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BEETS by Jennifer Riefenberg 

November 15, 2016

Jennifer gave me permission to post her photo of the completed project.

As much as I love chocolate….beets are one of the few foods I really dislike. Remember when I did Carrots last year? Radishes is the second in the series and Beets is the third and final root vegetable design.  I have the kit for Radishes and I took Beets from Jennifer at seminar this year. These are small projects, about 5″ X 7″. Congress cloth again…Chocolate was also on congress cloth. When I get back to 18 ct it will seem huge.

Last night I got back to Beets. I completed the actual beets, except for beads. Now I will press on with all the layers of underground. These are really fun to do. It doesn’t take long for each band and then on to the next one.

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