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“Red Bird” Update

September 12, 2020

I have made progress……slowly. I decided to compensate around the hair (because I didn’t want to try and reproduce the flow) which wasn’t the best decision I’ve ever made.

I’m using a red Threadworx overdye and the pavilion stitch for the coat. Metallic red will eventually frame the pavilion stitch.

I’m anxious to start the hair but nervous about making the movement look real. It will be done using black wool in a packed stem stitch. I find that taking the first stitch is the hardest, once I get going I wonder why I worried so much about starting.

I did work on the pot. OMG black wool on black canvas…….. I was suppose to do long vertical stitches and then weave horizontal threads. I tried for two hours and used a lot of #@$&%#$#@ language. I decided to create a stitch that gave the same look. I did a long vertical stitch one thread at a time and then couched every other thread, another long vertical stitch and couched the opposite every other one. It wasn’t easy and you really can’t even see the effect 🤪 It just looks like a black pot ‼️ but it’s done.

The white collar is done in DMC Blanc and will eventually have two bead necklaces, one turquoise and one yellow.

More soon…..

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