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Sky View Progress

April 19, 2012

Having decided that the road wasn’t right… came out.  I think the road will be added later and become a quiet place.  I have moved on to three other areas.  I am doing a little of each area to try and get an overall vision.  Don’t know if all will stay but that is what designing is all about.  I wish I could visualize more.

Thinking that all the earth tones would be a little blah I decided that my view from above would include some flowers.  We have all seen fields of flowers along the road.  In the state of Washington this time of the years there are fields of tulips, daffofills and iris in the bulb farms.  I am using a Wildflowers called Aurora.  I have had it for quite a while in my stash so I don’t know how it compares to the current dyelots.  I am doing a smyrna cross and just letting the colors flow right off the skein. The other two areas are “dirt” and I am still not sure that the effect is what I want……… more soon

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