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It’s A Start

May 11, 2019

The move has been a success. Last Saturday all my belongings were moved from The Ranch into town. From 1680 sq ft to 1258 sq ft. I had downsized quite a bit of furniture. My studio however was another matter. I was able to downsize some…..but why is it so hard to part with “stitching stuff” ?

The first few days were spent on general organizing. Beds, nightstands, table and chairs, couch and recliner. Once I could walk around and sleep the kitchen came next. More than two days to get kitchen things unpacked and find the right place for them. I know changes will be made as I begin to use the kitchen. This isn’t my first move. 😃

Combining an office, guest bedroom and studio into one room…..that is my current challenge. My new home has only two bedrooms but they are large. It has taken me two days to unpack the office and studio boxes.

While unpacking and seeing canvas and threads I suddenly wanted to stitch ‼️ with all my WIP’s still not together I came across my bookmark stash. This is a bag of left over pieces of canvas and partial skeins of almost every king of thread I own.

Yeah‼️‼️‼️ I chose three Watercolors and cut a bookmark blank and stitched. In two days here is the result.

Tomorrow I am leaving for a weeks vacation with my daughter and her husband. Orlando and Harry Potter here we come. This trip was planned way before I put The Ranch on the market and I have been looking forward to getting away for a few days. I will put together a small bookmark stash for the trip. I think my stitching mojo is coming back. Upon my return home I will begin to organize my stitching/office area and may even start something new.

I will take some before and after pics as I take you along on my journey to getting organized.

More in a week or so. Thanks for following along.

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  1. phyllis zimmerman permalink
    May 11, 2019 4:01 pm

    thanks for sharing. I love reading your blog.

  2. Donna Lawrence permalink
    May 11, 2019 8:37 pm

    It is always a pleasure to see what you are doing! Tell Harry Potter that I said”HI!”!!

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