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Stitching time is hard to find.

March 28, 2014

My three day class in Tucson was wonderful. I put all my other interests in the background and just enjoyed the time with stitching friends. Unfortunately I can not post the project as it is a pilot class. Joan Thomasson was the teacher. We were pilot stitches for a Southwest Angel she is teaching in the fall at the EGA national seminar. Eventually you will get a full update.
I have managed to stitch a few hours on the Angel but so much else is going on in my life that time just seems to fly by…….here it is almost the end of March and it just started ūüė≥.
I have been cleaning my studio…..just putting things where they belong and noticing so many projects I want to do. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by all I have in my stash and so I don’t stitch on anything. Just tooooo many choices.

MY SW Lady Progress 2

March 16, 2014

I have been enjoying being back in my studio stitching on my beautiful SW Lady. I completed the tent stitch area of her dress. Lots of tiny stitches but very relaxing to be able to stitch and not have to think. I have made great progress on her coat. I have begun the compensating stitches where the coat goes behind one of the pots.

SW Lady Cactus 3-16

I am very excited because tomorrow I will leave very early (6am) and head to Tucson for a three-day class with Joan Thomasson. I can’t remember when I was last able to attend a class. My work on the ANG Seminar Faculty Committee keeps me from taking classes at seminar and it seems like my chapter classes haven’t been at a good time. Three days of thinking of nothing but stitching! ¬†The project is a Southwest Angel that Joan designed for our class and one that she is teaching in Phoenix.

I sure appreciate all the comments on my last post. I am still not sure just what I need to do with that area. I hope it will come to me before it is the last thing on my canvas to be stitched. :)

Progress on My Lady

March 11, 2014

SW Lady Cactus 3-8

This is just a quick update to let you know that I have been stitching. Yeah ! and enjoying every minute of it. The right side of her coat/dress is very relaxing to stitch so you can see how much progress I have made.

I do have a question regarding the left area (see where the arrow is pointing). What am I looking at ? Part of the outside of the coat? Some of the inside ? I just can’t seem to determine what I need to put in that area. Just what exactly is that black loop representing? I sure hope someone will see something that I can’t.

Playing with my SW Lady

March 5, 2014

SW Lady Cactus 3-3


I spent a couple of days playing with my painted canvas. I completed two of the cactus in tent stitch and then began playing with ideas for her dress/coat. There is so much white on this canvas that I decided I wanted to mute the white on the coat. Using the Jacquard stitch in two colors was my choice after trying several. I am using a pale tan for the tent portion of the stitch and #8 white pearl for the step portion of the stitch. After doing a large portion and deciding that I liked the look I began to tent stitch with #12 pearl in a kackey color. Next I played with one of the red flowers. I am not sure I have the final choice. I will look at it for a few days. I tried the leaf stitch but the shape of the leaves on the canvas just didn’t work. I am having fun trying different stitches and have decided that what I like is all that matters.SW Lady Cactus Flower CU

SW Lady Cactus Dress

February Stitching

February 28, 2014

The month of February is fading fast and this is my first post. It has been a month like no other ! Bought a bank owned house on 5 acres that need some cosmetic updating. Had inspections and closing all in three weeks.¬†Renters skipped out on a lease. Spent a week with my daughter in the Seattle area and watched my Seahawks win the Super Bowl. Had a four-day meeting in Tucson for the ANG Seminar Faculty Committee that I am on. Selecting classes to be offered for the 2015 Seminar to be held in Myrtle Beach, SC. Lots of time sensitive follow-up to get contracts ready for the teachers. Whew….I get tired just remembering.

Stitching has taken a back seat. I think I have sat and stitched twice and only because I was working on my painted canvas doing alternating continental which did not require much brain work.

SW Lady Cactus The Beginning

You can see where the continental is on the cactus. The two skeins of floss laying on my canvas are a couple of choices I have for the leaves around the flowers. I plan on adding some French knots to the cactus to represent the spikes the cactus has.  Does  anyone have some ideas for stitches to use on the flowers and leaves??

I promised myself that stitching has to come to the top of my priorities this month, regardless of all the extra time that will be spent planning the updates for our new home. I don’t even want to think of moving …………..

Puzzling the Spectrum: Border

January 30, 2014

Puzzling the Spectrum Border Beginning

Just a quick update on the border. The first layer has taken some time as there is a 14 thread border on all sides to be completed before the fun begins. Today I began the weaving process that will complete the border. Warm colors appear on the top and bottom and cool colors will be on each side.¬† The instructions took some time to digest. You know, ones where you read them three times and the light bulb goes on :) As usual once you have it figured out the instructions are simple to follow. The close-up below¬† shows the diagonal¬†weaving process from right to left. This is step 2. The third step will be to weave diagonals left to right. I am working from the left to the right on the right to left diagonals…….everyone confused now. More soon.

Puzzling the Spectrum Border CU

More on Puzzling the Spectrum

January 25, 2014

Puzzling the Spectrum Squares Done


Days fly by, I stitch most days but I have been very lazy in writing my blog.¬† As I stitch I am always writing in my head but it hasn’t seemed to get on the computer. This has been a very calm project. I look forward to getting in my studio, putting on a good audio book and letting the time fly as I stitch. Sue Reed does excellent directions.¬† In this kit there are 32 different patterns. They will be a reference for future projects.¬† They were supplied so students could choose the 9 patterns they wanted to do or skip the Sudoku theme and just do whatever they wanted with the squares.¬† A couple of design suggestions were included. I just wanted a project that I could stitch without much thinking. I stitched the project just as Sue had. I used her patterns and colors. I am enjoying every minute.

I am working on the border. What you see is the first two rows on the left and¬†three rows on the right side. This is very easy stitching once the pattern is established. I am glad as there is a lot of it. I was able to take this project to my ANG guild meeting last Thursday and work on the border and visit without having to do any “frog” work.¬† I am farther along than the photo shows.

I have decided to challenge myself this year to complete a painted canvas on my own (no stitch guide). I took the canvas (shown below) to the guild meeting and got some very good ideas for a start.¬† I don’t know if I will stitch this start to finish or work it in between other projects. It depends on how my mind works. You know that once I start a project I usually stitch it until it’s done.¬† I don’t seem to be able to rotate projects very well.¬† We shall see.

I know nothing about this canvas. I got it an ANG Seminar Silent Auction several years ago. It has TU-020 in the lower left corner outside of the design area. It is¬†stretched on ¬†17″ X 18″ stretcher bars.¬† Any one have any info as to who might have produced this beautiful lady. For now I am calling her My Southwest Lady. No she is not tilted. I don’t know what my camera was doing :)

SW Lady No Stitching


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