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Indian Summer, The Beginning

July 26, 2014

Indian Summer Beginning

I am glad to report that my studio is all set up. Not completely organized but then is it ever? I sorted through my counted needlework charts and chose Indian Summer for my new project. This is a design by Laura Perin. Naturally I did not have the threads called for in my stash.  Do we ever??  I decided that I just wanted to STITCH so I pulled threads from my stash that seemed to go together. They are the same weight as called for.  There is a Watercolor and a pallet to match. My Watercolor in Harvest which is in the fall colors as the original. I will email Laura and see if I can get permission to post a photo of her finished project so you can see the overall design.

I have spent several hours listening to a great audio book and stitching.  I feel like life is almost back to normal. More soon.

So Close

July 14, 2014

We are moved into the house….yeah !! I am in the process of selecting a new project. Just can not seem to get back interested in my angel. As I set my studio up I will be liking for something that speaks to me 😊 look for something new real soon..

Stitching Progress

June 25, 2014

This posting once a month is getting to be a habit that I hope to break real soon.  I have made some more progress on Joan Thomasson’s angel. Her dress skirt is done in oriental stitch with three value shades and backstitching to help define the folds. I am 80% done with the skirt.

I can not explain why I am finding it hard to stitch these days.  Yes, we are in the middle, actually getting close to the end, of our remodel project. There is time nearly every day for a little stitching but I find myself reading or playing games on my iPad instead of stitching. It is almost like I can’t allow myself the pleasure of stitching when there is so much to do to get our new home ready to move into. WHY, WHY, it makes no sense. Has anyone else experienced this ??

Tonite I am going to make time for a little stitching in hopes that it will get me back on track. Tomorrow is my ANG guild meeting in Tucson and I hope to get inspired by what other people are doing.

All the major painting is done. The first stage of flooring, vinyl in kitchen, baths and laundry was completed today. All the new window are in and some of the frames are painted. New appliances will arrive next week. The laminate and carpeting is scheduled for the end of next week. We are aiming for the 10th of July as a move in date. The container with most of our belongings will be emptied and I will be able to get my studio set up. I do miss being able to “go to my room” and stitch.

I find this time exciting and frustrating…….but isn’t most of life?

Happy Stitching ’til next time.

Angel’s Face

May 27, 2014

Spirit of the Southwest Angel Face

Although I can not show you the whole picture of my Joan Thommason angel I would like to share her face. Joan says that the face is the most difficult part of the project and if it is not done first the project will probably get put aside. So our class began with the face. There are four colors in the face and everyone’s face looked a little different. It still amazes me that everyone in class followed the same instructions yet the facial expressions of each angel were slightly different. It did feel good to have the face done. It made the angel come alive and I have enjoyed creating her wings and dress. I am working on the front of the angel. Since this is a tree topper there are two canvases, one for the front and one for the back. I have managed to squeeze in a few hours of stitching this past week. It sure felt good to make some progress.

So much has happened in so little Time

May 19, 2014

It has been well over a month since I last posted. I can count on one hand the number of hours that I have spent stitching….. We sold two houses in three days ! So began the process of packing up my studio. It is amazing how much “stuff” I found when I had to get into all the corners of my space. The mobile we were living in is just about empty and almost cleaned. Thank goodness the rental unit we had for sale was empty and all we have have to do is deal with a mountain of paperwork.

The house we bought on five acres is still in the remodel stage……..Moving most of our belongings into a 20 foot container, some of the larger furniture into the house to be worked around and getting what we need into our motorhome has presented several challenges. I have brought my Angel project into the motorhome but it is not set up for stitching just yet.

We are almost to the point of being able to start painting the entire inside of the house. New windows are going in this week. And flooring next month.

I feel like I am in a revolving door with no way out. I hope the next time I post there will be info on stitching. I feel like I have been out of touch with a lot of good friends. Hang in there. I’ll be back to my old self one of these days.

Anyone want to help paint ???? :)

Puzzling the Spectrum Finished

April 16, 2014

After dealing with my feeling of being overwhelmed I decided that I just needed to finish something ! I spent a day cleaning up my studio so it didn’t look so cluttered. That was step one. Now on to step two….. I took the Joan Thomasson Spirit of the Southwest angel off my frame and put Puzzling the Spectrum on the frame. You may remember that I was almost done when I decided to start on my painted canvas of the SW Lady with the Cactus. I have given myself all year to figure out the stitches for that canvas so it did not feel like it had to be next.


Puzzling the Spectrum Complete

After just one afternoon of a good audio book and several hours of stitching Puzzling the Spectrum was completed. I only had the cool color side of the border to complete. I even remembered how the stitching went after a short review of the instructions. Below is a close up of a corner of the border showing some of the warm side and some of the cool side.

Puzzling the Spectrum Completed Borders CU

It really felt good to finish a project and it has rejuvenated me to get back to my Spirit of the Southwest angel. I have it back on my frame and I am making progress. This is the pilot project that I can not show you but in my next post I am going to give you a peak at one area because it needs some discussion.

The house we bought is taking up a lot of my stitching time. The carpet and pad is all pulled out. We are putting in a lot of sweat equity in order to stay within our limited budget. It is a manufactured home and we decided to pull off all the small strips that cover all the seams and then all the nails holding the strips all had to be pulled or hammered in so the seams can be taped and the walls can be textured. I have washed out all the kitchen cabinets and my current project is using a vinegar wash on all the “god awful” flower wallpaper that is soon to be painted over. We have had a deck built on the east side of the house and it is wonderful.  The more time we spend out there the more I don’t want to come back to the mobile home park we are living in. However the thought of actually moving…….OMG all the stuff we have !

Happy Stitching

Stitching time is hard to find.

March 28, 2014

My three day class in Tucson was wonderful. I put all my other interests in the background and just enjoyed the time with stitching friends. Unfortunately I can not post the project as it is a pilot class. Joan Thomasson was the teacher. We were pilot stitches for a Southwest Angel she is teaching in the fall at the EGA national seminar. Eventually you will get a full update.
I have managed to stitch a few hours on the Angel but so much else is going on in my life that time just seems to fly by…….here it is almost the end of March and it just started 😳.
I have been cleaning my studio…..just putting things where they belong and noticing so many projects I want to do. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by all I have in my stash and so I don’t stitch on anything. Just tooooo many choices.


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