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Polar (Bear’s) Claw

October 12, 2021
Design by Jonathan Brown

This little 5”x5” project is designed by Jonathan Brown and is published in the Jan/Feb issue of Needle Pointers magazine. A portion of this design was our Tucson ANG Chapter’s summer challenge.

To back up a bit…at our May ANG meeting our program chairman had “ugly” threads in a brown paper bag, those doing the summer challenge had to blindly draw a baggy with an unknown thread and use it to stitch part of Jonathan’s design. Ugly could have been the color or the type of thread. My ugly thread turned out to be something like Marlette, a rayon thread made up of a dozen plys. The color was fine but the thread …….

I had to stitch the second largest square as the summer challenge. I used several different amounts of this AWEFUL thread and spent a whole afternoon trying to finish the square. The thread was slippery, acted like it had static and kept coming out of my needle.

When I got the square done I decided to do the whole project. It has turned out to be fun when I used my threads of choice. I did use the AWEFUL thread for the smallest square just so it would not be only in one place in the design.

Current progress.
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