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ANG Stitch of the Month Project

March 3, 2009
Rust/Green/Grey Colorway

Rust/Green/Grey Colorway

The Very Beginning

The Very Beginning


I am beginning a project that will last for all of 2009.  ANG (American Needlepoint Guild) has been publishing a Stitch of the Month for years.  At the end of each year there was a project that used the stitches.  This year Tony Miniari is doing the Stitch of the Month in reverse.  We have been given the outline of a lovely kimono and each month we will get a stitch to add to the project. I have chosen to do this in my own colorway as have many others.  Pulling colors was a challenge as there was no picture of the actual colos that Tony had chosen…….doing substitutions from numbers only ????? One of the stitchers was kind enough to pull Tomy’s colors at her LNS and then post a photo.  Big Help.  I may not use all of the values of my colors, oh well more for my stash 🙂

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