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Ready For A Class

February 17, 2016


My needlepoint bag is packed, my pre-work is done and my overnight bag is ready. I am looking forward to a two day class with Carolyn Mitchell. Mystique is the project. I have chosen to use my own threads and this may be a mistake.  When I made the decision To use stash I had not seen the supply list. When pulling threads for substitution in a project it helps if the supply list indicates the color name and value.  This supply list only had numbers and thread types. I have a bag of threads that I am hoping I can make work.  We shall see.  I think it will help when I see the thread kits of some of the other students.  My pre-work is very neutral and one of the choices given for the project. My photo doesn’t show the pre-work very well as it is ecru on ecru.

Yesterday I tried to get another WIP done……I am so close to finishing my Jean Hilton project Baroque.  I have promised myself I will finish it before I continue with my class project upon my return home.

I am not going far. The class is an ANG chapter workshop. My chapter meets in Tucson which is a two hour drive for me.  I am spending the night with a stitching buddy so I do not have to make the drive both days.

I hope to get some class photos and post them. Now I just hope I can sleep tonite. Going to a class is very exciting for me 🎉🎉🎉🎉

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  1. February 18, 2016 8:07 am

    You’ll have a blast! Mystique will be a companion to Baroque, won’t it?

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