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Leaf Collage Update

March 23, 2013

Leaf Collage Encroaching Slanted Gobelin Frame

This area is entitled Encroaching Slanted Gobelin Pattern Frame. It is Area D and the third of the frames that surround the leaves.  This is the first place in these instructions that I wish was a little more detailed.  The starting point was the upper right corner. The chart showed a portion of the pattern with instructions to “continue to the bottom”. However there is no clue as to how to go around the corner.  I guess this is where my prior knowledge must come into play. The tricky part is that the slant of the pattern stays the same on all sides. There are four threads used, three of which required laying. Two were Soy Luster, one Glorianna stranded silk and one Planet Earth 6 strand. I just plunged in and when I reached the end of the chart I began again at the beginning of the chart. When I got to the corner I kept going with the same pattern around the corner. The lower right corner was not a problem but when I got to the lower left I got confused. Maintaining the same slant was a challenge.  Mine did not turn out like the project photo and I am not sure I like mine.  I am giving it some time before I decide if I need to take it out and try again.

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