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June 2, 2020

I don’t think I have ever done a small painted canvas all in one week……but here it is. I do not know who the designer is. I went through my stash looking for a small project when I completed Naturalist Santa. This small Christmas heart jumped out at me. A few years ago I won a Christmas basket at one of our annual fund raiser. That has resulted in more Christmas options than I ever thought I would have.

This heart is only 4″ x 4″. I pulled thread from stash and the stitch choices are all mine. This Santa has a beard of small French knots. There are some beads on the left but they don’t show very well. The heart locket came with the canvas.

I have begun getting ready for a LARGE and very challenging project. It is a line drawn canvas. I will introduce you to it in my next post. This will require brain work and I know I will be asking for help. So be ready to go along with me on this challenge.

Santa is Finished

May 29, 2020

Santa is complete and ready for the framer. Another Christmas project to hang on my Holiday wall.

You probably noticed I stitched over the white stars that were painted on the canvas. I used some sequins with a bead center to decorate my tree. I used the photos I took before stitching the tree for the location.

My beard was a combination of Whisper and Santa’s Beard. I used random split stitches and a light brushing to make it a little fuzzy.

For the background I decided on a simple T-stitch. It was easy to compensate. I enjoyed a couple of easy stitching days. Mindless stitching is comforting.

Now on to something new…….

Santa Is Almost Finished

May 22, 2020

I have been moving right along with Santa. He has been so much fun to stitch. I am now down to his beard, the background and some tree decorations.

I don’t like the horizontal Hungarian Ground that is suggested in the stitch guide for the background. I think the full pattern is too large as the background has a lot of small area along the sides. I think something simple like alternating tent or t-stitch might be easier to execute.

I have several white fuzzy threads…not enough of one for the beard so I am going to mix it up with random long and short. Can you really stitch a bad beard ❓❓

A gold star and some sequins and beads will complete the tree. The next photo should be the final…..

Santa Progress

May 8, 2020

My Santa now has pants on. Part of a hat. Boots are in the making. The tree is growing. The cardinal is done in Flair, tent stitch. I am jumping around as my mood shifts. I’m doing what I feel like. And having a good time. Here is my progress.

Naturalist Santa

April 27, 2020

This is one of those projects that I am excited about. The stitch guide is simple. The thread kit has fibers that I have not used before and threads I have used but used in a different way. It draws me to my floor stand ‼️

He has his short on. This tied scotch stitch is done in Matte 18, red and green and Splendor for the tan. Matte 18 is a cotton thread that looks like flannel. I used 6 ply of the Splendor so the thickness would match the Matte 18.

The binoculars are done in Flair…yes Flair done in tent stitch. I have never used Flair in a tent stitch. I gave some thought to this before I began. I used a large #18 needle and made sure I pulled straight up and down to avoid snagging. Worked pretty well.

His hands are floss done in tent…a very relaxing session. Now to put some pants on Santa.

December Dazzle Finished‼️

April 22, 2020

Yesterday I finally put the final stitch on December Dazzle. After trying to find a color other than white for the border…. I failed. Nancy made a good choice and I followed. Here is the final picture.

Now onto another project. After deciding I wanted a project with not many decisions and going through my stash I made a decision. I went through my counted needlepoint charts and found several I love BUT they all required spending time going through my stash and finding threads……too much work for my mood.

Then I went to my drawer of painted canvases. I was pretty sure I had some that already had a thread kit. BINGO. I found a canvas with all the threads AND a stitch guide. Perfect. So on to another Christmas project for my holiday wall.

I have it on stretcher bars and ready to begin tonite after I get home from work. Yes, I am going to work. A chance to see and talk to a real person. I do some bookkeeping, one day a week, for a friend who works out of her home. One on one and plenty of social distancing.

It’s 10″ X 15″ and I am thinking it will be a lot of fun. There are threads that I have never used and some may not be available anymore. I got this project in a Christmas basket a couple years ago.

Almost there on DECEMBER DAZZLE

April 14, 2020

I pray all of you are staying safe in these challenging days. Those of you who live alone are in my prayers. I have found it difficult to be isolated for many days. I walk for fresh air and go to the grocery about every ten days. Even though my state of Arizona is not one of the most involved I want to see it stay that way. So I am obeying the Stay At Home order from our governor. Stitching is my salvation and I am really looking to a new project very soon.

It took me longer Than I thought to finish all the beading on December Dazzle. My patience was challenged. I would stitch for a while and rest. Now all the areas are done and I just have the border to do. While resting I picked up a small painted canvas because I didn’t want to stop stitching I just wanted to stop beading. I finished the ornament before I finished the beading.

Here is my Jody canvas all done.

Here is DECEMBER DAZZLE all done except for the border. It is suppose to be while but I am contemplating using a darker color. Hopefully the next picture you see will be the whole project finished.

Finished At Last…..

April 3, 2020

My Nancy Cucci project is finally finished. This has been a real learning experience for me. I have never done a project with so many beads. Using the lasso method to attach very small beads is very time consuming but it does make a difference. I do have to admit I did not always us the proper method. My patience has its limits. I do love the long beads, however the cuts are sharp and they did cut my thread a few times. Had to reel in my tension. Here is the finished project.

Still Beading

March 28, 2020

It seems like forever that I have been trying to finish this Nancy Cucci design Irresistible Iridescents. Being in that “stay at home age group” I have spent hours on this. When I get tired or frustrated at the beads I switch to the background which provides calm stitching. Background almost half done. I only have two more beading areas to complete. This is an awesome project and I am anxious to finish it.

Living alone is still a challenge for me when I have to stay home. Have you ever gone several days without talking to a real person❓I do get out in my small yard and go for walks area around the neighborhood. I pray that all of you are taking whatever precautions you feel are right for your circumstances. Be Safe 💚

Beads, Beads and More Beads

March 10, 2020

My continued effort to finish WIP’s is focused on Irresistible Iridescents. I love the finished design so I am trying to get there. I am learning a lot about beads. This design has so many different beads used in many ways. There are 17 little bags of beads ‼️‼️

In addition to the beads there is one Kreinik and two colors of floss. Simple but elegant. Here is my progress as of last night.