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Summer Challenge 2017

July 4, 2017

Now that the project for my grandson is in the mail I can go on to other WIPS. I have three painted canvases in process, a chapter project (small) that I have to have finished as a sample for our July meeting, I have my Round Robin project, which needs the July section stitched and I need to make progress on my ANG chapter Summer Challenge. I hope to have the Challenge finished before I go to Seminar the end of next month……. And I want to start something new ‼️‼️‼️
Let me explain our ANG chapter’s Summer Challenge. This is the third year that our chapter has been presented a small design with directions as to what is to be done to finish it by our November holiday potluck.  Everyone who has it completed or partially completed displays their project at the November meeting.


This year, as program chairman, I designed the Summer Challenge. There is always an object to the challenges. I drew the heart design. I call it the Heart of our Art. It is less than an 8″ X 8″ by a little. The project is not suppose to be a burden due to its size. The object this summer is to develope a monochromatic color scheme. Above are my first draw of threads and a copy of the Heart of our Art design.

The first year we reached into a brown paper bag and grabbed a Baggie of threads…no choice in colors. We were given a geometric design, approx 8″ X 8″, we were to use only the threads we got in our grab bag plus any embelishments we wanted. The object was to work outside our normal comfort zone. My colors were not out of my comfort zone and I was a little disappointed.

The second year, last summer, we were given a log cabin design, again approx 8″ X 8″. We were told we could use two colors and two stitches. Any values of our two colors and any variations of our two stitches.  We chose the colors and the stitches. My stitches were Van Dyke ( yellow) and Upright Cross (purple). Everyone had a red center as the hearth of the cabin.

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