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Fun Stitching

October 14, 2020

I have been stitching some bookmarks. These are what I call fun stitching. My ANG chapter stitches bookmarks and donating them to the Tucson Adult Literacy program.

These are fun for me because I just use left over threads and design as I stitch. Three of these were stitched with a Wildflower overdye. I like to see what the overdye produces with different stitches. When I used up the Wildflower I added a DMC floss that picked up one of the colors in the Wildflower.

I was sorting and putting away threads from finished projects and had the red, white and black thread pieces. I have always likes this combination. I had just enough to so one bookmark.

I take pieces of canvas, from cutting canvas for a specific project, and cut them into pieces for use with bookmarks. I have a bag of canvases and a couple of bags with left over threads that are always ready for use. I carry them when traveling. Easy to stitch on a plane. I don’t need any instructions. Just enjoy making up designs.

In the past I have cut canvas in small squares and used the same design as I stitch process to make Christmas ornaments. Left over Christmas colors go in a baggie for this purpose.

I have often been asked how I finish these bookmarks. The answer is twofold. I always try to follow the same stitching path. This produces an even look to the back of the bookmark. I carefully end and begin all my threads so they are covered by my stitching. Then on some of them I ravel the bottom to give a finished look. After all these are just bookmarks 😊

When you just want some fun stitching try this. It’s a great way to try new stitches.

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