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Stitchin’ In The Desert

January 27, 2012

My stitching time has been reduced drastically here in Quartzsite.  For those of you who have no idea what Quartzsite, AZ is all about here is a brief description.  It is a little town on I-10 west of Phoenix and almost to the California border.  Most of the year the population is 17,000 +/- and in the summer it is HOTTER THAN ____ ! 120 + at times.  But during January thru March the population swells to nearly 50,000.  There is a large presence of snowbirds who arrive to spend time in the desert during the winter where it is a pleasant 65-75.  The draw is a large gem and mineral show, an RV show and acres of swap meet treasurers to sort through.  My DH and I love to roam through swap meets looking for that treasurer that we didn’t know we wanted 🙂  Motorhomes, 5th Wheels, trailers and just about every type of camp set up can be seen somewhere on the BLM land that is free to camp on for 14 days. We have a group of  6 to 8 where we are. Some come for a day or two some stay longer.  We have been here for over a week. It is just about time to head off to Yums, AZ as out holding tanks are getting full.  Our current plan is to head south to Yuma on Sunday. My time for stitching should improve when we get back to civilation.  We eat good here in the desert….potlucks every few days, a fish fry and a couple of bar-b-que meals. I must get back to my walking when we get to Yuma.

Now to the important stuff… progress on Trail of Life. Here is Areas 2-5 complete.  I discovered that I have made a huge error when I went on to Area 3,4 and 5.  It has now become a design change as I really do not want to start over again.  It is hard to see in the photo but the fillin mosaics in Area 2 go in opposite directions.  the pearl goes North and South and the metallic goes east and west.  Well …. when I went to area 3 I KNEW what I was doing so who needs to check the directions 🙂 Pearl and metallic mosaics go the same direction, same with Areas 4 and 5.  the instructions gave new colors and said repeat area 2…… From a distance it is not noticeable but up close you can tell there is a difference but who will know that it is an error ???

I have gone on to Area 6, which was very small and I am now on area 7.  I am carrying on the “design change” from area 3. I packed my stitching supplies so quickly that I brought the wrong floor stand.  I just picked up the stand from my studio and put it in the motorhome.  I forgot that I need the stand with the light attachment.  In my studio I have a floor lamp that I use.  I have to limit my stitching to the daylight hours and maybe a little while after dark before my evey get too tired.  Cell towers are WAY overloaded out here so I hope I can get this posted …… more from Yuma soon.

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  1. January 27, 2012 8:05 pm

    i love it! redesign as opposed to “unstitching” which is what i usually do. i don’t know why, i figure all you great stitchers out there do not make major mistakes. i could get so much more done in a day if i didn’t have to do some things more than once.

    quartzite is indeed an experience. i have friends that sell their lapidary machinery there and then onto the tucson show. i went once and almost came home with a little alligator head. not sure of the reason why …

    it’s nice to read your blog because i know all the places you write about being a fellow desert dweller. except i live in little ol’ funky barstow. i am the only needlepointer/stitcher i know here. heck, i am the only professional photographer i know here too!

    anyway, i do enjoy your blog …


  2. January 28, 2012 10:45 am

    No one would know if you didn’t point it out! Beautiful piece!

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