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July 5, 2022

Heart #6

After the lessons I learned with the last heart I decided it would be smart to check my beads before stitching. This heart is a form of the pineapple Bargello pattern. The bottom area is made up of small bugle beads.

I chose the dark thread first and found two lighter shades that matched (sort of). When you are working from stash you learn that the exact match and one that is very close become interchangeable.

This heart went pretty fast so I headed to Heart #7.

Design by Michele Roberts

Heart #7 is a real departure in color and finished look. It also gives me a chance to remind stitchers that the direction of your stitches makes a difference in the appearance of the color

Heart #7

These Milanese stitches are done with one color of floss. Notice the slight difference in color. At first glance you might think it was two values of the same color. The light effects the way we see the color.

Before you see my finished heart I want to show Michele’s. It presented a real challenge. The stitching is pretty simple but the finished effect is very different from those I have stitched.

Design by Michele Roberts

The large embellishment is the star of this heart ♥️. So I headed on a hunt in my stash of “things I might like to use one day”. I’m sure you know what I mean. Saving things that might be an embellishment on a canvas comes along with saving threads you might use one day. 😀

After finding just the thing, miracles do happen, I chose a second thread that is a multi-color metallic by Painter’s Threads.

My colors were determined by the embellishment. Here is the final result……

My Heart #7 Design by Michele Roberts

Heart #8 has lots of beads and may lend itself to going back to red depending on the collection of beads I can pull together. I will get to do some “messy beading” so I need a collection of lots of beads.

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