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Sock #5

August 12, 2012

It was late last night and the internet was working light lightning so I uploaded the Sock #5 photos in a flash. Sorry I did not give more detail on the thought and threads that went into this month’s sock. As a reminder this is a club that Janet Perry is doing. So far I have done each sock in the month I received it. This month’s instructions included a lovely photo of a Japanese Maple tree in a forest with the light in the background.

I immediately thought of some threads I had left from a bargello project I did last year. It was Silk and Ivory. This means no laying. I do love to lay threads but occasionally just stitching on bargello is very restful. The colors I used are: Silk and Ivory: Black Cherry #120, Broccoli #51, Artichoke #83, Watercolors: Moss #169, Krienik #8 braid #088C.

Janet’s stitched sock background was much darker and did not have the light color I have. I did have another darker green but it was so close in value I did not want the whole sock to look like it was done in one value. The Watercolor is used on the cuff with the Krienik.

Now I am off to make some progress on Liz Morrow’s Mad Miters…..I have been worrying too much on this project and just need to get started. Have a Happy Stitching Sunday.

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