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Mad Miters 9/7

September 8, 2012

My stitching time has been shortened this past week by family get togethers and the opening day at the big Western Washington Fair (it is a family tradition to be there when the gates open on day 1).  I have made some progress on my Mad Miters. However, I am not really thrilled with the way it is turning out so I think I am not stitching as much as I could….does this happen to anyone else ? When you lose a little enthusiasm the project is in danger of becoming a UFO :).  I keep telling myself this is a learning workshop not a first place ribbon entry.  I am sure that I chose too many colors for this piece…one good lesson learned.  I just let things flow instead of looking ahead and trying to bring areas together in a better manner…lesson not quite learned 🙂

I have finished the 3rd and 4th centers.  Now to the 5th.  This is nearly the center of the project.  I hope to pull colors from both color groups and add a metallic ribbon.  My hope is that this will bring to design together.  I also plan to use the metallic in the small diamonds of the border.  Speaking of the border…I do not like my color choice for the outer border.  The blues just seems to fade into nowhere.  I am thinking of “frogging” it out and replacing it with a dark brow.  I think this might set off the piece better.  What do you think ???  Help me get this workshop completed. Leave a comment

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  1. Rinda permalink
    September 11, 2012 3:10 pm

    Jan, I agree, that you need a different color for the outside border!

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