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Memorial Wreath

July 31, 2013

A new project is always exciting. I picked up a design from a sale basket several years ago and I brought it along this summer.  When I went to Threadneedle Street in Issaquah, a couple of weeks ago, I purchased all the threads. My summer stash is quite small, only for small projects and practice stitching.  The design is entitled Memorial Wreath. It is a Neon Flamingo Design by Pat Timpanaro, copyright 1995. I love the way that designs never really go “out of style”.

I had no idea what the title really meant. This is a quote from the introduction: “I designed Memorial Wreath for the Internet Memorial Quilt for Oklahoma City. The quilt will be dedicated to the victims of the Oklahoma City bombing, both living and deceased. It is the project’s goal to provide a tangible portrait of the intangible feelings felt by the members of this group. ”

The needlepoint design is made up of 40 small squares, each 12 threads by 12 threads on 22ct congress cloth. It is taking my eyes some time to get used to the small count after working on 18ct for several months. As usual I am reluctant to post a photo of the project. I believe strongly in copyright laws. So what you get are the first two squares.

Memorial WreathThis will be a project to stretch my horizons. Each square is made up of layered stitches. All using a different thread and/or color for each layer. I really love layered areas. The very small size of each square will make it like eating chocolates……when one is finished I can hardly wait to try the next one. The finished size is approximately a 6″ circle.  I hope to move along quickly.

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  1. BFromM permalink
    August 2, 2013 3:20 pm

    After the Oklahoma City bombing, people from the rec.crafts cross sititch or needlepoint group (I don’t remember which one it was) created a memorial quilt, made of blocks of cross stitch/needlepoint squares. Pat was part of the group, and as the introduction says, created her design to commemorate the quilt project

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