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Chapter Summer Challenge

August 10, 2016

This is the second year that my ANG chapter has issued a stitching challenge for the summer.  If you remember from last year I was provided a line drawn canvas and a bag of threads. The challenge was to use all the threads, choose stitches and possible Embelishment. The bags of thread were drawn blind. I was hoping that I might get threads way out of my comfort zone….but I got colors that  usually like. Here is a photo of last years project.

This summers challenge was the same size, approximately 5 1/2 ” square. I was given a log cabin design, which I had to transfer to canvas. The instructions indicated that two colors were to be used (plus an accent for the center). The real challenge is that only two stitches, of my choice, could be used. Variations were to be explored. Half of the design was to be dark and the other side light. Any threads could be used and embelishments can be an option.  And just to make it interesting the choice of colors had to have a personal meaning to me.  Those participating will bring their finished projects to the November chapter meeting.  Here is where I am now. The stitches I choose are Upright Cross and Van Dyke. The colors do have meaning for me and I will share that later. I am planning some bead Embelishment.  I hope to have it complete before I head to the ANG seminar in New Orleans on the 22nd of August.

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  1. brendasneedlepointstudioblog permalink
    August 10, 2016 3:56 pm

    Wow, last year’s challenge result is gorgeous and I love what you’re doing for this year. Your chapter’s challenges are very interesting and it looks like they result in a lot of learning. Does everyone participate?

    • August 10, 2016 6:15 pm

      Not all members participate. Last year we had approx 20 members complete the challenge. Our chapter has about 60 members. It is always interesting to see how different everyone interprets the challenge.

  2. August 11, 2016 11:44 pm

    You have some really interesting and fun challenges, last year’s is lovely, i look forward to seeing this year’s completed

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