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Stitching time is hard to find.

March 28, 2014

My three day class in Tucson was wonderful. I put all my other interests in the background and just enjoyed the time with stitching friends. Unfortunately I can not post the project as it is a pilot class. Joan Thomasson was the teacher. We were pilot stitches for a Southwest Angel she is teaching in the fall at the EGA national seminar. Eventually you will get a full update.
I have managed to stitch a few hours on the Angel but so much else is going on in my life that time just seems to fly by…….here it is almost the end of March and it just started 😳.
I have been cleaning my studio…..just putting things where they belong and noticing so many projects I want to do. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by all I have in my stash and so I don’t stitch on anything. Just tooooo many choices.

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  1. March 28, 2014 11:12 pm

    Hello stitchlady, I feel the same………Sometimes we drown in it all ! I have so many ideas and so many options that I dont know where to begin and get somewhat ‘lost’ !
    At the moment I seem to be doing a little of this and that but not achieving anything……..It must be our creativity working overtime !! Have a lovely week end ,whatever you do and thank you for visiting Ellas craft creations
    Chris Richards

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