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Sherwood Garden Update

July 30, 2021
Sherwood Garden Redesign

I’ve been making slow progress on my wedding redesign. The cause has been the lettering. I have spent hours with graph paper and used a lot of eraser in trying to get the placement and design. When I ran it by my daughter-in-law she pointed out I had the date wrong. Duh😢 I was composing from memory….the date is actually 10-17-21. Thank goodness it was caught. I just haven’t done the frog stitch on it yet.

In the past few days I have stitched the two small rectangles. They are in the original design. I just moved them a few threads. They are done with two Kreinik metallics. I am trying to figure out the two small squares. I have added these squares for balance.

The one Rhodes heart is done with two strands of silk. I was going for a lacy look….now I am studying it and deciding if I like it.

The lettering is only basted in. I have taken a close up for placement reference and plan to stitch it after I do the background. I will use at least 2 or 3 strands of silk in the color shown.

The small over two thread border is a pleasant long arm cross in a slightly overdyed Threadworx floss. I am using 3 strands and to keep from a noticeable repeat I cut several lengths and then randomly select 3 from each group. I was very glad the corner turn was charted. I really like Kathy Rees’s charts.

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