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From The Windy Desert

January 21, 2012

Area 4, The Beginning

Thursday, the 19th, we loaded the motorhome and headed to Quartzsite, AZ for a couple of weeks of “boondocking”  read, no power, water or sewer connection…….. The power we have comes from a generator, the water is in our fresh water tank and we must monitor the level of the “black” tank where our waste goes.  We had two good days of warm weather and today the wind came up and is rocking and rolling the rig.  I am very uneasy in the wind.  I have never figured out why… I will be glad when this system passes.

Area 4  is complete and I am on to area 5.  I will get a better overall photo in my next post.

Well, WordPress is at it again…I thought I was uploading the photo in the next post into this post …… Oh well.  This is where Trail of Life is today.  Area 5 is nearly complete and if the wind keeps up I will make more progress tomorrow.

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