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Fun Designs

October 4, 2019

While working on DECEMBER DAZZLE I have taken breaks when I wanted to “just stitch”. Remember when I was doing bookmarks….just designing as I stitched? I decided I wanted several Christmas ornaments for my Christmas tree. Taking small squares I used the same process. Designed as I stitched. Here is what I have done so far. I find it so much fun to see something develop.

There are a few rules I follow. Always work with an even number of threads on the canvas. That makes it easier to choose stitches. Sometimes I start in the center and work out. Other times I do a border and fill in. Both design beginnings present challenges. To me it is just fun to stitch without a chart. I do use a few favorite stitches such as different size crosses, some tied. Scotch, cashmere, Smyrna and of course tent done continental style to fill in small areas. I keep a baggie full of Christmas threads. I use several types of thread depending on how I feel. Usually add some sparkle and sometimes embellishments like the holly leaves in the lower right ornament. You can see by the presence of the ruler that these are small. I do send them out for simple finishing as I really do not like doing the finishing. Since I do these from stash, the cost of the finishing is acceptable.

Give it a try….but be warned you might get hooked πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

Where Did September Go β“❓

October 1, 2019

I don’t think I have ever gone so long without at least a short post. I was on a trip to the Seattle/Tacoma, WA for a week. I just relaxed and didn’t have any responsibilities. Everyone should try this once in awhile. The reason for my trip was a family wedding. It was fun to see Gordon’s family again. Sweet and a little sad.

I have been stitching on DECEMBER DAZZLE. Making great progress. So far I am working on all the stitching and leaving most of the bead embellishment until the end. I am rally enjoying this piece.

Counting from left to right, I have spent the last few days stitching on block 9. This has been the most stitch intense area. There is also beads to be added later.


September 2, 2019

Happy Labor Day to everyone. It seems impossible that summer is almost over. It is still hot here an Arizona and will continue to be so for over a month. I’m looking forward to feeling that first hint of cool in the air.

I have been getting in some stitching time while getting all new flooring in my whole house. Wow, it is almost like moving in all over again !

If you look closely you will see that I made another counting error πŸ™. I think I have been away from counted work for too long. I have taken out the error and am moving on. I also goofed on the beads for the heart. Can anyone see the error? I am not sure I need to take some beads out or just leave them the was they are. I know the beads are kind of hard to see ….. all these goofs are making me realize that I really miss the precision of counted work. When I am working on painted canvas I can “punt” 😊

Enjoy the last days of summer πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Big Goof

August 25, 2019

I have spent several wonderful hours stitching all the borders on DECEMBER DAZZLE. They are all done. I was feeling so good I decided to finish the cris cross Hungarian heart that I had started in class. Nancy had warned us to count the starting point carefully. We began stitching at the bottom of the heart. I counted several times and started stitching. I did not finish the heart in class as you can see in my prior posts. Today I did not recheck my counting 😫😫😫 and when I got to the top of the heart and THEN I noticed

yes, I am sure you can see my heart is not centered ‼️ I will have to take it all out and begin again. But the borders look good…don’t you think❓ so now on to “frog work”…

Home From Seminar

August 23, 2019

Tuesday I headed home. The trip did not go well. After a long layover in Denver it was announced that there would be a 3 hour delay. It was 3:30am before I arrived home. Totally exhausted πŸ’€

Wednesday after all the laundry was done I went back to DECEMBER DAZZLE. A Nancy Cucci design. I cleaned up all the spaghetti from class. Then I decided I wanted to keep stitching but my brain wasn’t ready for design details. I decided to work on finishing all the borders before I went to the designs inside. Here is where I am now.

This design has me looking forward to stitching again. It is a good feeling.

Seminar Quick Post

August 18, 2019

Day two of class was a success. I really enjoy working on a counted project. Nancy Cucci is a good teacher and her instructions are very easy to read.

Lots of “spaghetti” today but I managed to get most of it done tonite after our banquet.

Banquet was good. Food ok, not fantastic. I had to get up and make a short presentation as president if the Tucson Chapter of ANG asking all members to come to Tucson next August as seminar is in Tucson in 2020. Our Tucson name tags were talked about everyday. I am glad we got them finished. There were 5 of us who wore the Tucson name tags. And they got noticed.

Seminar 2019 Houston, TX

August 17, 2019

I arrived at the Marriott in Houston Wednesday afternoon. Weather has been warm, humid and some rain.

I had no classes on Thursday or Friday. I just played. Slept in, went to the fitness center, stitched on some small projects and enjoyed feeling no responsibilities..

The hotel has a Lazy River pool in the share of Texas. Every time I get ready to hit the pool, lightning strikes or a million teenagers invade. I still have a couple of opportunities. We shall see.

I have noticed some unusual wall art. It is Texas, after all. What do you think of this ??

Here is day one of my class with Nancy Cucci. The design is entitled December Dazzle. It is one of her samplers. My progress so far….it was a good karma stitching day. Did not have to pull out…..very much. πŸ˜ƒ

More tomorrow πŸ’šπŸ’š