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Spring Delights, More Beading

October 14, 2011

I wasn’t pleased with my posting yesterday.  I am having trouble with WordPress in figuring out how I can put photos where I want them and text where I want it.  Frustrating at times.  I think they have made updates over the years and it affects posts but we bloggers are left to figure it out on our own.  They do have forums and support but they are not the easiest to use……so I dog paddle along learning by doing.

Area 14

Area 14 has a beautiful heart of beads with a plaid background.  Plaids are very intriguing to me.  Our Tucson chapter is having a program on plaids this month and I am looking forward to that.

Area 7 Does it look like I used two colors of beads ??? I never stop learning and this one surprised me.  The beads are all the same color , a clear pale green, what makes the difference is the color of the floss used to attach the beads.

Area 7 Complete

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  1. Norma permalink
    December 4, 2011 6:55 am

    Spring Delights came out beautifully!!! I am so glad you hung in there…what an interesting piece. Each square is a delight to the eye!


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