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More Gilded Pears

May 26, 2013

I know it has been over 10 days since I posted and it has been over a week since I took a stitch. I think I feel withdrawals coming on.  We have successfully closed up and cleaned the house in AZ for the summer. Stocked and loaded the motor home for the summer.  The last doctor appointment were kept and last Thursday we hit the road looking for cooler weather.

I spent parts of several days trying to decide what stitching projects to bring for the summer.  This is always a challenge. Don’t pack too much or too little. Make sure I have threads, stretcher bars, floor frame and assorted accessories.  Nothing tooooooo big and enough extra stuff to play around with if I get a design flash. One year I take too much and the next not enough. Maybe this year I will have just enough. (and room for anything I might acquire along the way 🙂 )

Tomorrow will be a day of rest after four days of travel and I know I will get some quality stitching time.

Gilded Pears 5-22

I haven’t made very much progress since my last posting. I am working on the upper right corner where there are a couple of partial pears. Having a portion of the border in does give me a sense of what the whole size will be. There is still a border inside the purple and white border that I think will really pop…it also has some beads.  I am afraid I will not be able to avoid those tricky leaves much longer. As I sometimes find, I have spent more time worrying about them than I will actually stitching them.

Gilded Pears UR 5-22

A Happy Memorial Day to all of the people who have fought so long to give us the country we have.

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