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Seminar/Spring Delights

September 6, 2011

My three day class with Nanci Cucci ended Tuesday afternoon. Wednesday was a day off except for volunteering in the Exhibit for 2 hours and a lunch meeting.  The weather continued to be hot. On Wednesday night after dinner my roommate and I took the River Walk River Cruise. It was a 40 minute cruise that allowed us to see what was on the River Walk further down the river where it was just too hot to walk.  Narration gave us a little historical information.  We felt like we at least got a taste of the San Antonio River Walk area.

 The picture is a little fuzzy but you get the idea.

Thursday I began a two day notebook class with Carole Lake.  It was called Lotta Notta Trouble.  We practiced several types of knots along with turkey work and other textural stitches.  No project to take home.  Learned a lot and Carole is a lot of fun in class.

Thursday night was the long awaited Expo Night. A chance to spend $$$ and get lots of goodies.  I was very dissapointed at Expo this year.  Painted canvases were everywhere but very little fun stuff only a few counted projects.  Did save $$$ 🙂 Friday came all too soon and with the final banquet and opportunity basket drawings seminar came to a close.  No basket for me this year but my roommate did win one.

Now it is time to think about Philidelphia, the 40th Anniversary of ANG.

I have continued to make progress on Spring Delights.  Being a little wiped out after getting back to the motorhome, the borders are perfect to just stitch.

We have a couple of weeks to play tourist here in the Rapid City area and that will cut into my stitching time…..oh well, playing tourist is fun in a new area.  That IS what we came this for east for.

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