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Large Stash Cat Begins

January 13, 2015

Stash Cats LG 1-13 CU

This canvas is addicting !!! I sit down to do a “little” and hours later my back is killing me as I start just one more stripe 🙂

It took me two days to get the white continental outline done for the large cat. It was very relaxing as continental can be. I kept looking at the photo of the finished cats and counting the minutes until I could put the white away and start really stitching.

Beginning at the top of the head (actually, the ear):

1: Mosaic stitch with an unknown floss, 4 ply.

2: Tied Oblong Cross, DMC 605 2 ply.

3: Mosaic Stripe, DMC 3787 4 ply

4: Byzantine Variation from a diagram with the stitch guide, unknown floss 4ply

5: Alternating Oblong Cross Variation. There are several “variations” so I had to check my stitch books and select one.  I used a stitch from “Suzy’s Surprise Stitches” page 27. DMC 917 6 ply.

6: Milanese. I used a variation from my “bible” (Jo Ippolito Christensen’s THE NEEDLEPOINT BOOK) page 205. DMC 327, 4 ply.

7: Giant Scotch Framed. Anchor 187 4 ply

8: Crossed mosaic (alternated) Caron Wildflowers #083 Pine Forest (Bible pg 237)

9: Diagonal Scotch. DMC 3818 4ply.

This canvas came with a “stitch guide” sorta. A list of threads and stitches used in the photo. One page of several hand drawn diagrams. So I have felt very comfortable just adapting the suggestions to what I wanted to do 🙂

All the threads used for the large cat will be flat as in no shiny or metallic.  This will make the small cat really stand out.

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  1. Marianne Luckett permalink
    January 13, 2015 11:13 pm

    Stunning! I really like the colors and stitches you are using. This makes me want to dig mine out from the stash and get started on it.

  2. Barbara Mertz permalink
    January 14, 2015 10:34 am

    Awesome! The contrast between flat and shiny fibers on the two cats will make this magnificent! (I still wish they had a “dogs” version…)

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