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Stuff Stuff and More Stuff

June 8, 2017

For two days I have been unpacking boxes of needlepoint stash. My stitching buddy, Winogene Ivens passed away at 90 plus years. Her son shipped me her stash. OMG…I can’t believe how much she had. I received 7 large boxes and a 4′ tube.a lot of tears flowed and a lot of good times were remembered. The photo is after 2 boxes. 

I will distribute her stash to many people. The local elementary school will get wool and large count canvas for their arts and crafts program. One of my friends will get some of the Hardanger. I don’t do that technique. My BFF will get her knitting supplies. I don’t knit. My ANG chapter will get a share for fund raising. 

This has been an exhausting experience. I need to stitch ….. so I can chill out. 

On another topic: Liz Morrow has given me permission to post on the Bargello pilot I just finished. That will be my next post. 

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  1. Jackie permalink
    June 8, 2017 5:46 pm

    I understand it is a lot of work for you but at least you have a plan and he didn’t trash anything. Thank you for doing this for your friend.


  2. June 10, 2017 4:11 pm

    OMG Jan! At least it went to someone who cares. You’re a good friend. Wish I were close enough to help.

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