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Sherwood Garden and Misc

August 21, 2021

I have a large basket sitting by my stitching chair. It is where I throw things when I try to get organized. Today I decided to sort it out and put things away before I started stitching. Six hours later I am exhausted and haven’t taken a stitch.

One bag of left over threads lead to another and another in my studio…..that lead to sorting WIPs. Deciding what I was never going to finish and making sure I had kitted threads matched to projects. Then I was looking for a certain counted chart and that led to sorting charts that I would never do.

Playing with all things stitching has made me feel good about where things are. I have a stack of charts that I am taking to my ANG meeting next week. They will be free to anyone who wants then and the rest are going away.

I have a stack of painted canvases that I will never do. I am sending them for destashing. I am sure I could stitch to 2100 and not run out of projects. It is amazing what I have gathered over the past 20-30 years. It is time to thin things out.

If you ever wondered where all your tacks, stretcher bars, needle threaders and magnets have gone……just go through your stash.

Now to Sherwood Garden. I need to get on the ball. The wedding is mid-October. No time to waste. It needs to be finished and framed. Here is where I am now. Tomorrow I am going to stitch !!!

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