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Two Projects At Once

January 18, 2020

I am stitching …stitching and enjoying it very much

Project one:

I have been asked to do a pilot for ANG. This is a design by Carol Algiers Higgenbotham that will become a Group Correspondence Course entitled Shaded Iris. The main focus of the project is shading by thread combining. The Iris uses four values of floss that are combined to make seven values. I have changed the color of the Iris from her design to use threads out of my stash.

Here is where I am now. This is very challenging as the stitches in some of the areas are large for the space. I do love the challenge. One of the areas is giving me fits so I have left it and gone on to other areas. I’ll get back to it…..

Project Two:

Yesterday I attended a workshop put on by my Tucson ANG chapter. Brenda Hart, a local designer and teacher volunteered to give the guild the line drawn canvas and stitch guide for a nominal fee. We had one of our members leading the workshop. Colors were suggested in the stitch guide but many of us picked colors from our stash. Me included. I am working with peach threads and copper metallics. The flower petals are using stitches that can be used as background stitches the the canvas is titled Brenda’s Flower Background Class. This is what I got done in class yesterday.

More on both projects soon.

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  1. Lyn Warner permalink
    January 18, 2020 8:24 pm

    I love the shading on your iris!

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