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More Leaf Collage

April 1, 2013

Leaf Collage 4-1

I really should take more time to post updates. I have made great progress while appearing to be silent to you. I get busy stitching and think I’ll post tomorrow ……….

Areas 5 & 6

Areas 5 & 6

Areas 5 and 6 were easy to complete. Listening to a good recorded book while stitching these areas.  These areas are located in the upper right.  Area 5 is the gold and yellow area. Both threads are Gumnut Stars and very nice to stitch with.  The canvas did need to be rotated between steps 1 and 2 so I could easily lay the threads. Area 6 is the yellow and blue area above area 5.  The threads are Planet Earth silk and Gloriana stranded silk. It is such a pleasure to use so much silk in this project.

Area 14

Area 14

Area 14 was quite interesting.  It is the vertical band in the center right.  It was very quick to stitch and the thread selection really gives an interesting effect. The yellow zig-zag was stitched first followed by Gloriana overdye Blue Grass. Finally the aqua is Planet Earth silk.

I am currently working on Area  3 which is right side center.  This is not a difficult area but it is very slow going. Step 2 requires that I come up under a stitch from Step 1 and go down under another stitch from Step 1.  Taking care not to split any threads just takes time.

area 3, The Beginning

Area 3, The Beginning

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