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Another Finish for 2016

March 1, 2016

Yesterday I spent a couple of hours sorting threads for my Mystique project from Carolyn Mitchell’s . I think I have a good selection and I have a substitution list complete. Did I take a photo…..not, but I will soon.

When I completed sorting threads I decided to do something simple before I got into reading all the instructions for Mystique. Yes, I do read the whole set of instructions before I begin a counted project. I may not understand all the stitch directions but it does give me an overview and sometimes keeps me from making wrong assumptions. I picked up my small Tish canvas which was almost finished and got it done. That is WIP finish number 5 for the year. I think that is a record for me.

  I had a question about what type of frames were being used in the class photo I posted last week. I took this photo of the System 4 floor stand that I use.  Several stitcher’s had the same floor stand at class. Mystique is a fairly large project 17″ X 17″ canvas. I actually have a 18″ X 18″ canvas due to the fact I did not have 17″ Evertites stretcher bars but I did have 18″ and I was cutting my own canvas. I often cut canvas to fit the stretcher bars I want to use. A little extra canvas around a design is never a bad thing.

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