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Tassels…the Beginning

October 31, 2016

5 day trip to Texas was so much fun. I do not get to be around my Texas son and family very often. The grandsons are such wonderful kids. My daughter in law is awesome! I thank the good lord for the way all my children have brought up their children.

Now to stitching….. I stitched on the plane to Denver where I connected with my daughter and we headed to Dallas. Again  a couple of hours one afternoon. Here is where I am. The photo is a little fuzzy because I was trying to get close up.  I am not sure I like the green area. I couched #12 Krienik braid with silk in hopes of having the finished effect would be beads…..the gold area on the bottom of the green is gold tent in #8 braid. It looks like beads in the photo.

The pink area is ok. So far nothing I am coming up with just “wows” me. I guess that is part of the learning process. Who knows what I might frog out 😡

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