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UFO My Other “Ant” Rose

June 20, 2011

I was given this chart back in March of 2006. My Other “Ant” Rose is a small ( 5″ X 5″ ) project designed by Kathy Fenchel and distributed by Quail Run Designs. It was originally published in 2001.  I liked it so much I kitted it and began stitching.  After sorting out all the “spaghetti” and trying to begin stitching I think I discovered why I set it aside.  There were two stitching mistakes.  Some reverse work was necessary to get back on track.  I probably put it aside when I couldn’t find the errors and never went back to it.  Over the years when I have gone through my UFO’s I kept this together because I wanted to get back to it.

On the left is the photo of the finished project. Below is what I found when I pulled it out to work on.  Can’t believe that I was using blue household tacks.  I cleaned up the “spaghetti” and had to remove several of the counching rows as I discovered I was off with the couching stitches. Farther below is where I am today.  I don’t think I will do the rose as described but will design my own rose.  The “Ant” is in black beeds and looks like a spot in my photos.

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  1. June 20, 2011 6:07 pm

    What a difference a day makes! Is this a CyberPointers President’s Challenge project? You’ll be done in no time!

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