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Half of Winter Logs

April 15, 2021

Now that you are confused with this picture…..I will tell you that when I finished all the “B” logs I turned the canvas a quarter turn. Now you are looking at the design with the “A” logs on top and the “B” logs to the right. The “C” logs will be on the bottom.

I would like to share some info regarding Watercolors. I have heard stitching friends of mine say they hate working with Watercolors because they can’t maintain the twist. Here are some of my hints 1) always use a shorter length than you do with other threads 2) maintain a short tail in the needle. This allows only one ply to go through the canvas most of the time, reducing the wear on the thread. 3) use a larger needle. On 18ct I use a #20 needle, this opens up the canvas hole and helps to reduce wear. 4) I don’t worry about the twist. I really love to see the color changes. I enjoy stitching but I am not a perfectionist.

Now onto the “C” logs ….

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