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Molten Lava Cake……

October 2, 2016

Finally had some time to stitch this week. The Molten Lava Cake is in the upper left 

 The dripping fudge was a ROYAL PAIN to stitch. It is done in DMC rayon floss, two strands.  I used many cuss words while stitching the fudge sauce. I do like the finished effect. It is shiny, which doesn’t show in the photo. I would not choose to use this thread again. I am now working on the background for the Lava Cake.

I did manage to complete the four layer chocolate cake. When I did the filling stitches I did not think the contrast between the filling and cake would be visible. But I stuck with the guide and it does look good. All the layers are the same floss but different stitches. The background was very easy.

You will notice that the background on my Chocolate Chip Cookie is not yet done.  I have really had a problem with the compensation on this.  I have stitched and frogged on two different days and still am not sure if I will rip it all out 

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  1. October 10, 2016 8:28 am

    Lovely piece. Love the shaded section at the bottom. Yes, DMC rayon is the worst thread in the universe!!

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