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Tlaquepaque #1

January 13, 2018

Say what !!! (T-lockey-pockey). Yep, that’s the name of this painted canvas. It is an Indian word meaning “the best of everything” and is/was the name of a shopping center of adobe styled buildings in Sedona, AZ. It is surrounded by wrought iron gates, fountains, archways and is shaded by large sycamore trees which gives the feeling of a Mexican village for which it was named. This is a very old canvas so I am not sure if the shopping center still exists in Sedona. I haven’t been there in years. Below is a photo of the real place that was included in the class material.

You may remember that I picked this up in November at my guilds stash sale…it just called to me and I stitched on it until I took Fire and Ice. Now that I am ready for a big project on my floor frame I have made progress. This will be a fun project. I am looking forward to the trees and flowers. Here is where I am as of this afternoon.


Tish Canvas Almost Done

January 7, 2018

My first start of the year may be my first finish. Her hair and the pot are all I have left to stitch. I did all the design elements on her back in metallic cross stitch with Kreinik #4. It doesn’t show up in the photo. I think the hair will be packed outline stitch. I hope to get a “flowing” effect. I want the pot to pop more….still thinking on that.

Behind the scenes I have designed a Mystery Project for my ANG guild. It will be in two parts to be taught at our January and February meetings. I am currently stitching the first part. You will see the results after our February meeting. Several of the guild members follow this blog so I have to hide things I do not want them to see. 😃😃 Note: the red on the top,of her head is a waste knot🤩🤩

Tish Canvas

January 4, 2018

My first start of the year. Just a small Tish canvas that may become an ornament. It is my “sit and stitch” project. No stitch guide. I am just “punting” 😃 I have stitched everyday this year so far… is only the 4th 😇

FINISHED Fire and Ice ðŸ”¥â„️

December 31, 2017

This is my 701st blog post. I just happen to look at my stats and realized just how long I have been writing this blog. It started out to be a fun way to store records of my projects. I could save pictures and stitching notes. In my wildest dreams I never thought so many people would enjoy watching my progress. Many blogs have come and gone but you who follow and comment have made this very special for me. Stitchlady says thank you.‼️

Here is Fire and Ice complete:

I love ❤️ when I get to choose or go back to a project. It is always like starting something new even if I am just getting back to. WIP.

On this last day of 2017 I wish every stitcher a year of new projects that excite you, new needle minders that you must have, threads that just feel so good and many relaxing hours with a needle in hand. Thank you for being a part of my stitching life. 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉HAPPY NEW YEAR 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

Fire and Ice Third Column Finished

December 26, 2017

Yeah.. the third column is finished and I am very happy with the results. Originally there was no orange or yellow in my kit and after seeing all the fires in California I decided I wanted to add some orange and just a touch of yellow. Here is the final column. Now I am creating ice. My goal is to finish this before the end of the year.

I hope everyone had a good Christmas holiday.

Fire Middle Column …..

December 19, 2017

The middle column is almost done. I have had fun with it. I did sit back and study the design and decided I needed to stop being so creative… was time to pull things together. I have spent two days doing tent in the bare canvas areas. I changed thread and direction but I am really happy the way it has come together. I have the top area yet to do.. Still thinking.

Fire and Ice Progress

December 14, 2017

I just now realized that my photo in the last post never uploaded properly.  ðŸ˜ŸðŸ˜ŸðŸ˜Ÿ WordPress really frustrates me at times. I just refuse to upgrade and have to pay. I have always used the free platform. 

I have made more progress on this project. Let’s try for a good photo.