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Mad Miters Progress

August 21, 2012

I have my bags packed for my trip to Phillidelphia and the ANG National seminar. My day will start early tomorrow as my flight will depart Seattle at 6am. It just doesn’t feel right not having a lot of stitching supplies packed.  This year I will be working at the seminar. I am on the Faculty Selection Committee and will be busy keeping all the teachers happy and the classes running smoothly.  I feel strongly that members need to give back to an organization if we want it to continue to exist.  I am not taking any classes this year.  I will be able to enjoy all of the other activities going on.  I have entered a piece in the Exhibit.  It is a thrill to see my work on display.

I have been pressing on with Mad Miters and it is quite an experience.  I am not sure I am doing a good job on the shared sections but I am learning with each stitching session.  The project is just a little too large to take with me.  I am taking a couple of small projects and of course the shop might have something that I just won’t be able to resist 🙂

I won’t be home until September 1st but I hope to do a couple of posts from my iPad while in Philly.  No pictures but I can share the experience.  Happy stitching to all.

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