrooms and served over mashed potatoes and broccoli.  Dessert was three small fruit and chocolate tarts.  No one went away hungary.

Yesterday was my class on doing stitch designs with the MS Excel program.  Cindy Thomas was the teacher and she had her work cut out for her. Several women had Mac computers most of us had PC’s. Trying to get everyone doing the same thing is a challenge because all computers DO NOT operate exactly the same way with the same program.  Cindy’s handout is well written and she gave me permission to photo the front page.  By the end of the day my brain was dead. 

 Any one who has ever attended a Seminar probably know “our Bill”.  He has been in charge of security for at least the last 10 years.  His. Birthday always falls during seminar and we always manage to surprise him.  At the end of the class day there was a reception of sweets put on by a member of the board and it was topped of with a cake for Bill and the traditional, loud singing of “Happy Birthday”.

Today is a day off, sorta. I do have a lunch meeting to attend but no class. More soon…….


ANG First Class Over

August 28, 2017

My first two day class is over. It turned out to be an ok class. I got several great ideas for stitches from the teacher today. I wish I could post a photo…..but this project is a gift ☹️

Tonite is the opening Banquet. Several attendees were wonder how the chicken was going to be presented this time πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ The special ribbons from the exhibit will be revealed.  The exhibit opened today. I made a quick pass through just before they closed to get a look at next years classes. I am pleased. At first glance I see more than a few classes I would like sign up for.

Here is the Hyatt in Anaheim…. Til next time

Anaheim ANG SeminarΒ 

August 26, 2017

Arrived safely Thursday and checked into the Orange County Hyatt Regency. Check in was not pleasant and the first room Melinda, my roommate, and I were assigned was not what we requested. πŸ‘ŽπŸ» After a call to the manager we got upgraded to a room that has a sitting area and a proper handicapped bathroom. 

Yesterday was a day of rest and stitching. The needlework shop, on premises, was suppose to open at noon……not fully set up. Did not open til after 2pm. So far this seminar is on par with the last time we were here at the Hyatt in Anaheim. 

Today was the first day of classes. Embelishment Class with Laurie Walden was on my schedule.  The class was interesting but not what I expected. Embelishment to me means choosing stitches to enhance a painted canvas. Laurie’s idea of Embelishment is adding lots of non stitching items, sequins, raffia , beads, felting, etc. I do some of that, as we all do, but not much individual stitch help for each student. I think 19 students for one teacher is asking a lot from the teacher.

It is a two day class, so there is always tomorrow.

Getting Ready for ANG Seminar 2017

August 22, 2017

My suitcase (s) are open on the guest bed. There is a Hugh pile of stuff, clothing and stitching, staring at me. I will be gone for ten days and I am trying to get into just one suitcase. 😜 why do I feel like I have to have a different “outfit” for every day? Will anyone notice if I wear the same thing twice or heavens forbid three times. By mixing up tops and bottoms I can create lots of combinations……wear the same thing to two banquets? I could live in my pajamas for the whole ten days πŸ˜ƒ Hauling two suitcases and a rolling carry on is a challenge. While attending classes my rolling bag carries my stitching stuff and that makes walking a breeze no matter how far away my classes are from my room. 

I am excited to be away from everyday life for ten days. I am taking three classes and have two whole days with nothing scheduled…yet. 

My first class is with Laurie Walden. It is a canvas Embelishment class. I have not had her as a teacher. In fact I did not even meet her the four years I served on the Seminar Faculty  Committee. I am taking a small painted canvas that she has already seen. She suggested some stitching to be done before class which I have completed.

My second class is a one day class on learning to use MS Excel to create design charts.  I do a little designing and I have hoped to be able to take this class for several years. That means I must take my computer!

John Waddell is my teacher for a third class. I know John. I have been in classes with him but I have not taken a class from him. I will try to post often during my adventure so those who can not attend will get to share some of the happenings.

While waiting for my departure on Thursday I have been working on my Teddy Bear. Finished the collar and cuffs, and began making French knots for my fuzzy bear. When I got tired of knots I made a couple of bookmarks and started a small painted canvas that will travel with me.

Teddy Bear Update

August 15, 2017

imageMy teddy bear is my sit and stitch project. I have been using some unusual threads, for me.  I received in a “basket” some Fabulous Fibers. Two fibers, one called Petite Peluche and one called Soft Sensation. The Peluche is 68% rayon and 32% nylon. The Soft Sensation is 60% nylon and 40% rayon. I also found in my stash Angora from Rainbow Gallery. All are white πŸ˜€. I used the Angora on the hat. I used the Soft Sensation, which is a strange looking thread, in a diagonal mosaic for the collar.

I have decided to use French knots for the body of the bear….lots of knots. You can see the start on his paws.

This is soon to be a finishπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘





Newsy News

August 12, 2017

I have finished my “animal” for my Seminar class. I know I am going to be asked what stitch I used. I just made it up. It is some split stitch, some encroaching Gobelin, some straight stitches. I just stitched until I had the look I wanted. Here is a cropped shot. I used one strand of a thin wool. I did not want the body to be too bulky as there is a lot of bling that will be added.

 Ever have one of those days when you just want to play with threads? I have 4 or 5 canvases in progress but wanted to frame up something small to take  traveling to seminar.  I thought about my Tassels but when I pulled it out I discovered that I had made a visible mistake with my black on black background. I spent time doing frog work. I am very frustrated with this canvas……I need to put it aside for awhile and try later.  I want it to be done ‼️‼️‼️
So here is my NEW PROJECT πŸ˜ƒ It is marked “Rosalie 523″ Anyone have any info on this designer? It is on 8 ” stretcher bars so you can tell it is small. I will probably just do tent for the flower and leaves and a fancy framed and background stitch to set it off.

Tackling a Challenge

August 6, 2017

I have been stitching on a painted canvas that is really a challenge. I can not post a photo because I am doing it as a gift for someone who may read my blog. I could not determine “the right” stitch for the body of an animal…… I am doing a random Gobelin split stitch. That’s what I call it. I am just stitching to fill the area. I need to have this portion done before Seminar the end of this month. I am taking the canvas to an embelishment class with Laurie Walden. Finishing the base is my “pre-work” to be done before class.

So…. I needed something (other than a WIP) to stitch for fun. Sometimes WIPs just don’t call out to be stitched all the time. πŸ˜ƒ I am using the knit stitch for the hat. He is a cutie. I plan to make him textured but not exactly sure what stitch I will use for the body. More soon.