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It’s Pumpkin πŸŽƒ Patch Time

September 30, 2018

After plowing through more paperwork than I ever want to see again I am finally feeling more like myself….most of the time. My stitching mojo is coming back.

I am enjoying working on Jennifer Riefenberg’s Pumpkin Patch. This is the class I was suppose to take at Seminar. The ground area is small areas of fun stitches. The pumpkins are done with variegated Very Velvet. Such a pleasure to work with. Tip: use a larger needle and pull straight up and down through the canvas.

Last weekend I attended a two day class with Nancy Cucci. It was her Irresistible Iridescents. You may remember from a prior post that I was working on all the pre-work when my daughter and I were playing in DC. I did finish all the pre-work on Tuesday before I had to head home early on Friday. I tried to talk myself out of going to the class, but my friends encouraged me to attend. I think someone was looking after me to get my pre-work done early. This project had the most pre-work I have ever had to do.

Here is where I was after two days. There are lots of beads in this project. I love the way this will look when done. Not ready for all the beads just yet I’m having fun with the pumpkins.


Life Changes

September 15, 2018

The photo in the background is my DH’s father and parents.

The ashes have been scattered by friends and family on my five acres. Flowers have arrived, the pot luck table was soooo full. We cried and laughed and celebrated the life of my DH.

My daughter is here ( it was not her father who passed away) with me for several days and is a tremendous help with a mound of paperwork. I am beginning to come out of a fog and I see stitching in my near future. I am beginning to miss it.

Thank everyone for their caring and we will be back to needlepoint in my next post.

Many Thanks

September 9, 2018

So many well wishes from all of you..thanks so much. I will be back with my Pumpkins project soon. You guys are awesome.

Heart of Our Art

September 8, 2018

Just a short posting today to share my achievement of an original design. I submitted this to the ANG Seminar Exhibit last month and was presented with a Third Place Ribbon.

Having left the seminar early I had to leave my piece in the exhibit. My piece along with my ribbon were mailed to me at the close of seminar. It was a good spot in otherwise down days when it arrived this week.

I haven’t done much stitching. I always thought my stitching was my refuge in dark times. But with DH seriously ill and not expected to recover, times are really dark. I am working on keeping myself in good health. A little stitching here and there is all I manage. Please keep us in your prayers. πŸ™πŸ™


August 28, 2018

I usually stick to needlework for postings but for those who have followed me here is an update on my DH.

It was a very long flight back to AZ. Had a flight with two stops and a three hour layover. Not much choice on a last minute change. DH is currently in a rehab center while we wait for pathology report on a biopsy they took last week. I have been told it may not be good news.

My first two days home I could not even pick up a needle when I was home. Spent many hours with DH. Yesterday I decided to play in my studio and managed to get my seminar class project started.

It is a small project with lots of different stitches. Should be fun and not too much serious brain work. Jennifer’s instructions are first class. She did Carrots and Beets which I have done and I have Radishes in my “to do” pile.

It is not much of a start but I did put needle to canvas. Center pumpkin begins with a variegated Very Velvet. Need to use short lengths and a larger needle than usual on 18 ct canvas. More soon.

Day 3 At Seminar

August 23, 2018

More beautiful landscape. Did lots of walking today.

The big news of the day is my Exhibit entry won a 3rd place ribbon. I was really surprised. I will take photos when I get both home.

Bad news of the day is this is my last day here. My DH was taken to the hospital. Not life threatening at this time but serious. So I had to change my plane reservations and will head back to AZ tomorrow.

I will get the kit for my Pumpkins class. They will get done at home. More soon.

Day 2 of Seminar

August 22, 2018

Another wonderful day in DC. My roommate arrived safe and sound. Lots of time catching up as we only see each other once a year at Seminar. This is our 11th year of rooming together. We met in 2007 when my original roommate bailed on me. We hit it off and the rest is history.

I stitched more on my pre-work and got all but the final outline DONE βœ… Can not believe how much I got done. It is great having no responsibilities except what to stitch.

Registration opened today. We got our WelcomePackets. Fun goodies such as a stitched ornament, a magnet, post-a-notes, stitching pattern, name tags and a few other goodies. Classes start tomorrow but my class does not start until Friday. I plan to hop on the metro and head for the Smithsonian Museum of Art or walk two blocks to the zoo. A play day πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

The hotel grounds are lovely. Everything is so green and flowers bloom everywhere.