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Night Flight November 19

November 20, 2014

I am finally finished with Area 15 and all the Smyrna crosses in #4 Krienik braid……whew !

Night Flight 11-19 CU

Then I pressed on to Area 16 which is done in Watercolors #122 Maple. I learned a very interesting fact about the color flow of watercolors with this section. If you look at the area it is obvious that there are diagonal rows and I thought to myself that would be the easiest path for stitching. However I did read the instructions and realized that I was suppose to stitch in horizontal rows. OK that’s what I did and as my stitching progressed I realized that if I had gone with my first thought I would have created diagonal stripes of colors which is not at all the desired effect intended. I almost always learn something from each project I stitch.  Some things are little common sense bits that I needed to be reminded about and then there are bigger things that help me in the future when I am doing my own thing.

Night Flight Moon CU

I have decided to go back to Area 5, the moon.  I figured out that the basic face of the moon is done in continental/basketweave stitch with Watercolors #129 Hint of Mint. It is really an off white and I can not see any “hint of mint”. Within the moon there are Rhodes “stars” in several sizes done in Krienik #8 braid  #32 the same white opal that I used for all the Smyrna crosses in Area 15. Some of the Rhodes are only over 2 threads and I am thinking I might use the #4 braid as the #8 braid might be too bulky……still thinking on that. I have decided to mark the Rhodes areas and then stitch around them. Placement is not real critical but counting around all the Rhodes is just a pain 🙂 You can see that some of the stars are marked.

My current goal is to have this finished before Christmas as I have just bought a canvas that I an DYING to start……

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  1. November 21, 2014 7:50 am

    So pretty! I think you’ll make it by Christmas.

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