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Indian Summer Border

September 12, 2014

Indian Summer LR CU

The lower right corner border is complete.  This is a very easy border that I think really sets off the main design area. Manipulating the Watercolors is fun. I always feel that I have added a personal touch when I play with the Watercolors.  The small pink border area changes colors each quarter so I have decided to do each quarter to completion. Knowing my stitching habits it would be very easy to miss the color change.

No I am on to the Lower Left.

Indian Summer 9-11 LR Complete

Indian Summer Progress

September 9, 2014

Indian Summer 9-1I arrived home from the seminar in Chicago late on Saturday, August 30th. I must admit that I am not a big city girl.  The noise, traffic and tall buildings are not for me.  After my early morning meeting I had the rest of Saturday to play.  I walked about 4 blocks to the Chicago River and took the 90 minute river cruise. It was very relaxing and I learned all I ever wanted to know about all the tall buildings. I had lunch in a small Mexican restaurant … they certainly do not know how to make good Mexican food in Chicago.  But it filled me u as I knew I was heading to the airport for a non-stop flight to Tucson.  After a 2 hour drive from Tucson I sat on my deck and listened to the quiet marred only by the crickets :).

It was Labor Day weekend (how did that happen) I spent most of Sunday unpacking, doing laundry and getting my studio ready to stitch in. Monday was a quiet day. No big family gathering as my DH was on a liquid diet preparing for surgery on Tuesday. I spent several hours in my studio stitching and listening to a good audio book.

This project has been  great for my frame of mind. I used threads from my stash so it is not the most spectacular colorway I have ever done but it is turning out very interesting. I realized that some where along the line I had turned the canvas upside down for stitching convenience and most of my photos are taken from that angle. Below is the proper view. I have completed the first small border and the wider border is going to be more fun.Indian Summer 9-3

I am manipulating the overdye in the wide part of the border. Each quarter will match on the sides but all four quarters will not be the same.  I am heading into the studio to work on the wide border. More soon.

Indian Summr  9-2

Seminar 2014 Chicago

August 28, 2014

The best laid plans often go astray. Yes I am in Chicago at the ANG seminar, yes I have my camera, the one thing I am lacking is the time !!! Why did I think I would have time to snap pictures and do blog posting during seminar. I guess I think I am super woman.

I arrived on Wednesday and managed to take a walk down to the Chicago River and watch the tour boats drift by. The weather was warm and very humid. I guess that is usual for Chicago in the summer.

Thursday began my work….. Unpacking the teaching pieces for the Myrtle Beach Seminar next year and getting them arranged in the exhibit area. Not all pieces were there in the morning but most showed up be the end of the day. It was a very nervous time for me as I arranged the projects and wondered how they would be received by the seminar attendees. I am the Faculty Chair for Myrtle Beach so it is pretty much my “baby”. It will be my last year on the committee so in 2016 I will be able to take classes again.

Being on this committee for three years, so far, has given me a huge appreciation for what goes on in the background to make seminar a success. Our goal is to do whatever it takes to ensure that the students and faculty have a wonderful time. We also track students who do not show up for classes at the appointed times.  Care for our students is top priority. We check on the ones who become ill, find out where the ones are who just decided to “go shopping” for part of class time.  We do not want anyone to me missing and not get checked on. We appreciate those who let us know ahead of time that they will be out of class for whatever reason.

Tuesday is my long day as when the day is done we must pull all the teaching pieces from the exhibit for those teachers who are participating in Teachers Showcase. This is an hour Tuesday evening when the teachers can show the projects that they are currently teaching to all interested parties in hopes of getting chapters interested in having them do workshops.

Tuesday night is also the Live and Silent Auctions……..there is always something going on.

By last  night I was almost brain dead :) but it was Merchandise Night. Lots of vendors with goodies for sale. As usual it was crowded. You would think that everyone was nearly out of stitching stuff…..:)

Time to get back on the job. Hope everyone is getting some seminar info on Facebook or the ANG list. More soon.

Happy Stitching!

Progress on Two Projects

August 17, 2014

Indian Summer 8-18Indian Summer is progressing well. I am not sure I like the fourth quarter color.  It was the only color of the right size pearl in my stash that seemed to “fit”. I will just keep going and see what it looks like when the other thread are added. You may have noticed that I have turned my canvas upside down from the first posting. This is to make reaching the stitching area easier to reach. I even remembered to turn my chart upside down :)

Red Chili Ristra 8-18I have made a good start on my Red Chili Ristra. This is a counted cross stitch chart that I have had for years. It uses five colors of red ! At times I can not see the difference when I am stitching. I need to hold it away and then I can see the shades. There will be a lot of backstitching that will define the individual chilis. This is the project I am taking to the ANG seminar in Chicago later this week.  The chart is large and easy to follow and highlight.

I am getting excited for seminar. Even though I can’t take classes because I am on the Seminar Faculty Committee, seminar is always fun.

More Indian Summer

August 10, 2014

Indian Summer 8-9

As you can see I have pent many hours stitching on this project. I am always surprised how the same pattern can look so different when the colors are changed.

I spent a wonderful few hors at my local ANG monthly stitch in yesterday. I really love to be with others stitching and getting to know other members.

The stitch pattern is very interesting on this project. I finally have it in my head so my progress is going much faster.

Indian Summer Update 1

August 4, 2014

A new month and lots of stitching going on here in Arizona. Indian Summer is such fun !!!! I have finally gotten the “big picture” and can stitch without checking the chart every two minutes.  The colors seem to be coming together OK.

I have had to go back to an old camera. I dropped my newer one and cracked the battery cover….. This photo does not seem to be as clear as the others.  I am looking for a new and not so expensive point and shoot cameras.  Anyone have any suggestions? I have also my Kodak Easy Share on my ANG laptop.  This is good news as it will go with me to Chicago and I will be able to post photos as well as text from seminar.


Shocking News!! I am working on TWO projects. I decided that I needed a small project to take with me to seminar. Being on the ANG SFC (Seminar Faculty Committee) means lots of work and no classes. I have a small counted cross stitch project all framed up and ready to go.  I spent a few hours stitching on it just to get familiar with the chart. It is a long plane ride from Tucson to Chicago. I would show you a photo but right now it just looks like a blob of red cross stitches. :)

More progress real soon.

Happy Stitching.

Indian Summer 7-31

Indian Summer Update

July 30, 2014

Indian Summer 7-25

Making progress and having fun.  This design has enough of a challenge to be interesting. The stitch pattern is not one that I can just do one row and then march on. I figure that by the time I get to the 4th quarter I will have it all figured out.  I am letting the colors I chose just fall into place. It will be interesting to see if I have to change something along the way.

The small border is an inner border. There will be more outside border added.  I put this in because I had just finished doing some reverse work and wanted something simple.

Laura Perin has graciously given me permission to post the cover photo for Indian Summer. This way you can see what I am aiming for. My colors are different as I just pulled what I had from my stash and I think it will be interesting to see how I can pull everything together.

Indian Summer Photo


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