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Eyeglass Case 

August 2, 2016


It rained in AZ today….really rained. 1.5″over several hours. Our usual monsoon rains are hard and fast. A 20 minute rain is long! Living out on a dirt road makes for interesting driving….or not driving. I knew the roads were bad today so I spent the day in my studio. I completed the stitching for my eyeglass case.

My finisher, Leigh Shafer, requested several rows of tent around the painted design….that is what I spent the day doing. Along with listening to recorded books and watching “chick flicks”.

This painted canvas had no stitch guide. I got it at an estate sale. I have learned that it was originally designed for an class taught by Deborah Forney. No class instructions were with the canvas. It caught my attention because I figured it would be fun to stitch. Small areas to figure out what stitches would fit. I used mostly pearl cotton so not much laying.

I am anxious to get it in the mail. Leigh Shafer is a friend and a wonderful finisher. She lives in beautiful Sedona, AZ. She will have this in her hot little hands by the weekend.

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  1. August 2, 2016 10:02 pm

    Such a lovely little project. I look forward to seeing it all finished 🙂

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