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Night Flight 12/6 Update

December 6, 2014

The better part of two days stitching and a couple of hours today has put me back on the track.  I am now at that point of every project when I can see the finish line and just want to pick up the pace.

The two pictures below shows another lesson I learned about using overdyed threads.  This is Area 21, a very small area in the lower right. The Watercolors is Black Forest, #063 and the stitch is small mosaic. Because I have been doing most of the stitching sideways on this project I have had to think twice about directions of the stitch and thread.  I am sure you can see the error of my ways in this area.  I had to do some “frog” work and start all over.  Hint: small mosaic stitch is not easy to rip out.Night Flight Area 21 Corrected

Night Flight Area 21 Wrong The flow of all the other areas is an east/west or diagonal with regards to the color changes in the Watercolors.  This vertical area was completely out of place.  So rip-it rip-it rip-it 🙂

The next area I tackled was Area 17 because it used the same thread. Stitching this sideways was a challenge at first but once I got a couple of rows in I could see where I was going. This stitch is Elongated Cashmere and Continental.

Below shows the first couple of rows before any continental fill in was added and then the completed area.

The NEW AND IMPROVED WordPress editor is driving me nutty….sorry about the photos not being where I wanted them to be.  Maybe next time.

Night Flight Area 17 Complete

Night Flight Area 17 Beginning

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