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Nature-Sea Progress

December 4, 2013

Nature-Sea 12-3

Here it is the 4th of December and the snow is falling once more on my blog.  I am really enjoying this very unusual bargello project.  It is a combination of fun and a bit of a challenge.

I made a 3 day trip out-of-town for the Thanksgiving holiday so my stitching came to a halt. I have a great audio book going in my studio and plan to have this project done in less than a week.  The design area is approximately an 8 ” circle.

The areas where the sections (there are 10 of them) come together are causes for celebration when everything matches.  There was one area where it did not come out perfect. I have taken a close up photo for Liz, the designer in hopes that she can decide if I goofed or her chart needs to be corrected. If you look close you will see a small unstitched area in the upper left of the circle.

The next posting should be the completed project and you will see why it is called Nature-Sea.

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  1. Irene permalink
    December 4, 2013 8:18 pm

    Looking good.

    If you take a close look and the picture on the front of the pattern I think you will be able to see what was supposed to be in that unstitched area. Then you might be able to tell her whom it was who goofed.

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