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More on Puzzling the Spectrum

January 25, 2014

Puzzling the Spectrum Squares Done


Days fly by, I stitch most days but I have been very lazy in writing my blog.  As I stitch I am always writing in my head but it hasn’t seemed to get on the computer. This has been a very calm project. I look forward to getting in my studio, putting on a good audio book and letting the time fly as I stitch. Sue Reed does excellent directions.  In this kit there are 32 different patterns. They will be a reference for future projects.  They were supplied so students could choose the 9 patterns they wanted to do or skip the Sudoku theme and just do whatever they wanted with the squares.  A couple of design suggestions were included. I just wanted a project that I could stitch without much thinking. I stitched the project just as Sue had. I used her patterns and colors. I am enjoying every minute.

I am working on the border. What you see is the first two rows on the left and three rows on the right side. This is very easy stitching once the pattern is established. I am glad as there is a lot of it. I was able to take this project to my ANG guild meeting last Thursday and work on the border and visit without having to do any “frog” work.  I am farther along than the photo shows.

I have decided to challenge myself this year to complete a painted canvas on my own (no stitch guide). I took the canvas (shown below) to the guild meeting and got some very good ideas for a start.  I don’t know if I will stitch this start to finish or work it in between other projects. It depends on how my mind works. You know that once I start a project I usually stitch it until it’s done.  I don’t seem to be able to rotate projects very well.  We shall see.

I know nothing about this canvas. I got it an ANG Seminar Silent Auction several years ago. It has TU-020 in the lower left corner outside of the design area. It is stretched on  17″ X 18″ stretcher bars.  Any one have any info as to who might have produced this beautiful lady. For now I am calling her My Southwest Lady. No she is not tilted. I don’t know what my camera was doing 🙂

SW Lady No Stitching

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  1. Jo Moore permalink
    January 25, 2014 7:43 pm

    Jan, the artist is Gale Tu-Oti. Sundance Designs is the distributor. Gale has some really beautiful work. Enjoy!
    Jo Moore

  2. January 26, 2014 2:10 am

    What a beautiful canvas. I look forward to seeing how you stitch her.

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