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Starburst Update

December 10, 2015

This time of the year it is hard to find time to stitch. I finally sat down this afternoon and put a few hours in my studio.  I am using threads from my stash and one is Waterlillies, an overdye.  I was sure I had enough for the project but I wanted to manipulate it and include the information on how to do that. Manipulating an overdye causes some waste…read uses more thread.  Waterlillies is a 12 strand silk. I use 4 strands to cover 18 count. That means there are 3 sets of 4 strand units.  One will be left unusable in this design and in most designs unless you have three areas opposite each other.  Am I confusing you now 😜 ?  Each of the quarters has four units, two of each design. Manipulating means making the sections opposite each other match.  This means using each 4 strand unit in the same way for each section.  Knot the same end, place the waste knot in the same position, begin stitching at the same place, stitch the section in the same order. My sections are small so each section has left over thread that does not get used. Begin the like/opposite section with the second 4 strand unit and use the thread exactly the same way. The left section has the best lighting so you can see how the colors flow in the same way. 

The bottom section is not manipulated……I had to use what I had left and there wasn’t enough units so I just paid attention to colors and tried to come close.

More on this soon. I am trying to get better photos.


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