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On to the Mad Miters

August 13, 2012

Now that my Sock #5 (see earlier postings) for August is completed I am anxious to get started on the Cyberpointers Workshop being taught by Liz Morrow. Her blog is listed on my Blog Roll to the right, take time to visit.  I think she is a wonderful bargello designer but it might have been a nightmare that came up with this whole idea.:)  The workshop(Mad Miters) is based on free style four way bargello.  I have read the instruction completely several times and did a lot of planning on graph paper before ever getting to the canvas.

The diamond portion of the border had to be completed before the “fun” part starts as the bargello will need to be compensated into the border.  The Instructions had us basting the diagonal lines you see in my photo after carefully and randomly selecting where the centers of each four-way area were to be located.  If I tried to explain all that you would get bored and go get a cup of coffee.  Liz is very good with instructions and she interacts nearly every day with the comments and questions on our Yahoo Group.  I did baste the lines HOWEVER THEY DROVE ME NUTS AS I STITCHED THE DIAMONDS IN THE BORDER !!! OK, I will calm down now and tell you I carefully drew the lines on my canvas and removed all the basting.  If I have to move any lines I will just deal with it. If you study the photo you will see that there are 5 places where the lines cross each other.  These are the centers for the mitered areas.

Here are the colors I am beginning with, who knows if I will use them all or even get others as this project goes on.  I can not picture how my miters will look so it is hard to visualize what colors to use. This will be a trial and error project.

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  1. Winogene permalink
    August 15, 2012 7:55 am

    Your colors look GREAT…………but what happened to green ??????

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