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2020 Is Here

January 11, 2020

It has been over a month since I posted. The holidays are always busy and this year December seemed to disappear and now it already the 11 of Jan (my favorite month😃)

I managed to get some stitching done. Nothing to brag about. I now have 10 original Christmas ornaments stitched and ready to go to the finisher.

Wanting to just stitch I started working on the background of a painted canvas by Shelly that I had completed a few months ago. I hope to have this finished as a stand up. The background is a simple mosaic stitch over three with a change of direction every row. I used a Wildflowers that I had in my stash. I like the pastel color variation that picks up some of the package/tree colors.

I have finished two small ribbon center projects for the ANG National Seminar which will be held in Tucson this August. These were 2 1/2 inch designs done on Congress cloth over one !! My eyes are getting too old for this. No pictures. These are designs that will be the centers for winning exhibit entries. Hope to get photos when the ribbons are put together.

I have agreed to do a pilot for ANG National which I have to complete by the end of March. It involves learning to shade. I think this will be very interesting. Shading has always been “iffy” for me. I am also enrolled next week in a class that uses one of Brenda Hart’s designs.

Both projects are line drawn designs on 18ct canvas. No more Congress cloth for a long while ‼️

I pray everyone had a good holiday season with family and friends. I will post info on the Brenda Hart design class next weekend.

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