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Playing With Threads

December 13, 2014

Playing With Threads 12-11-14

Most of you will recognize this :) If not you are missing out on a fun time. All of us stitch, finish projects and put the leftover threads in a bag or bucket to be dealt with later.  I have been doing this for several years. As I moved from   to winter house and back again. In addition to project ends I always had to take some stash with me in the motor home just in case ……. Now was the time to play with threads and see what I had. The time to organize and find things that I had forgotten about, like that bag of threads I bought on sale just in case….. I spent several hours sorting threads and finally getting rid of all those few inches of thread that I might need sometime. I discovered I had quite a bit of silk threads that are more than enough for small projects.  Most of my silk comes from kits and classes as I usually stock up on DMC/Anchor floss for most of my projects. Being retired and on a fixed income I count my pennies.  However I must admit that I can probably stitch until forever with what is in my stash :)

My next project was what inspired me to play with my threads. It is a canvas that is designed to use stash and I wanted to refresh my memory of what was available. You can just see a portion of the canvas in the photo below. I will post the clear canvas in my next post. It is a Patt design that I thought was a painted canvas but apparently it is a very well done printed canvas.  More on that later.  I have permission to post photos as I stitch. More soon.

Stash Cats Possible Threads

Night Flight Comes to an End

December 11, 2014

Night Flight Complete ANight Flight is now complete !!! Yeah. That means I can start something new :)  It is hard to get a good picture of this large project. The design size is 6″ X 20″ and it is on 10″ X  24″ evertite stretcher bars.

Area 18 is done in Watercolors #081, Black Cherry. This is a real yummy overdye. the stitch used is Milanese.

Area 19 was the last area in the lower right. This is the only area that I changed the color. I only did this because I had a color fairly close to what the chart called for.  I used Gobi Sand #082.  The original color called for was Spice. The stitch used is byzantine scotch.

I think Gobi Sand had a little more color variation than Spice but the value was correct and I knew it would work.

Stay tuned for what is next……….

Night Flight 12-10

Night Flight Area 19

Moving On with Night Flight

December 9, 2014

Night Flight Moon CompletedWhen I last posted I forgot to mention that the moon has been finished !!!

Just a quick update. Area 20 is where I am now. I love this Watercolors it is called Burnt Toast (my burnt toast never looked this good :) )  The stitch is Straight Double Cross with placement staggered from row to row.


Night Flight Area 20

Night Flight 12/6 Update

December 6, 2014

The better part of two days stitching and a couple of hours today has put me back on the track.  I am now at that point of every project when I can see the finish line and just want to pick up the pace.

The two pictures below shows another lesson I learned about using overdyed threads.  This is Area 21, a very small area in the lower right. The Watercolors is Black Forest, #063 and the stitch is small mosaic. Because I have been doing most of the stitching sideways on this project I have had to think twice about directions of the stitch and thread.  I am sure you can see the error of my ways in this area.  I had to do some “frog” work and start all over.  Hint: small mosaic stitch is not easy to rip out.Night Flight Area 21 Corrected

Night Flight Area 21 Wrong The flow of all the other areas is an east/west or diagonal with regards to the color changes in the Watercolors.  This vertical area was completely out of place.  So rip-it rip-it rip-it :)

The next area I tackled was Area 17 because it used the same thread. Stitching this sideways was a challenge at first but once I got a couple of rows in I could see where I was going. This stitch is Elongated Cashmere and Continental.

Below shows the first couple of rows before any continental fill in was added and then the completed area.

The NEW AND IMPROVED WordPress editor is driving me nutty….sorry about the photos not being where I wanted them to be.  Maybe next time.

Night Flight Area 17 Complete

Night Flight Area 17 Beginning

Night Flight Progress

December 2, 2014

With the Thanksgiving holiday taking up lots of time Night Flight has been sitting there calling to me.  A four day trip out of town took up part of my time. Here is where I am right now.

Night Flight Moon 11-26The continental stitch takes a lot of time but t is very relaxing. No counting or figuring out the right stitching path. I decided to do all the stars in the moon and then do the continental stitch as that eliminated all the counting around the stars.  I marked all the stars making that stitching much easier.  It also was not a factor if one star was off a thread or so. The stars are all done in Krienik #8 braid #32, which is a frosty white. I hope by the end of the week to have the moon complete.

I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are looking forward to the Christmas holiday.

Night Flight November 19

November 20, 2014

I am finally finished with Area 15 and all the Smyrna crosses in #4 Krienik braid……whew !

Night Flight 11-19 CU

Then I pressed on to Area 16 which is done in Watercolors #122 Maple. I learned a very interesting fact about the color flow of watercolors with this section. If you look at the area it is obvious that there are diagonal rows and I thought to myself that would be the easiest path for stitching. However I did read the instructions and realized that I was suppose to stitch in horizontal rows. OK that’s what I did and as my stitching progressed I realized that if I had gone with my first thought I would have created diagonal stripes of colors which is not at all the desired effect intended. I almost always learn something from each project I stitch.  Some things are little common sense bits that I needed to be reminded about and then there are bigger things that help me in the future when I am doing my own thing.

Night Flight Moon CU

I have decided to go back to Area 5, the moon.  I figured out that the basic face of the moon is done in continental/basketweave stitch with Watercolors #129 Hint of Mint. It is really an off white and I can not see any “hint of mint”. Within the moon there are Rhodes “stars” in several sizes done in Krienik #8 braid  #32 the same white opal that I used for all the Smyrna crosses in Area 15. Some of the Rhodes are only over 2 threads and I am thinking I might use the #4 braid as the #8 braid might be too bulky……still thinking on that. I have decided to mark the Rhodes areas and then stitch around them. Placement is not real critical but counting around all the Rhodes is just a pain :) You can see that some of the stars are marked.

My current goal is to have this finished before Christmas as I have just bought a canvas that I an DYING to start……

More Night Flight

November 11, 2014

On this Veteran’s Day I hope we all take a moment to remember all those who fought so hard for the freedoms that we enjoy so much. Our Grandfathers, fathers, sons and daughters have given so much and should never be forgotten.

I was gone for 4 days to New Mexico for a car show.  My DH is a car guy and a group of us went to Truth or Consequences, NM for a car show at the Veteran’s Home.  They have a wonderful facility for our veterans.  We had a tour and took time to visit and thank some of the residents.

Night Flight 11-10I have made progress on Night Flight and it continues to be  joy to work on.

Area 13 is done in Watercolors #044, Ice. The stitch is Giant Moorish. A Reverse Giant Moorish was used in Area 7. I like the way the same stitches are used in different directions in this design.Night Flight CU 2 11-10

Area 14 This is the first area towards the bottom of the design that goes from one side all the way to the other side. The Watercolors used here is Sage #125 in a bargello stitch.  The area is all done in stitches over three threads and was a very relaxing area for me…the bargello lady :)

I am now working on Area 15 and Area 16 at the same time. Area 15 is done in smyrna stitches over two canvas threads with #4 Kreinik #32. It is a white opal. This a very tedious section and thus I have gone to Area 16 for a break. I am doing one strand of Kreinik in Area 15 and then one strand of Watercolors in Area 16.  The Watercolors is Maple #122 and the stitch is Diagonal Brick.

I know the detail on the full shot isn’t very clear. I just thought you might like to see the overall progress.

Night Flight CU 11-10


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