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Night Flight Update

October 27, 2014

Night Flight 10-27 CU

I can hardly stay away from this project. I finish one area and immediately want to start the next area.

Area 7 (behind the moon) is done in Watercolors #17 Blue Lavender. The stitch is Reverse Giant Moorish. I found getting the pattern started a little confusing. After a little reverse work I had it figured out. Am I the only one who constantly counts in my head once I get a pattern’s stitch sequence down pat? I find that when doing this it makes compensation so much easier. I count without really thinking about it until I need to compensate.

Area 8 is the very small area to the bottom right of the moon. It is done in Watercolors #083 Pine Forest. It was such a small area done in mosaic that it took no time at all.

Area 9 is the area just below the moon. It is done in Watercolors #121 Evergreen. The stitch guide says it is a Diagonal L stitch. I don’t recognize the stitch name but had no trouble following the hand drawn stitch. Remember this pattern is from 1997 before we had wonderful computer generated stitch drawings :)

More Night Flight

October 23, 2014

Night Flight 10-23It has been a busy week. But I have still managed to make progress, The eagle is done and the area below it was an easy do as it is the same color and stitch as the blue area above it.

Yesterday was a fun day. After a tramatic Tuesday involving a tooth extraction I was feeling AOK and drove to Tucson for a day bus trip to Phoenix. The EGA and ANG guilds rented a bus and a group of us went to Phoenix to check out the EGA national seminar. We visited the exhibit, bookstore and boutique.  I got very excited when I went in the boutique as the first thing I saw were two baskets full of Evertite stretcher bars. I tried to get Evertites for Night Flight from my LNS and was told it would take months for an order to be filled. I grabbed a 24″ and a 10″, did not even look at the price and contributed to the profits of the boutique.  The 24″ length of Night Flight was difficult to keep stretched as tight as I would like.  Today’s project is moving my canvas to the Evertites and going on to the next area. For the moment I am skipping the moon……I have some thinking to do on that area.

Night Flight Continued

October 17, 2014

Night Flight 10-17

I completed Area 3 in a flash. It is done in Watercolors (Delphinium #133). Just a simple horizontal long and short stitch.

Night Flight 10-17 CUThen I moved on to Area 6 ( the eagle). This turned out to be more of a challenge. The first thing I noticed was that one ply of Watercolors was not going to cover the horizontal stitches. this is because I am supposed to be stitching on blue canvas which would not be obvious through the stitches. I am working on eggshell (that’s what I had in my stash that was the right size) ………  I decided that I would have to use two ply of Watercolors (Midnight #072) and hope that I did not run out.  In order to use two ply I had to get a #18 needle to keep the canvas from shredding the thread.  The chart for the eagle runs over three pages and is a challenge to follow. It is hard to get a stitching rhythm going so I am just plugging along.  The change of direction in the stitches again comes into play on the eagle.  When I step back and look I am amazed at how different it looks than when I am looking through my #4 magnifiers to stitch.

Color in Night Flight

October 13, 2014

Night Flight Areas 1 and 2

I have completed the first two areas. I am working top to bottom but I have my canvas AND chart turned upside down so I can reach the stitching area easier.

Area 1 is done with Storm Clouds (Watercolors #074). It continues to surprise me how light reflection changes with the direction of the stitching.  This whole area is done in the same stitch but with directional changes and the colors do look different.

Night Flght Areas 1 and 2 CU

Area 2 is done with Blueberry (Watercolors #041). This is a simple reverse scotch stitch that was very easy to stitch. The chart does show the compensating stitches, provided your outline is perfect :) So far mine has matched up.

Night Flight Outline Complete

October 10, 2014

Night Flight Threads

Night Flight Outline CompleteJust had to finish a good audio book :) Now all the outlining is done and I can begin with the Watercolors. As you can see there is Krienik metallic #4 and #8 braid. I believe this will be used on the moon. The light reflection on the Watercolors has washed out a little of the real color. I am anxious o get started.

Oh yes…..I have another audio book and the baseball playoffs start today. Yeah!

Night Flight Update

October 9, 2014

Night Flight Outline Almost DoneLots of baseball games and a good audio book has resulted in lots of stitching time. The outlining for Night Flight is almost complete. I think I have stitched thousands of black cross stitches but the end is almost here and it will be on to the Watercolors.

In stitching the long side lines I did not even attempt to count the whole line. I just kept extending it as I stitched the cross lines until I reached the bottom where it was easy to count to the corner.

Night Flight: The Beginning

October 2, 2014

Night Flight The Beginning

I have pulled from my stash a project that I had all kitted and have been wanting to start for quite a while. It is a Amy Wolfson design entitled Night Flight. The size of the stretcher bars is 10″ X 24″. This is an awkward size to work on if you want to stitch looking at the project from top to bottom.

Night Flight Overall Beginning

I am currently working on the outlining. This is done with #12 black pearl, 2 strands in cross stitch. Lots of cross stitches. The directions indicate that all the outlining can be done first or as you work down the canvas.  I have always done outlining before filling in the areas but I may get burned out on black cross stitch somewhere along the line on this one.

All the areas are filled with different stitches all using one ply of Watercolors. As you know I love Watercolors and there are 15 different Watercolors used…..yeah!


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