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Indian Summer Progress

September 9, 2014

Indian Summer 9-1I arrived home from the seminar in Chicago late on Saturday, August 30th. I must admit that I am not a big city girl.  The noise, traffic and tall buildings are not for me.  After my early morning meeting I had the rest of Saturday to play.  I walked about 4 blocks to the Chicago River and took the 90 minute river cruise. It was very relaxing and I learned all I ever wanted to know about all the tall buildings. I had lunch in a small Mexican restaurant … they certainly do not know how to make good Mexican food in Chicago.  But it filled me u as I knew I was heading to the airport for a non-stop flight to Tucson.  After a 2 hour drive from Tucson I sat on my deck and listened to the quiet marred only by the crickets :).

It was Labor Day weekend (how did that happen) I spent most of Sunday unpacking, doing laundry and getting my studio ready to stitch in. Monday was a quiet day. No big family gathering as my DH was on a liquid diet preparing for surgery on Tuesday. I spent several hours in my studio stitching and listening to a good audio book.

This project has been  great for my frame of mind. I used threads from my stash so it is not the most spectacular colorway I have ever done but it is turning out very interesting. I realized that some where along the line I had turned the canvas upside down for stitching convenience and most of my photos are taken from that angle. Below is the proper view. I have completed the first small border and the wider border is going to be more fun.Indian Summer 9-3

I am manipulating the overdye in the wide part of the border. Each quarter will match on the sides but all four quarters will not be the same.  I am heading into the studio to work on the wide border. More soon.

Indian Summr  9-2

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