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Gilded Pears Progress

May 9, 2013

Gilded Pears 5-9

It is very slow going…..going…..going  This may be the most challenging and frustrating project I have ever done.  But I am making progress. As I mentioned before I am working from a chart that was done for a painted canvas. My canvas started out blank.  I can not stitch this as I would a regular counted chart. There is a lot of open canvas and so determining where to stitch takes a LOT of counting and recounting.  I have adopted a plan of stitching what I can reach comfortably from where I end a section. Does that even make any sense 🙂 ?

The leaf in the center right took me hours 😦 The chart for the leaf in the directions did not match the leaf on the master chart but the stitched project looked like it had the leaf as directed. The stitches were all numbered but the beginning an ending points of each stitch were difficult to locate as the two threads overlapped and not in a regular fashion. When I finished the leaf I went on the some easy border area and a couple of easier leafs.

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