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Round Robin July Area

July 14, 2017

I am keeping up with the Round Robin project that my ANG Chapter is doing. As program chairman I have several multi month projects going. My goal this year is to get more people involved in our stitching projects. I have 8 members doing this project. They are passing the project each month. Since I could not join the group.  I am stitching all of the same project areas on the same schedule as my group.  I could only enroll 8 because we want the project done for our big reveal at our November meeting.

The green section is the July area. I used silk floss for the knit stitch and linen for the Upright crosses. When the knit stitch is reversed it creates a perfect area for a bead or as I did an upright cross.
As the girls pass the project the next person has to stay within the same color scheme. My color scheme is “Cotton Candy” basically pastels. I suggested each stitcher, who did their own first area, give their color scheme a name. That will make it easier for each stitcher to choose colors.  We are all working from our stash. Some people are passing threads with the canvas. The owner will get their project back in November.

I have several deadlines…..what next ⁉️⁉️⁉️

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  1. Diane Schaffer permalink
    July 15, 2017 7:35 am

    I too am in charge of a Get R Done program in our EGA and I would like more participation. If you have any ideas would you please forward them to me? You can PM me. I would really appreciate it, or if anyone else does I would love to hear! Thanks.

    • stitchlady permalink*
      July 15, 2017 1:28 pm

      When I accepted the position as VP-Programs I set a goal for myself… get our me,bears more involved and focus on the education portion of our Mission Statement. I passed around a questionnaire to get an idea of where people’s minds were. I must admit I pressured our declining members to think about what being in an ANG chapter meant to them. I put the question to them…do you just want a stitching group or do you want to continue to learn and share your knowledge. I started several different projects. We have one of our members talk about a stitch each month. We have the Round Robin, which I had done years ago, and the summer challenge. We do some ” canvas brainstorming” programs. We break up into groups of 4 or 5 and discuss possibilities for stitches on canvases that the members bring to the meeting. I am being as involved as I am asking the members to be. Hope this helps.

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