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Imperial Topaz Completed

February 28, 2009
Completed Center

Completed Center

Imperial Topaz Completed

Imperial Topaz Completed

 It’s Done ! and It’s Beautiful !  The inner border is a three layer border.  There was suppose to be a fourth layer that I felt was overkill.  It was an over one stitch that I thought would completely cover up the metallic ribbon that was layed in step two……so I left it out.  The outer border was suppose to be done in the same burgundy as the oblong crosses in the inner border.  I wanted more of the overdyed silk to show so I did the over two slanted gobelin in the Waterlillies.  I carefully matched the colors so that left and right are mirror images.

The last area I completed is the center.  I decided to reduce the ply from two to one.  Using two ply for the four way continental background was too heavy.  In my photo the one ply hardly shows up but it is there.  It is done in the dark plum.  One of the problems I had in this design was that the dark plum and the burgundy were so close in value that I could hardly tell the difference.  This is possibly the result of substituting Anchor floss for Splendor.  I did lay the floss next to the Splendor at the needlepoint shop …..????? who knows.  Every project teaches me something about color.

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