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More Night Flight

October 23, 2014

Night Flight 10-23It has been a busy week. But I have still managed to make progress, The eagle is done and the area below it was an easy do as it is the same color and stitch as the blue area above it.

Yesterday was a fun day. After a tramatic Tuesday involving a tooth extraction I was feeling AOK and drove to Tucson for a day bus trip to Phoenix. The EGA and ANG guilds rented a bus and a group of us went to Phoenix to check out the EGA national seminar. We visited the exhibit, bookstore and boutique.  I got very excited when I went in the boutique as the first thing I saw were two baskets full of Evertite stretcher bars. I tried to get Evertites for Night Flight from my LNS and was told it would take months for an order to be filled. I grabbed a 24″ and a 10″, did not even look at the price and contributed to the profits of the boutique.  The 24″ length of Night Flight was difficult to keep stretched as tight as I would like.  Today’s project is moving my canvas to the Evertites and going on to the next area. For the moment I am skipping the moon……I have some thinking to do on that area.

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  1. Herbert Lawrence permalink
    October 23, 2014 2:18 pm

    You inspire me!  This is beautiful!  I have both this design and the sunrise design kitted and ready.  Just working on my priority list!!  I do not think that 24 hr/7 would provide enough hours to do what we all have dreams of doing!

    I used her design for the moon on this for the moon on a Christmas stocking.   It is beautiful!!

    Keep it all going!

    Donna Lawrence

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